[PDF] The Extra | by ✓ Michael Shea, The Extra, Michael Shea, The Extra Books and films have skewered Hollywood s excesses but none has ever portrayed one man s crazy vision of the future of big action adventure films as The Extra does As over the top as Mel Brooks s Blazing Saddles as savagely dark as Robert Altman s The Player and violent than Rollerball this is the story of the ultimate so insane it could only happen in HollywoodBooks and films have [PDF] The Extra | by ✓ Michael Shea - The Extra, The Extra Books and films have skewered Hollywood s excesses but none has ever portrayed one man s crazy vision of the future of big action adventure films as The Extra does As over the top as Mel Brooks s Bla

  • Title: The Extra
  • Author: Michael Shea
  • ISBN: 9780765324351
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Extra | by ✓ Michael Shea [PDF] The Extra | by ✓ Michael Shea - The Extra, The Extra Books and films have skewered Hollywood s excesses but none has ever portrayed one man s crazy vision of the future of big action adventure films as The Extra does As over the top as Mel Brooks s Bla

  • [PDF] The Extra | by ✓ Michael Shea
    258 Michael Shea
The Extra

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  1. Michael Shea

    For the British author of thrillers and non fiction see Michael SheaMichael Shea 1946 2014 was an American fantasy, horror, and science fiction author who lived in California He was a multiple winner of the World Fantasy Award and his works include Nifft the Lean 1982 winner of the World Fantasy Award and The Mines of Behemoth 1997 later republished together as The Incomplete Nifft, 2000 , as well as The ARak 2000 and In Yana, the Touch of Undying 1985.

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  1. Shea rules It s no complicated than that Horrific satire that now reads like prophecy Couldn t put it down On the hunt for the sequel.

  2. Rip roaring sort of dystopian near future sci fi that 1 made sense and 2 was a great story Shea is a screenwriter as well as a sci fi writer, and you can see that in his meticulously blocked action It s a lot like Hunger Games for an older audience in it, reality shows have morphed into live action movies, in which human extras battle animatronic monsters to the death in city size sets that are designed something like video game environments, with caches of weapons and safe hiding places, but al [...]

  3. Okay, the rundown is as follows This is a book that moves It s not a slow book, or a book that gives much time to settle down and take a breather, it just shouts go and runs off without you, hoping you catch up It s a book written like an action movie, and it delivers on that premise If anything s too illogical or silly, all one has to do is go It s just a show, I should really just relax and enjoy the ride as is The characters are colorful, the dialogue is good, but where the book really shines [...]

  4. I heard of Shea on the podcast, Supercontext, where the hosts effectively sold him as a hidden gem of genre fiction That may be true for his horrific works like The Autopsy The Autopsy and Other Tales , but that s not what The Extra is It falls firmly in the well worn tracks of other death of the proletariat as entertainment fiction, without bringing much new to the table The Extra is a near ish future science fiction dystopian novel where action movies have come to include essentially blood sp [...]

  5. Review based upon the Blackstone Audio version of THE EXTRA by Michael Shea, narrated by William Hughes.Reading or listening to a Michael Shea novel is a rare treat for me, because Michael Shea doesn t exactly crank novels out like a factory So when they do appear I snap em up promptly without much further ado THE EXTRA caught me by surprise I was browsing the audio book section of the U.S Army s online library no kidding and there it was, so bang, zip, it was downloading to my Ipad 2.To say Mr [...]

  6. In The Extra, a near future science fiction novel set in a dystopian version of Los Angeles, Val Margolian is the creator and most successful director of a new genre of action movies, in which crowds of real people are cast as extras and have to defend themselves against movie monsters The action is real, and so are the deaths Whoever manages to kill one of the monsters, and anyone who survives the shoot, gets a huge cash reward Naturally, with rampant poverty in LA, the expression cattle call t [...]

  7. I had so much fun reading this book I instantly grabbed the next and began reading that the moment I finished.This story is not without flaws For me, they were the kind of dystopian setup of Los Angeles, California and the language used I personally would have preferred if the setting where similar to how things are structured now, but with futuristic amenities added in to establish it is the future Why Because I can actually see something like this taking place in our future, where people are k [...]

  8. In my humble opinion, an author who uses expletives in lieu of punctuation or nouns, verbs, or adjectives is trying too hard to be edgy or gritty I liken it to the teenage girl at the mall wearing a tee emblazoned with Rebel , who s obviously anything but If you have to force people to believe you belong to a label, sweetheart, that label ain t you Actions speak louder than words and when it comes to literature, words speak louder than expletives Michael Shea presents frighteningly possible near [...]

