[PDF] Fancies and Goodnights | by ↠ John Collier Ray Bradbury, Fancies and Goodnights, John Collier Ray Bradbury, Fancies and Goodnights John Collier s edgy sardonic tales are works of rare wit curious insight and scary implication They stand out as one of the pinnacles in the critically neglected but perennially popular tradition of weird writing that includes E T A Hoffmann and Charles Dickens as well as recent masters like Jorge Luis Borges and Roald Dahl With a cast of characters that rangesJohn Collie [PDF] Fancies and Goodnights | by ↠ John Collier Ray Bradbury - Fancies and Goodnights, Fancies and Goodnights John Collier s edgy sardonic tales are works of rare wit curious insight and scary implication They stand out as one of the pinnacles in the critically neglected but perennially popular tradition o

  • Title: Fancies and Goodnights
  • Author: John Collier Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: 9781590170519
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Fancies and Goodnights | by ↠ John Collier Ray Bradbury [PDF] Fancies and Goodnights | by ↠ John Collier Ray Bradbury - Fancies and Goodnights, Fancies and Goodnights John Collier s edgy sardonic tales are works of rare wit curious insight and scary implication They stand out as one of the pinnacles in the critically neglected but perennially popular tradition o

  • [PDF] Fancies and Goodnights | by ↠ John Collier Ray Bradbury
    388 John Collier Ray Bradbury
Fancies and Goodnights

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  1. John Collier Ray Bradbury

    John Collier was a British born author and screenplay writer best known for his short stories, many of which appeared in The New Yorker from the 1930s to the 1950s They were collected in a 1951 volume, Fancies and Goodnights, which is still in print Individual stories are frequently anthologized in fantasy collections John Collier s writing has been praised by authors such as Anthony Burgess, Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman and Paul Theroux He was married to early silent film actress Shirley Palmer.

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  1. Collier s 30 fanciful fables make Aesop s seem likeDisney creations Discomforting, disturbing, hislooney tunes encompassing murder, love, death,delusion and gender bending can leave you feelinglike you just banged your head badly and youaren t sure of anything To quote Collier Howinteresting life is when things get like that Bottle Party A lonely fella buys a bottle with a full rigged ship inside With intense effort, he flows himself into the bottle and the stopper is thrust in Let me out I ll d [...]

  2. Video review youtube watch v hGgitFeatured in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2017Reading Collier is like using a jewel encrusted onyx knife to slice up a wheel of Camembert Decadent, rewarding, sinister and wonderful Man look who s turning all fancy poetsy

  3. These stories by John Collier who spent most of his career in Hollywood, where he was instrumental in the tone and style of such shows as Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone are marvelous examples of a sort of short story that hardly exists any sharp, satirical, and mordant flights of fantasy where every O Henry twist is a twist of the knife The introduction to this NYRB edition bless the NYRB for all of the out of print authors they ve been bringing back to light in recent years is [...]

  4. This man is a genius He can write a story about a man falling in love with a department store mannequin and make it touching than any romance novel He s clever to the point of hilarity His wit makes it feel like he s winking at you between the pages The opening to one of my favourite stories, Hell Hath No Fury, goes like this As soon as Einstein declared that space was finite, the price of building sites, both in Heaven and Hell, soared outrageously.

  5. Take a Nightcap and Say Goodnight to Your FancyJohn Collier is somewhere halfway between E.T.A Hoffmann and Edgar Allan Poe but he doesn t spare his sense of humour and he always wants it painted black Why, for God s sake, don t you read the news Don t you remember the Pittsburgh cleaver murder No Then these stories are for you you ll know many natural and supernatural, normal and paranormal phenomena of this world The tablets were not long in taking effect Our hero closed his eyes He put on a s [...]

  6. In a world filled with unread stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, Ray Bradbury, Jorge Luis Borges, and Raymond Carver, one does not have the time to read John Collier I was hoping this Collier collection was one of those forgotten classics, as I was led to believe by the introduction of the book and by all these 5 star reviews on But don t be fooled these are slight, inconsequential tales, cute, worth a smirk occasionally , but otherwise formulaic, predictable, and dull There s a reason [...]

  7. FANCIES AND GOODNIGHTS 1951 John Collier Sometimes I come across books that I ve never heard of by authors I ve never heard of either, and wonder where I ve been all my life This is a case in point John Collier 1901 1980 was an English poet, author and screenwriter who was very popular in his day, primarily for his skill at developing movie scripts Case in point he was the cowriter on The African Queen, along with James Agee and John Huston He was also the writer of Elephant Boy, and I Am A Cam [...]

  8. I started off really enjoying this collection of stories They are mostly very short tales, many of which have an ordinary setting but contain some element of the fantastical or macabre others are explicitly fantasy, but somehow the style is too traditional and matter of fact for the book to really feel like it belongs within the fantasy genre The main problem that it is simply too long, consisting of 50 stories, and after a while they begin to feel very repetitive The themes frequently repeat t [...]

  9. Stories where characters get their comeuppance in odd and clever ways Reminds me of Roald Dahl s short stories for adults, but to my mind Dahl is the better writer Dahl s stories tend to be a little longer, as he spends time on character and on creating suspense But a fun read Youth from Vienna, may be my favorite of the collection Didn t read the NYRB edition, don t know if that has or other better stories.

  10. Clever, I guess in odd bits But why all the pretensions of Literary merit For the most part these are simple SF zingers, even anecdotal and less narratively rich than episodes of Twilight Zone Is it because somehow the macabre is awarded esteem solely on account of the cynical sardonic effect it has on the pseudo intellectual I m thinking of Edward Gorey Eh, not that it matters I really cannot recommend this in any case Not only is it appallingly sexist, it s trivial And two pieces about depart [...]

