Freaks of the Heartland Best Read || [Steve Niles Greg Ruth], Freaks of the Heartland, Steve Niles Greg Ruth, Freaks of the Heartland Trevor s monstrous little brother lives in the barn behind the house The boy s only six years old but he towers over his older brother and possesses incredible strength For years Trevor has looked after his baby brother keeping him from the light but now that s all about to change His family s secret is about to be revealed uncovering the horrible truth of the smaTrev Freaks of the Heartland Best Read || [Steve Niles Greg Ruth] - Freaks of the Heartland, Freaks of the Heartland Trevor s monstrous little brother lives in the barn behind the house The boy s only six years old but he towers over his older brother and possesses incredible strength For years Trevor has looked

  • Title: Freaks of the Heartland
  • Author: Steve Niles Greg Ruth
  • ISBN: 9781593070298
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback

Freaks of the Heartland Best Read || [Steve Niles Greg Ruth] Freaks of the Heartland Best Read || [Steve Niles Greg Ruth] - Freaks of the Heartland, Freaks of the Heartland Trevor s monstrous little brother lives in the barn behind the house The boy s only six years old but he towers over his older brother and possesses incredible strength For years Trevor has looked

  • Freaks of the Heartland Best Read || [Steve Niles Greg Ruth]
    270 Steve Niles Greg Ruth
Freaks of the Heartland

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  1. Steve Niles Greg Ruth

    STEVE NILES is one of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence, and was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of it s 13 rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next 25 years Niles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse He got his start in the industry when he formed his own publishing company called Arcane Comix, where he published, edited and adapted several comics and anthologies for Eclipse Comics His adaptations include works by Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and Harlan Ellison Steve resides in Los Angeles in his bachelor pad with one cat While there s no crawlspace, there is a questionable closet in one corner and no one is quite sure what is hidden in therebut we have an idea from the author s website

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  1. Freaks in the Heartland is a creepy story about a boy and his little brother Gristlewood is a very rural, small community of farmers deep in the heartland of the US Something terrible happened to this place a few decades back and they are paying the price for it now.I wish I could say but it would ruin the story Greg Ruth s illustrations are wonderful in showing a deeply disturbing town There is no question the author and the artist want the reader to think who the real freaks are Not only the [...]

  2. This is a gorgeous package Good job, Dark Horse, on the fabulous cover , end papers, extra matter, full color illustrations yes, please, this is lovely.I also warmed up to Ruth s illustration style cf my thoughts on The Lost Boy when in color Even though the colors here are muted, adding that element makes his work feel edgy to me More like the impressionistic elements are intentional, and not an indication of a lack of skill I m sure this story was a much different experience when read issue t [...]

  3. Overall I really liked Freaks of the Heartland, the harrowing artwork compelled with some very scary disturbing sad themes made for some pretty intense reading On the flipside however I found the plot a little undernourished After a strong build up to the introduction of the existence of freaks a little too much was left to the imaginationSPOILERS going forwardsWhile I like a little ambiguity it was hard to get behind the conclusion, what exactly happened to the Freaks did everyone just go back [...]

  4. Freaks of the heartland is a graphic novel about family secrets, monsters, and brotherly love somewhere in the rural midwest Young Trevor s life is a hard one his father is a cruel bully and his mother has been beaten down until she is hardly than a shadow His six year old brother, Will, is a freak, monstrously huge and monstrously deformed He is kept chained in the barn to keep him from prying eyes and to hide the family s shame But Trevor loves his brother and does his best to protect him fro [...]

  5. This was my first graphic novel, aside from comic books and Heavy Metal as a kid But the cover caught my eye.I loved the graphics in this novel The colors reminded me of the movie Sin City Beiges and tans, gold, black, with striking orange and red splattered throughout The colors of fall.The faces were very expressive, and one of my favorites was one that did not make it into the finished product as it was deemed too scary for the character to gain the sympathy of the reader , but it can be foun [...]

  6. Generally I avoid graphic novels, believing they re not my thing But I chose to read this one because of the title and description and I am so thankful I did Talk about reader s hook The first page or so grabbed me and the art is delicious very evocative where in a novel I would normally look to the description to understand setting, here it s right in front of me, and so well drawn Between the art and the text, I literally experienced cold shivers throughout the book If THIS is what graphic nov [...]

  7. Another goodie from Steve Niles I will give most horror comics a go, but with Steve Niles you can trust you will be getting an interesting and original story The story is wistful, disturbing and strange but really quite affecting While Steve Niles is the reason I gravitated towards this one, the artist is a revelation for me Greg Ruth s artwork is gorgeous Painterly and emotional, I looked forward to each and every panel I will definitely be on the look out for of his work Highly recommend.

