Yose Hōrōki Best Read || [Takehiro Irokawa], Yose Hōrōki, Takehiro Irokawa, Yose H r ki None Yose Hōrōki Best Read || [Takehiro Irokawa] - Yose Hōrōki, Yose H r ki None

  • Title: Yose Hōrōki
  • Author: Takehiro Irokawa
  • ISBN: 9784309408323
  • Page: 475
  • Format: None

Yose Hōrōki Best Read || [Takehiro Irokawa] Yose Hōrōki Best Read || [Takehiro Irokawa] - Yose Hōrōki, Yose H r ki None

  • Yose Hōrōki Best Read || [Takehiro Irokawa]
    475 Takehiro Irokawa
Yose Hōrōki

About "Takehiro Irokawa"

  1. Takehiro Irokawa

    Takehiro Irokawa Irokawa Takehiro , March 28, 1929 April 10, 1989 was a noted Japanese writer who published both serious literature and light fiction under a variety of pseudonyms including Asada Tetsuya and Budai Irokawa .Irokawa was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo His father was a retired navy captain who remained at home on a military pension, and with whom Irokawa had troubled relations Irokawa began skipping school from an early age to see movies and vaudeville in the Asakusa entertainment district In 1943 he was drafted to work in the factory labor mobilization, and at the end of the war, was expelled from school when it was discovered that he had been editing a mimeographed magazine deemed rebellious As his father s pension lapsed, he took to small time criminal activities and gambling, particularly mahjong.In the early 1950s Irokawa began writing under pseudonyms He first received literary recognition in 1961 for a short story, winning the Chuokoron Newcomers Prize and praise from Yukio Mishima and Makoto Hiroshi He continued to publish copiously through the 1970s Over the years, Irokawa won the 1978 Naoki Prize, 1982 Kawabata Prize, and 1988 Yomiuri Prize for Ky jin nikki He was briefly hospitalized in 1968 for visual and auditory hallucinations, perhaps related to narcolepsy he died of a heart attack from

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