Free Download Toads and Diamonds - by Heather Tomlinson, Toads and Diamonds, Heather Tomlinson, Toads and Diamonds Diribani has come to the village well to get water for her family s scant meal of curry and rice She never expected to meet a goddess there Yet she is granted a remarkable gift Flowers and precious jewels drop from her lips whenever she speaks It seems only right to Tana that the goddess judged her kind lovely stepsister worthy of such riches And when she encounters tDiribani h Free Download Toads and Diamonds - by Heather Tomlinson - Toads and Diamonds, Toads and Diamonds Diribani has come to the village well to get water for her family s scant meal of curry and rice She never expected to meet a goddess there Yet she is granted a remarkable gift Flowers and precious je

  • Title: Toads and Diamonds
  • Author: Heather Tomlinson
  • ISBN: 9781429922333
  • Page: 189
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Toads and Diamonds - by Heather Tomlinson Free Download Toads and Diamonds - by Heather Tomlinson - Toads and Diamonds, Toads and Diamonds Diribani has come to the village well to get water for her family s scant meal of curry and rice She never expected to meet a goddess there Yet she is granted a remarkable gift Flowers and precious je

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  • Free Download Toads and Diamonds - by Heather Tomlinson
    189 Heather Tomlinson
Toads and Diamonds

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  1. Heather Tomlinson

    Heather Tomlinson grew up in California and New Hampshire, graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in French literature After teaching English in France and French in the United States, she worked at a book wholesaler Now she writes the kinds of novels she likes to read.Heather lives on a sailboat in southern California with her engineer husband, her baby boy, and cats X, Y, and Z.

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  1. When I was younger I had a favorite picture book called The Talking Egg by Robert D San Souci Two girls are told to throw things over their shoulders, one girl is rewarded with jewels, and her less the kind sister, frogs and snakes My love for that picture book is what drew me to this book in the first place The intial concept in this book was original and beauitful It discusses the meaning of gifts and curse and how, sometimes, our hardest trials might be our greatest blessings That is somethin [...]

  2. 2.5 stars.Hooray for sisterhood But I m honestly just whelmed I don t think I can even write a proper review for this because I have so little to say about it The characters are okay but don t change much the pacing is very slow and Tana s story is much interesting than Diribani s in that it has movement.Diversity I suppose all the characters are POC The setting is clearly India inspired and the characters are from religions that resemble Hindu and Islam Skin colors are never described No QUIL [...]

  3. I m rather amazed I ve never heard of Heather Tomlinson until the Book Smugglers reviewed this book and her other, The Swan Maiden For all that this book had some problems it was still really well written, and Tomlinson deserves recognition.The greatest part about the book was the fact that Diribani and Tana love and admire each other In the original fairy tale, of course the sisters are polar opposites and the abrasive one hates the perfect one Tana and Diribani aren t the same, either though [...]

  4. AWESOME IDEA Toads and Diamonds always seemed like a really unjust fairytale, with a lot of ecological and economic problems to boot One sister is polite to the faerie goddess and is in turn granted with a gift jewels and flowers fall from her mouth every time she speaks The other sister is rude well, at least abrasive and gets snakes and amphibians instead So the author does some really great things she tells story from the points of view of sisters who don t hate each other, though they have c [...]

  5. This book started off a little slow for me but eventually picked up It was interesting to see how each of the two different blessings bestowed upon Dribani and Tana by the goddess Naghali ji affected their lives in different ways They both learned and grew from the experience.One thing that really irked me about this book is that so much time is spent developing the relationship between Dribani and Prince Zahid So much stress was put on the fact that their was little hope they could end up toget [...]

  6. A very interesting riff off the old fairy tale In this version, set in an alternate India during the Mughal Empire, sister and step sister are both blessed by the goddess Naghali ji, whom they encounter at the community well from Diribani s mouth come flowers and jewels when she speaks, and from Tana s lips spring the lucky frogs and useful, rat eating snakes the villagers value so highly Still, both blessings can be awkward, and the girls follow separate and often difficult paths in their quest [...]

