[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Convent : by Panos Karnezis, The Convent, Panos Karnezis, The Convent The crumbling convent of Our Lady of Mercy stands alone in an uninhabited part of the Spanish sierra hidden on a hill among dense forest Its inhabitants are devoted to God to solitude and silence six women cut off from a world they ve chosen to leave behind This all changes on the day that Mother Superior Maria Ines discovers a suitcase punctured with air holes at theThe crumbling co [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Convent : by Panos Karnezis - The Convent, The Convent The crumbling convent of Our Lady of Mercy stands alone in an uninhabited part of the Spanish sierra hidden on a hill among dense forest Its inhabitants are devoted to God to solitude and silence si

  • Title: The Convent
  • Author: Panos Karnezis
  • ISBN: 9780393056990
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Convent : by Panos Karnezis [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Convent : by Panos Karnezis - The Convent, The Convent The crumbling convent of Our Lady of Mercy stands alone in an uninhabited part of the Spanish sierra hidden on a hill among dense forest Its inhabitants are devoted to God to solitude and silence si

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Convent : by Panos Karnezis
    179 Panos Karnezis
The Convent

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  1. Panos Karnezis

    Panos Karnezis was born in Greece in 1967 and came to England in 1992 He studied engineering and worked in industry, then studied for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia His first book, Little Infamies 2002 , was a collection of connected short stories set in a nameless Greek village His second book, The Maze 2004 , a novel set in Anatolia in 1922, was shortlisted for the 2004 Whitbread First Novel Award and won the Pendleton May First Novel Award Short stories by Panos Karnezis have been broadcast by BBC Radio 4 and have appeared in Granta, New Writing 11, Prospect, and Aret His other novels are The Birthday Party 2007, shortlisted for the Encore Award 2009 for the best second novel The Convent 2010 and The Fugitives 2015.

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  1. My last nunnery book was Muriel Sparks The Abbess of Crewe, a Watergate inspired satire that was not the Dame s finest hour But the madness, secrecy and paranoia that were the watchwords of that novel are certainly a feature of this work by Panos Karnezis And it works at least at first A baby boy is abandoned in a ha ha, hole y suitcase outside the convent of Our Lady of Mercy and, to the Mother Superior, it is a sign from the Lord that she has been forgiven for sinful acts she committed when a [...]

  2. Convents, like colleges and country estates are perfect microcosms to play out Big Ideas in novels Authors can full these snow globes up with characters and unleash the drama without a lot of real world constraints These are controlled, understandable environments that are always knocked for a loop by the arrival of an outsider We all bring a common knowledge of their workings so readers go in understanding that the outsider will threaten the status quo and in general bring out the best and wors [...]

  3. The plot seemed to be interesting at first but turned out to be somewhat predictable with rather predictable ending The story took a long time to develop and at times it got so slow, it was painful to read I finished the book, but felt no emotional attachement to the characters and was relieved that it now is done.I usually like this kind of books, and could not understand what was missing here Finally, I think I get it it feels that all characters somehow detached from the story, existing in se [...]

  4. For every time that a staggeringly high GR rating leads me astray, there is the occasional opposite experience, such as The Convent I have no idea why it has scored so low and I want to wait until after my review to find out I have occasionally changed my mind about books post reading reviews and that seems wrong when I found this book to be quietly, but wonderfully, moving and altogether fascinating.The Convent s premise is a great one a baby turns up at the steps of a convent, abandoned in a s [...]

  5. In a remote area somewhere on the Spanish Sierra lies the Our Lady of Mercy convent The Catholic convent was built in the 1600s, and many years later 1930s , the school for novices has closed its doors because of lack of interest Now only six nuns remain at the crumbling convent When a well worn suitcase with a baby boy inside is found on the steps on the convent steps, the delicate balance of convent life that the nuns have come to known is set to turmoil.Of the six nuns, only two are hoping to [...]

  6. The Convent is the story of six nuns who inhabit a decaying convent in a remote region of Spain in the 1930s, and what happens when a baby suddenly turns up on the convent steps The clue to the narrative is given in the very first line Those whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad It s a simple story told in 214 pages but like all good literary fiction, there s a lot to the novel than meets the eye.And this is very good literary fiction The writing is characterized by lightness of touch a [...]