  8. Trevor has never left the rural farm that he shares with his timid mother, domineering father, and freakish giant younger brother Will When a neighbor s pig is killed and Will s father subsequently decides to end his son s life, Trevor and Will escape and try to leave the valley Before they get far, they uncover the grisly secret that the valley s families have hidden for years.Freaks of the Heartland is a short book, a surprisingly quick read, with great big panels The art is heavy on gray and [...]

  9. A really powerful story about secrets kept and buried, and love of one brother to another, done in sepia tones to help with the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in the small town paranoia.

  10. Terrific artwork, finely crafted story, gloomy setting, great atmosphere and sympathetic characters, what can I ask for

  11. Creo que no entend el final Me gust la paleta de colores que oscilaba entre la escala de grises y algunos toques de amarillos y naranjas, es un comic bastante sombr o situado en un pueblo campestre lleno de gente fea que esconden hijos deformes , los odian y quieren acabar con ellos Los protas son Trevor y su hermano Will, al que tienen escondido, y Trevor es el encargado de alimentarlo Pero mientras el padre se vuelve cada vez m s odioso con respecto a Will, Trevor decide que tiene que hacer al [...]

  12. For 2012 references, the book was the love child of Frankenstein s monster meet Winter s Bone That what I ve been thinking the whole time I was reading this book Its the story of a young boy named Trevor with a deformed six years old younger brother, Will Their father, a misogynistic bastard and abuser who like to degrade everyone, wanted to kill the younger brother for being different A couple of pages later it was revealed that Will have telepathy in which he sensed the death of someone who wa [...]

  13. It s a small town And small towns have secrets.Yet, that s the thing about secrets they never go unnoticed.For Trevor, there is a secret hiding in his backyard, inside of the barn It s his brother Will Will, only six years old, stands several feet above his brother And it wasn t until Trevor decides to take a stand against the hiding of his brother, that he realizes how much this small town would be willing to fight for the silence of the children.After reading Freaks of the Heartland by Steve N [...]

  14. This story was not what I had expected from Steve Niles If you are not familiar with his work they are usually violent, horrific stories So one about freaks living in the sticks made me think I was picking up something similar to House of 1000 corpses.Instead what I got was a sweet story about two brothers Set in the country in a non descript time feels old fashioned but there are little things that make me wonder Steve Niles has woven a tale that is haunting than anything else he has written.T [...]

  15. Wow I was completely blown away by this graphic novel that tells the story of a young boy who steps away from the mold and takes a chance to help someone he loves Trevor s brother, Will, has been kept hidden in the barn, away from society, since birth due to his extreme physical deformities Even though their father treats them terribly and their mother is detached, Trevor always does his best to give Will some semblance of normalcy When their father decides to rid the world of Will once and for [...]

  16. I heard that a movie based on this graphic novel was being filmed according to AMC s Horror Hacker blog , so I found it at a library and checked it out I read Steve Niles s 30 Days of Night series, and this had a very different style of artwork 30 Days of Night was very raw and sketchy, and this had very realistic looking characters even the Freaks of the title were pretty realistic Like 30 Days of Night, I felt like this was a very simple story and I wished for background detail and explanatio [...]

  17. I really enjoyed this graphic novel We begin with a father who likes his drink, a mother who tries to stick up for her children and son who is silent outside but has lots of emotions inside The illustrations showcase the gloom and the emotions that hang over the household You don t really need to read the words to know how each individual feels as they tread inside the house The boy must go tend to his brother and at these words, I am wondering if they named one of the livestock brother I am hop [...]

  18. I thought this would make a good Halloween pick, given the author and the cover art, but it was not horrific at all, in fact, quite the opposite A heartwarming story that takes place deep in the Heartland, this one shot tells the tale of a young boy, Trevor, who lives on a ramshackle farm, tucked away in an idyllic and isolated valley with a milquetoast mother, abusive father, and disfigured younger brother, Will, who lives chained up out in the barn, and is fed putrid scraps from a bucket.Will [...]

  19. Beautifully illustrated Southern Gothic set in the autumn More of a tragedy than a horror story, but it counts I had a couple issues with the ending, which felt too short, and was a bit of a letdown, or an easy way out they could have come up with a intense and unforgettable resolution However, if you re into stuff like HARROW COUNTY or you really just want some great art to check out, take a look.

