[PDF] Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) | by × Shelli Stevens, Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) , Shelli Stevens, Dangerous Grounds Seattle Steam Something s hot in Seattle and it s not just the espresso The Seattle Steam seriesMadison s needs are simple All she wants are two things Make Ooo La Latte the newest trend in espresso and seduce the sexiest cop in Seattle But things aren t going exactly as planned First Gabe s a little hung up on the fact that she s his best friend s little sister and he [PDF] Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) | by × Shelli Stevens - Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) , Dangerous Grounds Seattle Steam Something s hot in Seattle and it s not just the espresso The Seattle Steam seriesMadison s needs are simple All she wants are two things Make Ooo La Latte the newest trend in espresso and seduce th

  • Title: Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1)
  • Author: Shelli Stevens
  • ISBN: 9781599988504
  • Page: 309
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) | by × Shelli Stevens [PDF] Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) | by × Shelli Stevens - Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) , Dangerous Grounds Seattle Steam Something s hot in Seattle and it s not just the espresso The Seattle Steam seriesMadison s needs are simple All she wants are two things Make Ooo La Latte the newest trend in espresso and seduce th

  • [PDF] Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) | by × Shelli Stevens
    309Shelli Stevens
Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1)

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    Shelli Stevens Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dangerous Grounds (Seattle Steam, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Shelli Stevens author readers around the world.

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  1. Well, this book was well on it s way to a five star rating from me, but it just fell short of the mark because the ending was a little off for me But for sheer sexuality and eroticism, it rates a 5 Madison Phillips is a beautiful, 25 yr old rich girl, but determined to make it on her own After getting her MBA and living in Italy for a year, she returns home to Seattle to open up her very own espresso shop called Ooo La Latte, determined to make it a success Maddie s been trying to get over Well, [...]

  2. 1 Seattle Steam seriesA book featuring an expresso shop, a robber nicknamed The Expresso bandit, and a romance Sounded fine to me Meet Madison, our heroine and coffee shop owner, as she hopes Gabe, her older brother s best friend, hunky cop Gabe, will stop by for her Grand Opening Page 20 because she d made a point of looking ultra sexy today Low rise jeans showed off her tiny pink thong, if she happened to bend over, and a clingy black T shirt that read They re Real hugged her breasts 1 Seattle [...]

  3. 3.5 StarsI have to say it s not very often that I come across a character that I really dislike Unfortunately, in this story, Madison is definitely not on the top of my list.I know the author was trying to make her a strong, independent woman who knew exactly what she liked, but in reality she created a character who came off like a cocky, spoiled, inconsiderate, trampy girl.The good thing is, and the only thing that got me through this book, was Gabe A decidedly hot, kind, caring guy who gave 3 [...]

  4. I read Grounds for Seduction when it was originally released and I was looking forward to rereading this newly edited book The storyline is fast paced romance that blends drama and suspense.I liked the hero in the book , Gabe After a troubling childhood and adolescence Gabe realizes what s important He s dedicated himself to his family and friends Always looking to go the extra mile to protect those he loves.Especially keeping the Bro Code intact Never mess with your best friends little sis I re [...]

  5. What a neat modern day, erotic book Nicely written with style I will look for by this author The book wasn t just about SEX In the beginning, it was a hot book than erotica, but things did pick up to earn it the bump up to erotica It does not go into detail every time the couple has sex There is a viable threat to Maddie with the Espresso Bandit He is robbing businesses and is a cold blooded killer Maddie came from a very affluent family and decided to open her own Coffee Shop What a neat modern [...]

  6. Loved this opposites attract story Madison was a sweet but pampered princess and Gabriel was the alpha hottie with a giant chip on his shoulder, but together they brought out the best in each other The story was hot, sexy and had me laughing out loud a few times with Madison s goofy antics Yeah, I m talking about the microwave eggs and her idea of getting the drop on a burglar in her underwear That had be laughing so hard, I was getting weird looks at work, but it was worth it I love a go Loved [...]

  7. To be honest, I have no idea why this book is reviewed so highly, as it is easily the worst romance novel I have read this year Our protaganist, Maddie, is a rich and beautiful 25 year old woman She goes to Italy and falls in love with espresso to the point where she will no longer drink regular coffee, and decides to open her own coffee shop back in Seattle Two problems 1 She never learned how to make coffee and burns every espresso shot she makes Her coffee is unpalatable and everyone sp To be [...]

  8. One of my biggest pet peeves in romance is when one of the main characters doesn t take No for an answer Usually, it s the guy who has that problem but here is the woman The hero clearly says no but then she takes her clothes off and jumps on his lap Then when the guy gets her off but refuses to go all the way, she gets mad at him Can you freaking believe this Note to women respect goes both ways Just because a man gets an erection DOES NOT mean that he would or should have sex with you One of m [...]

  9. This was a nice way to spend my day Gabe and Madison have known each other for years He s her brother s best friend So, when Madison decides she needs a rebound fling, she picks Gabe cause he s hot and she knows him gabe resists for a while, but he realizes Madison is just the woman he needs, all while protecting her from a robber who is out to kill her.I LOVED the action and the Espresso Bandit plot It was great And the conclusion to it had me cheering What I didn t love was Madison Now This wa [...]

  10. Talk about a book with tons of potential that never quite reaches it, well that is this book The heroine is a dimwit hussy and has TSTL moments than all of the heroines in all the books I ve read in the whole month of August The hero does such a fast 180 from we cannot have sex because you are my besties baby sister, to lets get it on like donkey kong Now about 3 4 the way through the book gets a little better, but the end just stinks.word count must have been up We get I love you s Talk about a [...]