  7. I m giving this four stars even though it was admittedly kind of putdownable for me, and I really wavered about reducing my rating to three Ultimately, though, four won out because of the book s haunting quality and stimulating questions which stayed with me after I closed it.An unsuspecting nun about to leave for her errands finds a suitcase on the doorstep of the convent and discovers a sleeping baby The mother superior instantly takes the baby as her own, and we soon discover her psychologica [...]

  8. An isolated convent in the Spanish sierrahome to 6 nuns of varying ages, whose lives are devoted to God, reflection and solitude.Everything changes the day that a baby is found, in a padded suitcase, on the front steps.Everything changes.e world comes to the convent in an emotional sense, at least Jealousy, cruelty, zealotry, prideke for a heady, deadly mixThe MOTHER SUPERIOR is at the center of the storm, having kept her own secret for many years the misguided belief that the orphaned child is [...]

  9. The third book I ve read by this author, and it s at least as good as the others Karnezis seems to get compared to Graham Greene a lot for some reason, but to me he s closer to Garcia Marquez This is a terrific story about how the arrival of a baby abandoned at a convent awakens suppressed memories and emotions in the nuns who live there, and the consequences that ensue It s such a perfect novel it should be required reading for anyone considering writing a book there are no plot holes, the char [...]

  10. Wow I won this book in a giveaway, so thank you for sending me a copy of this unexpectedly brilliant book.I love books set in castles, convents, etc and this book didn t disappoint It is contextually rich and I adore the descriptions of the convent A thoroughly fascinating read with interesting characters At its heart is a story of sin, redemption and religion I would highly recommend this book.4 stars.

  11. I was anxious to read this book and read it in two days Not that I couldn t put it down, but rather because it s an easy read It is intended to be a bit of a mystery, but I had figured out the main plot twists long before they were revealed I couldn t help but wonder if I would have liked it better if it had been in Spanish It might have felt authentic.

  12. A newborn baby boy is left at the doorstep of a convent, carefully placed inside a padded suitcase with holes drilled for intake of fresh air The Mother Superior immediately takes upon herself to care for the boy and she sees him as a sign from God that she is forgiven for a sin she committed when she was Young, and for which she has never forgiven herself The Mother Superior wishes to raise the child in the convent and she is supported by the Young nun, Sister Beatriz, who helps her with the bo [...]

  13. This is a well written book that I did not exactly enjoy due to the subject matter, but I was enthralled from the beginning It s very good, though, and I recommend it.

  14. Sister Mar a In s had good reason to believe that the arrival of the child at the convent was the work of Divine Providence.I won The Convent from a giveaway, and I am always grateful for amazing people who give free books Thank you What I loved most about this book is the writing It was riveting, and had no issue capturing the reader with every page The atmosphere created for this novel is amazing, and I could just feel myself getting lost in Our Lady of Mercy convent It s hard to explain what [...]

  15. Atmospheric drama set in an early 20th century convent I could definitely see this as a BBC drama or similar The characters are engaging, the historical elements fully researched and implemented, and it made it a truly believable experience.I would highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction, period drama, and mystery Panos Karnezis writing made me feel like I was there experiencing the plot unfold in person.

  16. I received The Convent in the First reads draw Panos Karnezis was a student at U.E.A where I studied in the seventies The story revolves around the mysterious discovery of a baby on the steps of the convent in early twentieth century Catholic Spain The infant has a dramatic effect on the nuns there Like all in the religious life Maria Ines, the mother superior has a past in her case it s a guilty secret she seeks forgiveness for, and she reacts by assuming charge of the baby while Sister Ana, an [...]

  17. The setting for this new novel by Panos Karnezis is a 16th century nunnery in the Spanish Sierra There are only 6 nuns living at Our Lady of Mercy in the early 1920 s when a newborn baby is left on the steps of the convent Of the six, only two are eager to keep the baby The Mother Superior, Sister Maria Ines, believes the baby is God s way of letting her know that her past sins have been forgiven and that his arrival on their doorstep is a miracle Sister Beatriz is happy to help Sister Maria Ine [...]