  7. So this is kinda spoilery but really I wouldn t recommend this book in the first place so yeah read the spoilers and save yourself time from reading the book Or don t read on and be kinda sorta spoiled Up to you UGHhh this book put me in the WORST reading slump The book is just under 300 pages and it took me from Feb to May to finish it I checked it out from the library because it was recommended as a book type I like fairytale retellings This was likened to the Princess and the Frog by my libra [...]

  8. 4.5 starsA pleasant reading experienceAh, I so loved this book Reading Toads and Diamonds was like settling into a hot bath after a long, hard day I just laid back and allowed myself to float into the story The pacing was languid, but not slow, moving along with the almost dreamy quality of fairy tale retellings Though I prefer fast paced books, the pacing of TD is perfect for the story Just like you wouldn t gobble down a Godiva chocolate, TD requires a pace that allows you to savor the book.Th [...]

  9. More like three and a half stars Sisters Diribani and Tana are blessed and cursed on the same day After they each meet an old woman at the local well, pretty and polite Diribani finds flowers and gems dropping from her lips with every word she speaks, while Tana, plain in looks and blunt in speech, gets toads and snakes They soon draw attention for their gifts, both welcome and not The Good This re telling of the classic fairy tale is set in a sort of pre colonial India which suits the story wel [...]

  10. A gorgeous book both inside and out With a beautiful mix of mythology and fairy tale folk tale feel, with goddesses and gifts that could be blessings and curses The story is one that I think I ve heard before, two girls meet a woman that is a Goddess in disguise could be a fairy or something other, cannot remember the first time I heard it and each of them get a different gift curse For one diamonds and flowers drop from her lips everytime she speaks and for her sister it s toads and snakes.I ve [...]

  11. This book retold a new fairy tale for me Two sisters, one is polite and gets rewarded by having gems and flowers fall from her mouth when she speaks, the other is rude and is rewarded by having toads and snakes fall from her mouth when she speaks This sort of reminds me of a childrens book I read when I was younger called The Talking Eggs in which there are two sisters, one who is kind and can follow directions, and is rewarded with riches The other is rude and greedy, and is attacked by animals [...]

  12. Diribani lives with her stepmother, Ma Hiral, and her stepsister, Tana in their humble abode, set in their fictional hometown of Gurath They may suffer economically, but their family is a happy one One fateful day at the water well, Diribani has an unexpected encounter with the divine goddess Naghali Diribani is granted a miraculous gift delicate blossoms and precious jewels fall from her lips when she does so much as to utter a word When envious Tana is sent to the well, she is not too surprise [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this twist on the fairy tale Diamonds and Toads As in the fairy tale, the youngest daughter is sweet and beautiful, and when she goes to the well to fetch water, she allows a beggar woman to drink from her water jug As so often happens in these stories, the beggar woman is actually not a beggar woman, and she gifts the younger daughter, Diribani, so that when she speaks, precious gems and flowers fall from her mouth The older sister, Tana, also makes the trek to fetch water to s [...]

  14. Toads and Diamonds is a retelling of an old fairy tale by the same name The retelling is set in India and has a lot of names I couldn t pronounce, which is a minor annoyance The author made up the religions and kingdom in the book, but the whole culture was very rich and interesting and well thought out so it seemed real She was good at painting pictures of scenery, so I was never bored by this book The ending happened pretty abruptly and although it wrapped up the story line of the main girls, [...]

  15. 4.5 starsOMGosh Words cannot describe how much I loved this book Heather Tomlinson has a wonderful writing style The story was about faith and sisterly love with a touch of slow burn romance It was a great retelling of a classic folklore I would have given the book 5 stars but I wished the ending was tied up better, but that s a negligible complaint to be honest After my previous book, I wanted to read something that was deep This book delivered It was lyrical, evocative and breathtaking Heather [...]