  11. This book was recommended to me in a pick it for me challenge and is a new author for me I loved the book so much and can t wait to read the 2nd book in the series.

  12. Rarely do I come across characters in books that I dislike so much that it completely ruins the story for me but the h of this one Madison Phillips is one such character I love a strong confident female character that s not afraid to go after what she wants However, Maddy is over the top with her sexual aggression towards Gabe Martinez Even though Gabe is attracted to her, Maddy is his best friend s sister and he s reluctant to let anything happen He s especially reluctant when he becomes co Rar [...]

  13. My first book by Shelli Stevens, this was almost a DNF, However, it had some good moments of compelling story teling and a few stretches where I didn t actively dislike the heroine, Maddie Especially in the beginning of the story, she was immature and spoiled plus TSTL at times Once her lust love interest Gabe stopped being described as a love em and leave em type, he had some potential He even had a moving backstory that comes to light in the second half of the book But for much of the stor My [...]

  14. Opening her own coffee shop has been a dream of Madison s, getting dumped at the same time was not part of the plan Needing to find her rebound guy she sets her eyes on her brothers best friend Gabe Gabe has no desire to cross the line where his friends sister is concerned, but when she becomes the only witness to actually see the violent Espresso Bandit he steps in to protect her It doesn t take long for temptation to become to hard to resist before the two fall in bed together.I was disap Open [...]

  15. I think I would have liked this one better if Maddie wasn t so annoying She was so selfish and spoiled, I hated how she treated Gabe So many times she would tell him one thing, then hold it against her.

  16. Two haiku review Her new coffee shopAttacked by thief murdererCop friend protects herThey screw like bunniesInconsistent charactersBut very nice plot

  17. Madison, Maddie, is a twenty five year old determined to make her way in the world after being raised with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth She spent a year in Italy, gets her MBA, and decides to open a coffee shop After being recently dumped, she decides it s time to date again maybe a rebound guy While attending a welcome home party for Maddie s brother, Eric, she happens upon Gabe, his sexy cop best friend Wow, when did he get all swoon worthy He s always been a relationship p Madison [...]

  18. Since I have not read this author before I was drawn to it by what lay inside according to the blurb It centered around Madison and Gabriel with their story being sweet and hot Hot as the coffee served but with some spice that seemed to follow along She also had my man in a uniform in here with that being a seal the deal for me to settle down and follow them along as they go after the bandit Stubbornness begins at first but when danger takes over the direction changes with us getting into th Sin [...]

  19. The premise is very very promising, but somehow it lacks something that got me all whoo whoo It lacks the drama I was expecting so many Alpha ish Hero but in the end he didn t really make the cut And the heroine too, I got pissed off a lot at her childish attitude So yeah, overall I enjoyed this book but could be so much better Look forward to read.

  20. When it comes to Maddie, Gabe is easily made into a jealous man Maddie Enough, Gabe snapped He didn t want to know another d thing about Franco or Sam Especially Franco Maddie sometimes has really great ideas, you re right Let s stay in here and keep doing the sex thing I really liked this book, I loved Gabe.

  21. A cute book I loved Gabe A hot guy with a heart always does it for me He had some issues he needed to work around to be in a relationship and it was nice to see him grow throughout the book He and Madison were cute together and I could feel the attraction Although things moved quickly it helped that they had know each other a long time even if they hadn t seen each other in a while Madison had some good qualities, she came from a privileged lifestyle but wanted to do something on her own A cute [...]

  22. This pains me to say, but this was a DNF for me I got as far as 5% through, and hated the heroine I have loved every other Shellie Stevens books I have read view spoiler The issues I have with Madison Phillips.1 On chatting to her cousin, Stacia, who in all innocence asks about her boyfriend, to be told He broke up with me Stacia replies that he is a bastard and should have put a ring on her finger long ago Madison blinked, her stomach clenching at the fact her cousin had brought up su [...]

  23. Grounds for Seduction by Shelli Stevens is a good read with plenty of heat Maddie and Gabe have such great chemistry and the banter between the twoI abso love it Maddie definitely likes to try and get Gabe all riled upand who of us wouldn t I want a Gabe p This story is based on the brother s best friend troupe and is well done Definitely will be adding Ms Stevens to my go to author list Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this i Grounds for [...]

  24. Sexy cop Gabriel Martinez s new mission is catching the Espresso Bandit, a violent guy who is breaking into coffee shops His latest heist was Madison Phillips new shop and she was hurt in the attack and he has become her personal bodyguard Which is no hardship for Gabe, except she s throwing herself at him, any other girl he d say Hell yeah, bring it on , he wants her like crazy, but her brother is his best friend and he promised to keep his hands off How will their enforce confinement end, Sexy [...]

  25. I enjoyed this story It s probably a cliched story line, but I still enjoyed it I like it when love sneaks up on people, which is what happened here on both sides Both people thought it was just a fling when it started, but quickly realized they didn t want it to end I think near the end was a bit over the top in terms of her attitude towards him, but it ended up an HEA.

  26. This was adorable I just loved Gabe and Maddie together All the false starts and all the misunderstandings didn t do anything to detract from the feelings they obviously had for each other I was so happy for the HEA but was sad that things ended so soon PThis is my first Shellii Stevens book, and I think I ll definitely check out of her stuff.

  27. A LOT of sex Madison is so forward with Gabe from the get go, and once you accept her for that, the story comes out It s not just sex Gabe tried to be strong and keep away from his BFF s little sister, but she wore him down

  28. I didn t like the heroine very much, she seemed kind of shallow and the whole idea to use the hero for rebound killed the romance for me, because she genuinely seemed to not care about him Also the Espresso Bandit story was just ridiculous.

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