  18. You may think this novel has the potential to be a bit predictable when into a seemingly safe secure isolated world of 6 nuns arrives a baby left on the doorstep in a bag and yes you could still think this as you continue to read but the author is so skilful in the writing of this novel that you soon forget this as you get caught up in the thrilling story Karnezis very quickly sets the scene so that you can easily visualise the remoteness of the convent hidden away from worldly view by trees on [...]

  19. those who God destroys He first makes mad is the opening line and gives the reader an inkling of where it will develop Set in an isolated convent in the Spanish Sierra, six nuns life an uneventful life until one day an abandoned baby is found on the steps.While the immediate thought is the child should go to the local orphanage the Mother Superior disagrees and becomes very attached to the child who she sees as a miracle sent by God allowing her to be the mother she had always wanted.None of the [...]

  20. Panos Karnezis s The Convent I don t want to give away the plot even though it s pretty apparent where Karnezis is headed by page 30 of The Convent Let s just say that when a baby shows up in a suitcase at a convent that s out in the middle of nowhere its only inhabitants are a handful of nuns and no one comes to visit or goes to town with much frequency, that sort of narrows the field of likely suspects Turns out the book really isn t about finding the parents of the baby, which makes understa [...]

  21. Many of us in the secular world wonder about those who live within the cloistered environment of convents and monasteries This book is written in stark prose that reflects the barren landscape surrounding the convent, Our Lady of Mercy, where six nuns reside Within the convent are multiple secrets, plotting and, ultimately, madness When a baby is found at the entrance to the convent, he is immediately adopted by the Mother Superior, Sister Mar a Ines She believes that the child has been sent to [...]

  22. I won this book as part of the Giveaways The story is based in a remote area somewhere on the Spanish Sierra where lies the convent of Our Lady of Mercy , built at some point in the 1600 s, and set years later in the 1930 s, in which a large proportion of the convent lays in ruins as there are only six nuns left in the order.The plot Mainly follows one of the sisters Sister Maria Ines who is the Mother Superior and the story follows what happens when a baby is found at the steps of the convent.O [...]

  23. This book had me imagining a dark, dank convent with creepy corners and paranoid nuns scurrying around under a heavy hand and stern evil eye of a Reverend Mother It was hard to keep in mind that this was in the dusty ground of Spain with warm sun and cool shade Mostly because of the cover of the edition I had which is not any of the images that are pictured for the the ISBN I had.There were a couple grammatical and editorial things that caught me by surprise as I was reading.The mystery revovlin [...]

  24. There is something compelling about stories set in monasteries and convents Perhaps it is the juxtaposition between a quiet, contemplative life and that of ambition and personal aggrandizement that makes for such great story The Convent, by Panos Karnezis, opens with the discovery of a newborn baby left in a suitcase on the steps of a remote mountain convent in Spain The Mother Superior Maria Ines believes that her prayers have been answered and the child is assign from God that He has forgiven [...]

  25. A newborn is left on the doorstep of an isolated convent His arrival wreaks havoc on the small society of nuns, and what follows is a tale of intrigue and suspense.Entertaining read as books about unplanned pregnancies and suicidal tendencies go As the reviews all say it was very atmospheric and definitely captured the claustrophobic existence in the convent The dialogue between the clergy members was amusing at times, as well Character development was not particularly deep or incisive, but it w [...]

  26. This story about a foundling baby boy left on the doorstep of an isolated Spanish convent is a compelling and atmospheric read The book is really of a series of character studies that highlights the underlying tensions in a community of cloistered women The reader will have no trouble figuring out the miracle of the the child s birth, but since this isn t really a plot driven novel, the lack of mystery is less relevant than the author s ability to paint a vivid picture of the isolated life in t [...]

  27. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book through Giveaways although the edition I received was not the one noted in the giveaway, so I ve amended this review to fit the actual edition that arrived I liked reading this compact and carefully written novel I found it stoic in pace and almost stern in feeling, which I suppose is apt for a mystery about nuns It wasn t slow per se, but despite the events in the book being innately dramatic it lacked any real sense of urgency or, well drama It was [...]

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