  20. The art is incredible, perfectly setting the mood The dialogue was too simple, too shallow I would have preferred to infer the story on my own based on the illustrations.

  21. I woke up around 4AM crazy wide awake Like, I fed the cats, puttered around, poured some OJ, debated about brewing a pot of coffee sorta AWAKE I generally don t read in the mornings because I hate getting suckered into a book only to have to break away and enter the world of accountability so immediately afterwards Plus, I m not much of a morning person Still I didn t want to watch the tele Being a longtime fan of Dark Comics I remembered I had a couple of their books on the IPad for viewing Sol [...]

  22. Freaks of the Heartland es un c mic que combina dos caracter sticas contrapuestas por un lado, su d bil pero a n as interesante gui n, que narra las desventuras de un ni o junto a su hermano mutante Por otro, la impresionante expresi n gr fica brindada por la habilidad pict rica de Greg Ruth, quien ha logrado darle a esta novela una cualidad pl stica extraordinaria Con una paleta de colores mayormente limitada a los tonos ocres, Ruth se la ingenia para representar ese mbito de hostilidad rural q [...]

  23. Full, non spoiler review courtesy at Book Movie Dimension a Blog Going into Freaks of the Heartland thought it s be some horror fest or something of that persuasion Instead got a surprise In Freaks of the Heartland, we are introduced to Trevor who is a young boy living in what can only be called the hokey upside down of country living You see Trevor has a secret brother locked up in and out of the way in the family s barn Will ,Trevor s little brother , though isn t normal looking He s deformed [...]

  24. Rating 3.5 5It could be a four point rating, but a few little things make it a three point five For being my first graphic novel is a good result, I am new in this genre but I definitely going to keep looking for this kind of books.First of all, I loved the artwork Greg Ruth makes a wonderful job creating this world and every character in it He uses the colors, the light and the shadows I don t know the technical language in a way that really transports you into the story Is almost like a movie, [...]

  25. Everybody has a dirty secret, but Trevor s family has a big one his six year old brother, Will.Shortly after birth, Will, who was born with severe deformities was sentenced to live out his life in the family s barn Will s brother, Trevor, his constant and only companion eventually discovers their abusive and piggish father s plans to get rid of Will and they run away During their escape it is revealed that Will also has some rather freaky talents.The story follows the boys as they unwittingly di [...]

  26. Freaks of the heartland makes promises but fails to deliver, ultimately disappointing Sadly Beautiful covers by Ruth The artwork is moody throughout but many pages and panel elements don t translate the over all actions taking place.At times the story reads like a darker horror take on sling blade Many of the characters, like that of the sheriff, weren t too clear does he hate the children or not The appearance of both the sheriff and preacher was useless to the story and worth no than an off p [...]

  27. Pros Exceptionally moving Greg Ruth s images are so clear, each brush stroke stands out These dark stories are best illustrated by the stark lines of each panel A pervading sense of horror keeps you turning the pages, waiting to see what happens next I had to go back and read again from cover to cover the next day once the story sank in.Cons None that I could find I d recommend this to My friends You can preview it hereThanks to Darkhorse comics NetGalley for the review copyBRIEFLY ABOUT STEVE, [...]

  28. Steve Niles, en esta cuidadosa adaptaci n de su novela hom nima, realiza un fresco sobre la Am rica profunda, retrata como nadie las grandezas y bajezas de la vida cotidiana del sector rural Pero Freaks of the Heartland va m s all de la instant nea y se transforma en un alegato contra la violencia y la discriminaci n Incluso podr amos hablar, teniendo en cuenta el escenario pol tico en el que surge esta obra, de una autocr tica y un manifiesto en favor de la alteridad.Gristlewood Valley es un pu [...]

  29. Well that was a surprise The artwork in this graphic novel is so gorgeous my head nearly exploded The moody palette of black, brown, grey, yellow, and orange is perfect for the dark and moody story, and it s neat how some panels are incredibly detailed there s one hallway with a painting in it that is so on point, I stared at it for several minutes and then some are like half finished sketches as for the story, it was not what I expected it was surprisingly tender and sad I do wish there had bee [...]

  30. Beautiful graphics overshadowed a story that left me wanting I loved the heartland angle, and the perspectives of the children both human and other were intriguing Even the darkness of the book worked for me in a way Emily Carroll s new book comes to mind here But I wanted understanding of the scope of the world, what happened before, what the implications are afterwards, and although the rest of the Freaks series might contain that, I would ve appreciated a little to make this book stand fi [...]

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