[PDF] Read ↠ Your Republic Is Calling You : by Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim, Your Republic Is Calling You, Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim, Your Republic Is Calling You A foreign film importer Gi yeong is a family man with a wife and daughter An aficionado of Heineken soccer and sushi he is also a North Korean spy who has been living among his enemies for twenty one years Suddenly he receives a mysterious email a directive seemingly from the home office He has one day to return to headquarters He hasn t heard from anyone in overA [PDF] Read ↠ Your Republic Is Calling You : by Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim - Your Republic Is Calling You, Your Republic Is Calling You A foreign film importer Gi yeong is a family man with a wife and daughter An aficionado of Heineken soccer and sushi he is also a North Korean spy who has been living among his enemies for twenty

  • Title: Your Republic Is Calling You
  • Author: Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim
  • ISBN: 9780151015450
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Your Republic Is Calling You : by Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim [PDF] Read ↠ Your Republic Is Calling You : by Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim - Your Republic Is Calling You, Your Republic Is Calling You A foreign film importer Gi yeong is a family man with a wife and daughter An aficionado of Heineken soccer and sushi he is also a North Korean spy who has been living among his enemies for twenty

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Your Republic Is Calling You : by Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim
    134 Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim
Your Republic Is Calling You

About "Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim"

  1. Young-Ha Kim Chi-Young Kim

    Young ha Kim was born in Hwacheon He moved from place to place as a child, since his father was in the military As a child, he suffered from gas poisoning from coal gas and lost memory before ten He was educated at Yonsei University in Seoul, majoring business administration, but he didn t show much interest in it Instead he focused on writing stories Kim, after graduating from Yonsei University in 1993, began his military service as an assistant detective at the military police 51st Infantry Division near Suwon His career as a professional writer started in 1995 right after discharge.Kim previously worked as a professor in the Drama School at Korean National University of Arts and on a regular basis hosted a book themed radio program In autumn 2008, he resigned all his jobs to devote himself exclusively to writing He currently lives in Seoul, Korea.

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  1. I started out this book with serious doubts The description looked really good but I had read a previous book by the author and hated it honestly it was one of the worst books I ve read in my entire life But I thought I d give this a go, and just give up if I didn t like it I m glad I read it because it was excellent It s a spy story, but it s than just a thriller All the characters have depth and texture.The entire novel takes place over the course of one day in the lives of Ki Yong, his wife [...]

  2. Ki yong is a North Korean spy who s been living as a sleeper in Seoul for the past 21 years After 10 years of no contact he s suddenly given the order to liquidate everything and return to the North in the next 24 hours But this is not a spy novel If you re looking for a thriller packed with action and international intrigue look elsewhere In fact, the spy angle is a metaphor than anything else we are all spies, all double agents, in one way or another This is a novel about life and change, and [...]

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  4. I imagine being a sleeper agent is a lot like crashing a drunken party You walk in the door, pretending to be invited You eat a couple chips and drink a beer You join conversations and chat with people, avoiding specific conversation topics but not really holding back ultimately the consequence of your actions may be discovery and ejection from the party Depending on the climate of the group, you could be offered to stay, or you could be painfully beat to the ground, you could simply be ignored [...]

  5. 2017 Reading Challenge category 8 A book written by a person of colorWow, this really made me want to read South Korean authors I normally don t really love thrillers, but there were just so many different fascinating aspects of this book that it hooked me really quickly the fact that it only spans a day, the suppositions into what a North Korean spy would have to learn about before coming to the South, some very interesting conversations that illuminated some cultural ideas, and of course the [...]

  6. I meant to go to sleep one night a few days ago after reading for twenty minutes and I ended up reading for five hours I finished the rest today The book is called Your Republic Is Calling You It s about a North Korean spy who has lived in Seoul for 20 years He has not received a new order in ten years He logs into his email at work and gets a mysterious phone call, asking that he checks a specific junk email He follows the page and receives an order, that he must get back to Pyongyang at dawn.H [...]

  7. He will have to go from an existence surrounded by books to one made up of walls p 56The plot is interesting a North Korean spy who has been living as a South Korean for 15 years without hearing from his handlers, is finally contacted to return to North Korea By this time he has married and had a daughter So now what Take them Leave them They are unaware of his secret existence, which was easy to hide as he had no assignments the whole time Or should he even respond Is he a dead man if he does W [...]