  11. A pass along from my mom some time ago, I finally took a look at this collection of short stories.The reviews on compare Collier s short stories to Saki or Roald Dahl, but I got of an early Theodore Sturgeon feel, with perhaps a touch of Flannery O Connor The copyrights on the stories run from the early 30 s to the early 50 s so the material does feel a little dated at times However, the dark humour and twist endings make for some entertaining reading At least one of the stories Another America [...]

  12. John Collier wrote short stories like no one else They are formulaic, always with a twist, usually a husband realizing he s been cuckolded and then killing his wife, mostly violent I would say misanthropic than misogynist, though there s a bit of that too.What makes them great is his objective, clear style than calmly watches as people s lives fall apart within the space of three pages The Devil arrives and behaves like any young man with lots of confidence, experience, and money You have to at [...]

  13. Yeah Uhhh I can t really remember if I had so much trouble finishing this because I m a lazy, miserable person or because they weren t the most riveting collection of stories It certainly should have fit the bill, forgotten mid century American magical realism or whatever , and there were some strong ones now that I pull them out of my memory I was reading these when I was in Utah, I was faculty at this beautiful resort in the mountains there, I had like a cabin, in the morning I would drink cof [...]

  14. Knowing these were once acclaimed as models of the genre says a lot about the transient nature of taste, and reassures anyone at odds with the time that fashions may seem monolithic, even hegemonic but aren t.Still, I am at least somewhat a creature of my time, susceptible for better or for worse to its tastes The best these stories might hope for is being resurrected not as a revolutionary alternative to today s dominant ideas of the short story genre, but as simply an alternative, a predilecti [...]

  15. I grew up reading the stories of E.T.A Hoffmann, and Collier s stories are a modern version of Hoffmann s romantic masterpieces fantastic and fantastical, whimsy and witty, comical and terrifying at the same time Collier has a flair for language, and it is a simple pleasure reading his stories Most are not than a few pages in length, but he conveys a lot in a few well chosen sentences I cannot help but chuckle as I picture his stories in my mind, who knew that the drudgery life of fiends could [...]

  16. Collier has just entered my personal pantheon of great gripping uncanny story authors, with Roald Dahl, Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson and Patricia Highsmith Got a nice old used copy of this the other day, and am loving it, and plan to read his Evening Primrose for my Thriling Tales Adult Storytime at the library.

  17. A handful of these stories are truly amazing, the rest are merely good reads And I mean good reads as a high compliment The best, I think, are Evening Primrose, Witch Money, and Thus, I Refute Beelzy It s remarkable that such dark but smart and witty stories were such a staple of magazines like The New Yorker once Bring em back

  18. I m reading Fancies and Goodnights, a collection of short stories by John Collier with an introduction from Ray Bradbury Collier is not an author I was familiar with in fact, this book was a gift but in Ray Bradbury s introduction he wrote, I had never heard of John Collier, but when I got the book home the stories in it changed my life You can t get much intriguing than that Who is this man, and what are his stories, that so deeply influenced one of my favorite sci fi authors Two stories in, a [...]

  19. Urban Fantasy Short StoriesWhat a fun, quirky and gem of a book Originally published in 1931, John Collier s stories feature black humor, wild twists, the bizarre, the weird and the surrealistic.Preface what if a hothouse orchid suddenly developed a bud that looked curiously like the face of Cousin Jane s missing cat in the story Green Thoughts , it also strikes him even forcefully that Cousin Jane herself has mysteriously disappeared An excellent choice for readers who love the bizarre and une [...]

  20. Collier writes short, very intense stories, often making blithe and skillful use of all sorts of fairy tale and fantasy tropes such as angels, devils, demons, mannequins, and anthropomorphised fleas His best stories are on par with Roald Dahl s short fiction, although a handful of the stories in the Fancies and Goodnights collections seem to be random and under cooked to my taste, almost as if they were exquisite corpse excercises concocted during happy hour with fellow Twilight Zone screenwrite [...]

  21. I read an earlier edition, which for a while was my favorite gift to give to friends and family I also used to keep extra copies on hand in case I was invited along to a friend of a friend s birthday at the last minute.Full of imagination, humanity, and plot twists befitting a writer for The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents as Collier was , this collection of short stories comes off as one part Evelyn Waugh, two parts Roald Dahl There are some perfect stories in here, and they will st [...]

  22. This almost gets a five star The fifty FIFTY stories in this book are just about uniformly concise and excellent The whole book has a fantastic realistic tone, in which midcentury characters might either meet up with a demon or discover their lover s secret, and often both in conjunction The dry approach works very well here It s a great book to read in fits and starts on the subway, since you re always only about two pages from the end of a given story.

  23. John Collier s short stories are a potent cocktail of fantasy, horror, and black humor a seemingly whimsical trifle may nevertheless end with a bone chilling twist, while a story of cold blooded murder may be told with a twinkle in the eye Fans of Saki or Roald Dahl, who both mined similar territory, owe it to themselves to read them if they haven t already.

  24. Collier is a genius of the fabulist and imaginative short story He should be better known than he is today I have not read all the stories in this book, but the first half is brilliant Highly recommended

  25. An English Twilight Zone Alice In Wonderland grows up Roald Dahl s wittier brother Saki s cleverer cousin The best read I ve had in several years When will NYRB publish of him Or find another comparable.

  26. Like a shard of glass in the eye, these are stories meant to dazzle and lacerate They veer a tricky course between bleak, black hearted pessimism and sheer absurdity, a kind of vicious, joyous good humor that turns the worst human impulses into a glorious joke I m glad I happened upon this old edition in a used bookstore Neil Gaiman read one of these, Evening Primrose, on a Halloween edition of Selected Shorts a few years ago, and it stuck with me I can see similarities to his own short stories, [...]

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