  16. this book was very good but, hmm, anti climatic I m not usually into split views on books but as far as that category goes this one was actually pretty good I enjoyed Tana s chapters the most as I found her the most interesting Diribani was just ok, not a big fan of her but she was ok as far as heroine s go The one thing I really liked abut this book was there wasn t any of the usual the girls get into the trouble and the boys have to come save them, it was refreshing and nice to have Tana save [...]

  17. It s always nice to discover a prize winning book that deserves the prize This one s another novel based roughly on a fairy tale, with a bit of cultural history thrown in Set in a kind of India of the Maharajahs, where invaders of a monotheistic religion are ruling over the polytheistic natives, the story concerns sisters who are blessed by one of the goddesses one to strew flowers and diamonds when she speaks, the other to produce frogs, snakes and toads when she speaks The story is their adven [...]

  18. It was a good description but I want to know if I can read the entire thing one time.It sounds like a mystery, suspense and love

  19. A bit slowly paced which might put off some readers, but I loved the setting, the fairy tale ness, and the sisterly love.

  20. Toads and Diamonds is a beautiful retelling of the fairy tale The Fairies Until around five minutes, I d never read the actual fairy tale, but I knew the story thanks to Gail Carson Levine s hilarious retelling The Fairy s Mistake This one has a serious nature, but since it s for a YA audience and not for children, that makes a lot of sense.For those of you who don t know the story, it s about two sisters One is gifted with jewels and flowers coming out of her mouth, and the other is cursed wit [...]

  21. So boring Boring, boring, boring.Objectively, it s a good book The writing is pleasantly inoffensive, the world is fully realized with lots of background and descriptions which, now that I think about it, contributed to the boring for me There s a strong friendship and sisterly bonds between the two stepsisters and, even though they are very different, their love and respect for each other is obvious.However, I just didn t care The book was at its best when the sisters were together and that was [...]

  22. Toads and Diamonds is an endlessly adaptable tale I ve seen versions of this fairy tale where the girl blessed with jewels falling from her lips ends up in an abusive relationship I ve also seen a variant where the jewel sister crashed the economy, while the insect and snake sister thrived with her oddities museum.This version, inspired by 16th century India, has both the stepsisters blessed, in different ways Their country understands the value of snakes, even as they avoid the dangerous ones, [...]

  23. Based on Charles Perrault s story, The Fairies, Toads and Diamonds turns the original tale on its head by focusing on the strength of two sisters friendship rather than on their animosity The original tale was short and simple Two stepsisters were raised along with their mother One day the kind younger sister goes to fetch water from the well and meets an old woman who asks for a drink The younger sister, of course, gives her the water and the disguised fairy gifts her with gems and flowers that [...]

  24. It was ok One thing I can say took away from my enjoyment of the book is the fact that the blurb spoils not too much, but too far into the book Things that I expected to happen early were delayed by unexpected events I still liked it.

  25. I really liked this book The imagery was fantastic and the world the author build brilliant However, the ending felt rushed I needed conclusion and a drawing together of Tana and Diribani s two different stories Or an epilogue letting the readers know how things turned out.

  26. DNF at 38% I tried to push myself to finish this, but decided against spending hours on reading a story I just wasn t enjoying The plot, nor the characters, were interesting enough to hold my attention.

  27. The pacing on this story is slow but it was brimming with exotic flavor It had a lot of personal growth as each girl deals with her gift curse.

  28. It is common knowledge to those familiar with fairy tales that if you meet an elderly woman along the way who requests something from you it is best to give it to her graciously If you do so, you will likely be rewarded, and if not, you will be sure to regret it.Stepsisters, Dirbani and Tana live together with Dirbani s mother in a village, struggling to make ends meet after the death of their father One day Dirbani goes out to collect water from the village well and encounters an elderly woman [...]

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