  9. First Line That s right, that was us In The Extra, the legendary film director Val Margolian discovered that the term Live Action could be taken to a whole new level if the extras in the film actually die And thousands of people sign up to be extras because of the huge payoff you receive if you survive I found this story especially disturbing because the idea didn t see completely impossible I mean, really if the population continues to grow and become unmanageable and the distance between the r [...]

  10. This was a pretty good book The premise is that extras in movies of the future will be paid ridiculous sums because most of them will be killed off by whatever the beasty du jour is for that movie Though unlike The Running Man the masses don t actually watch the carnage and payout, it is filmed as part of an actual movie production, and the public only typically sees the shots which are used in the film There are two basic plot lines going on here, one following some people who sign up as extras [...]

  11. The Extra wears it s inspiration on its sleeve It often feels like the cast of Attack the Block thrown into Battle Royale with Westworld esque robot enemies But unlike it s inspirators, The Extra lacks the hard hitting social commentary of any of those films books The action feels uninteresting, and apart from some clich d insight into the character we get a first person POV, the cast of characters is rather uninteresting The general concept and near future urban setting is intriguing but it isn [...]

  12. The main idea is brilliant and with potential interesting ramifications maybe explored in the second related novel , but most of the main characters are not enough developed to make me care about them or feel some empathy for its struggle As it happened to me in other Shea stories, I ve found some passages difficult to read, a bit ornamented for my taste.In any case it was a fun reading if you approach the story as an hommage to 50 s scify movies mixed with actual hollywood blockbuster stereotyp [...]

  13. I m gonna be honest The first few chapters of this book made me feelupid I mean, I had a clear picture of what was going on, but there were times when I wondered if I had the right picture I wish I could explain that, but I can t.I liked this book I feel like with the story that was told and the length of the book that it should have felt rushed But it was like the author let us in on what we needed to know, and all the filler was left out This left me wanting Yes, there is a sequalbut that s [...]

  14. Live Death series comprising The Extra 2010 and Assault on Sunrise 2013 is set in a Near Future Los Angeles where the rich live in Keeps and the poor in flatlands known collectively as the Zoo Disaster movies are now being made in the form of snuff films with extras literally risking their lives to gain fees for killing fake Aliens in a reality City even dangerous to traverse than the Zoo in the second volume, the town of Sunrise must submit to a filmed live weapons assault in recompense for pr [...]

  15. An expansion of his short story of the same name, THE EXTRA kicks off another trilogy , which should make some dollar for Shea although Lovecraftian themed work is notable, it probably doesn t pay as much as a seriesE EXTRA isn t bad, but it s really not an improvement over the short story Fortunately, the basic conceit is so good, it makes for a quick read But this isn t memorable Shea, sad to say.

  16. first, many thanks to , i was fortunate enough to win this in one of their give awaysis is an interesting story, set in a kind of Mad Max ish California it lives up to it billing of action filled, gory, and funny at times it drags a little in some places but over all a good read

  17. This was a bizarrely fun book It is super simple as far as arc goes It develops some likable characters and a freaky fun milieu around them Then the action pops the whole way through There is even a bit of a deeper issue to think about afterwards But mostly this is a great ride.

  18. I wanted to like this based on the concept, which is sort of Running Man meets Starship Troopers Too much jargon too soon made me work too hard to get into the story, and once the action started, it never let up That could be exciting, but in this case, the characters and story suffered for it.

  19. i really like the premise and the story of this book but the writing really messed everything up There are so many POV with very same voices.i was trying so hard to finish this, halfway through the book and the action began Then after a few pages another POV showed up mixed emotions here.

  20. George Saunders does this kind of thing better Not much conviction here by the end, The Extra becomes what it is satirizing.

  21. If The Hunger Games wasn t violent enough for youwooden characters with unconvincing motivation and a laughable premise YA dystopia officially jumped the shark with this one.

  22. A very neat concept Action from start to finish I had never read anything by Shea beforebut am ready for .

  23. Once you have a handle on the scenario, stylized dialogue and characters the book takes off like a fucking rocked and doesn t let up Really enjoyed this.

  24. This is Not a usual Michael Shea kind of book Lots of fast action and a quick read The Extra is the firs book of a trilogy, and I m not sure where he can take the story and characters.

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