  8. A very different and insightful look into the fractured Koreas More literary than spy or mystery The entire book takes place within 24 hours Ki yong is 42 years old with 21 years spent in each of the Koreas He s a NK agent almost forgotten by the north living and working in Seoul He has a business and is married with one bright and charming daughter His wife works as a VW salesperson His entire life is turned inside out one day when he gets a message via email to return to NK His anxiety over th [...]

  9. Proto e jsem jednou byl v Koreji, jsem v jist ch kruz ch pova ov n za odborn ka na korejskou literaturu Proto se mile r d pod l m o sv poznatky e sv tla je rom n ve kter m st edn star , ale st le sj zdn man elka hlavn ho hrdiny vojede dva studenty v motelu Level erek nosti nedosahoval kvalit Houellebecqa, ale i tak sem m l ve vlaku co d lat Celkem tedy 7 10 I krom t to kapitoly je to toti docela z bavn kn ka popisuj c jeden den t lenn rodiny Co d lala b hem dne m ma u jsem bohu el vyslepi il Spo [...]

  10. I found this book much better on my second reading, knowing in advance that I was in for a gloomy meditation of life in the South Korean middle class instead of a thriller, and possessed of the frame of reference necessary to mentally fill in the gaps of otherwise sparse descriptions.

  11. This book ended up being a real disappointment to me I originally learned of it from a book list it was highly recommended and there were a bunch of great reviews here on so I added it to my list This was a few years ago turns out this book was not easy to find No libraries in the area had it, s copies were than I really wanted to pay So I added it to my wishlist on Paperback Swap Four years later, and I received the book But the writing or at least, I should say, the translation wasn t great M [...]

  12. Gi yeong is a typical South Korean family man or so even his wife believes He s almost come to believe it himself until one day he gets a mysterious e mail, recalling him to the home office and his duties as a North Korean spy The book covers the 24 hours Gi yeong has been given to report in As he debates what to do and what to tell his family, he learns that his wife has some secrets of her own.Like all of the translated fiction I ve read so far, the writing style of Your Republic is Calling Yo [...]

  13. Kim Kiyong spent the first half of his life in North Korea, and the next half in South Korea He was a spy who was sent to wait for orders, and he blended into South Korean society gradually, marrying and having a daughter, running a film import business, and taking part in capitalist past times such as watching sports and drinking beer He thought he was forgotten by the North, but then he receives a strange email which turns his life upside down His wife, Mari, is at the same time struggling wit [...]

  14. This author doesn t seem to be very well known among most Koreans, but he does sell rather a lot of books to the foreign born expatriate crowd, who, like me, want to further submerse themselves in the culture by sampling the country s literary output Unfortunately, other than the fact that this book was first written in Korean, and not many Westerners can claim to have read any books by Korean writers, it just doesn t have a lot going for it Mr Kim obviously has high literary ambitions, but this [...]

  15. Part of me really liked this book Part of me was really disappointed with this book The funny thing about it is that the part of the book that should have been the entertaining part was the part that bored me the most In this spy thriller set in Seoul, South Korea, a North Korean forgotten spy is sent Order Number 4 and is asked to return back to the motherland The opens up a whole range of emotions for the spy who has made a life for himself in this bustling capitalistic city He now has a beau [...]

  16. Ik ben dit boek gaan lezen met de gedachte dat het een spannende thriller zou zijn die de politieke verschillen tussen Noord en Zuid Korea aan het licht zou brengen Wat ik kreeg was een geforceerde poging tot literatuur Kim Young Ha doet teveel zijn best om literair over te komen Helaas kunnen zijn mooie woorden het dunne plot niet verbergen Het blijft een feit dat je de eerste tweehonderd bladzijden niet meer krijgt dan personages die van plaats naar plaats gaan en daar ter plekke terug denken [...]

  17. I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot if I could have read it in the original Korean The translation was definitely awkward in places, and the cultural references flew right over my head I clearly need to read up on Korean pop stars Still, this is a fascinating tale about a North Korean spy, placed in South Korea as an undercover operative, but then apparently forgotten about for the past 10 years In the meantime he s gotten married, had a child, and established himself as an importer of [...]

  18. L impero delle Luci di Kim Young Ha racconta una storia, quella di una spia nordcoreana inviata al Sud, sicuramente interessante ed accattivante Purtroppo per l autore si perde in descrizioni futili addirittura ci dir che la moglie del protagonista si appoggiata ad un albero APPENA PIANTATO , che rallentano eccessivamente quella che dovrebbe essere una spy story mozzafiato Alcuni momenti della storia sono davvero notevoli, come quello in cui il protagonista Kim Kiyong si ritrova immerso nella Se [...]

  19. 2 5starsThis was a pretty big disappointment I really enjoyed Young Ha Kim s previous novel, but this one just fell flat It dragged on for SO LONG and absolutely nothing happened I never wanted to pick it up and had to basically force myself to finally just sit down and finish it.I ll try another one of his novels eventually, but right now I m a bit discouraged.

  20. definitely a spy novel I would actually recommend I think the comparison to murikami is fair I ve only read two murikami before however.

  21. Questo libro aveva delle ottime potenzialit che, purtroppo, si sono perse nella narrazione.La trama sufficientemente intrigante la vita, opprimente e routinaria, del protagonista Kim Kiyong viene sconvolta dall arrivo di una e mail indecifrabile che infrange tutte le sue illusioni Da quel momento inizia una corsa verso una via d uscita che, per , nemmeno Kim Kiyong sa quale possa essere e che l autore riesce a rendere imprevedibile La vicenda si svolge nell arco di 24 ore durante le quali Kim Ki [...]

  22. It s probably not a good sign when I start a review with, I didn t hate the book This book had a good premise a 24 hour period in the life of a North Korean spy who s been called back to his homeland but the story itself was all over the place I think this excerpt exemplifies the whole book Ki yong, after listening to Soji s idea for her novel, commented, That reminds me of one of Sam Peckinpah s films What s it called O, Straw Dogs Dustin Hoffman is a mathematician who escapes the violent city [...]

  23. C est un livre qu une amie m a pr t et je ne savais pas du tout quoi m attendre Je lis tr s peu de romans Cor ens Sud or Nord d ailleurs , c est m me mon premier Il s agit d un espion Nord Cor en qui a t envoy vivre dans le Sud, un jour il re oit l ordre de rentrer chez lui, en Cor e du Nord et il a 24h pour prendre sa d cision Je pensais que j allais d couvrir sa vie en Cor e du Nord s il d cidait de rentrer Mais pas du tout en fait, dans le livre on suit le personnage pendant 24h seulement et [...]

  24. Il libro venduto come una spy store, ma questa finisce con la scoperta che il protagonista una spia Cosa che avviene a pag 20 o gi di l forse prima.Il libro la giornata di Kim Kiyong, spia nord coreana trasferitasi a Seoul 21 anni prima, di sua moglie Mari e della loro figlia Hyonmi, ognuno preso prevalentemente in solitaria, del giorno in cui Kiyong riceve l ordine di rientrare in patria.Un libro che un po un Ulisse Joyce in formato tascabile, con qualche elemento omerico L interesse del libro [...]

  25. Reading this book I had a very comfortable feeling, that the story teller has first hand experience in areas he is presenting to readers.While the main story is very original and masterfully told and I fully agree with accolades in other reviews Beside it I was very impressed by the fair description of life in South and North Korea The point is, that in early stages of the action, South Korea was plagued by corruption on all levels of public life and some young activists quite seriously consider [...]

  26. A novel about how people opportunistically fit themselves to flags, ideologies or social s It follows the inner lives of three members of a family father, mother and daughter throughout a single day The republic and the spy stuff are just decor, this is purely a psychological drama The threads run mostly in parallel and there is no explosive convergence at the end, like in the movies the personal pedestals built for each character dwarf everything else The best part of this book is the dissectio [...]

  27. I really didn t like the ending of this book is why I think I have such a hard time with it Also, there s was some extra stuff in it that I felt was unnecessary.

  28. Overall, it has an interesting perspective but not the spy thriller you d expect the Heineken, Volkswagen and all the classical music composers are a bit out of place.

  29. Your Republic Is Calling You is such a fascinating read It is quite plot driven and is told from different perspectives I am amazed by how much character development Young ha Kim manages to squeeze into a day Personally, I enjoy reading about Hyon mi s point of view An ordinary high school student who attempts to find the balance between her love interest and her best friend, Hyon mi is perhaps the most fortunate one among all the others who have been through psychological or physical trauma She [...]

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