[PDF] The House at Sea's End | by ↠ Elly Griffiths, The House at Sea's End, Elly Griffiths, The House at Sea s End Ruth Galloway has just returned from maternity leave and is struggling to juggle work and motherhood When a team from the University of North Norfolk investigating coastal erosion finds six bodies at the foot of the cliff she is immediately put on the case [PDF] The House at Sea's End | by ↠ Elly Griffiths - The House at Sea's End, The House at Sea s End Ruth Galloway has just returned from maternity leave and is struggling to juggle work and motherhood When a team from the University of North Norfolk investigating coastal erosion finds six bodies a

  • Title: The House at Sea's End
  • Author: Elly Griffiths
  • ISBN: 9781849163675
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The House at Sea's End | by ↠ Elly Griffiths [PDF] The House at Sea's End | by ↠ Elly Griffiths - The House at Sea's End, The House at Sea s End Ruth Galloway has just returned from maternity leave and is struggling to juggle work and motherhood When a team from the University of North Norfolk investigating coastal erosion finds six bodies a

  • [PDF] The House at Sea's End | by ↠ Elly Griffiths
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The House at Sea's End

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    Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway novels take for their inspiration Elly s husband, who gave up a city job to train as an archaeologist, and her aunt who lives on the Norfolk coast and who filled her niece s head with the myths and legends of that area Elly has two children and lives near Brighton Though not her first novel, The Crossing Places is her first crime novel.

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  1. This is the third book in this series I enjoyed it less than the first two I read, so allow me to elaborate a bit on them.The first book, The Crossing Places, was very chilling, and included pagan lore, history, and archaeology I fell in love with the descriptions of the freezing salt marshes, the birds, the lonely cottage The Janus Stone included Roman history, which I m very interested in I think the real pull for me with these books was the inclusion of my interests in great mystery plots Bet [...]

  2. This book was a very good addition to the Ruth Galloway series The archeological aspect centers on the 1940 German invasion of the Norfolk shore and deaths of six German soldiers Ruth is learning just what motherhood involves and the depths of her maternal feelings As a single mother, she s struggling with the work motherhood juggle, and several people are assisting with Kate s care I m glad this book finally dealt with Nelson s guilt, but I m not as sure as Cathbad is about Nelson s feelings an [...]

  3. Despite belatedly coming to the novels of Elly Griffiths and meeting the unashamedly down to earth Dr Ruth Galloway, head of forensic archaeology at the University of North Norfolk, I have quickly fallen in love with this ultimate feel good series The House at Sea s End, the third outing in the series, is once again an engaging mix of character development amongst the regular cast and an excellent mystery which kept me puzzling until the very end Set against the Norfolk coastline where the treac [...]

  4. The House at Sea s End by Elly Griffith.Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, is a new mother of Kate Ruth is having a hard time of juggling her work at the university, her archaeological interests and her new born baby It seems daytime baby care doesn t last long enough and she finds herself needing someone else to pick up Kate or have permission to leave her there for that extra hour So many extra hands ready to help out with baby Katel except for DCI Nelson.On a stretch of seacoast just off [...]

  5. Truth or Legend The House at Sea s End is another fun Griffiths mystery Archeologist professor and sometime police adviser Ruth Galloway is in the throes of new motherhood as she turns 40 She s feeling happy but a bit freaked out trying to do it all by herself She doesn t want the father s help so she muddles on Then a friend from decades past who she s shared some traumatic history with invites herself on an extended stay with Ruth They met on a Bosnian dig where their goal was to recover and i [...]

  6. I couldn t put this book, the 3rd in the series, down I stumbled on this author by accident Each book has not failed to grab my imagination Her main character, Ruth Galloway, a forensic anthropologist,is down to earth, flawed, intelligent,a self doubting human being with a heart of gold Ruth finds her way through life as best she can Just like the rest of us.In this installment, on the coast of Norfolk, we are returned to a time of fear and hatred during WWII When six decomposed bodies are found [...]

  7. This is the third and now my favorite in Griffiths Ruth Galloway series The characters continue to develop, both the primary and the many good and important secondary ones I really like the windswept and somewhat bleak Norfolk setting that seems to add to the story Here, the personal details of the protagonists lives become as important as the mystery and as complicated I don t want to give any plot points away for anyone who hasn t read any of the books yet, but I highly recommend it to mystery [...]

  8. Interestingly, my reaction to this one is identical to my reaction to The Crossing Places, the only other book in this series that I ve read I loved everything about it except the face to face show down between Ruth Galloway and the villain.The plot is fascinating, and the characters are empathetic Physical heroics are the one unbelievable aspect of Ruth Griffiths should just let Ruth be the fat, middle aged, intelligent, interesting, successful woman that she is Confrontations with murderers an [...]

  9. First Sentence Two people, a man and a woman, are walking along a hospital corridor.A team of archeologists studying coastal erosion uncover a number of skeletons neatly placed within a cleft of a cliff Archeologist and forensic expert Ruth Galloway is brought in to work with DCI Harry Nelson, to determine the age and identity of the remains The they discover, the less someone wants them to find and others die trying to keep secrets buried.Every now and then there is a review which I find diffi [...]

  10. I read through all three of these in less than a week, and now I want to go back to the beginning and read them again, to enjoy the writing, the story, the characters and the settings Fascinating information about forensic archaeology, not too detailed for a mystery, but enough to teach something new Highly recommended

  11. terigen en mycket bra deckare av Elly Griffiths Jag gillar verkligen hennes s tt att skriva och relationen mellan Ruth och Nelson Ser fram emot att forts tta l sa serien L nk till recensionen ewelinasbokblogg 2

  12. 3.5 stars for meHalf the time I think Ruth is brave and interesting and the other half finds me not caring and wishing I didn t have to know everything about her Not a great deal of archaeology knowledge is put to the test in this one when skeletons are found at the base of eroding sea cliff atop of which sits the house at sea s end Carbon testing points to war era Germans I will probably read another book or two in the series.

  13. I was captured by Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway series from the first book, The Crossing Places and the second The Janus Stone So I settled in to read the third The House at Sea s End knowing before turning a page that I would enjoy it.Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway is ready to return to work from maternity leave When a local research team discovers a skeleton during an erosion study in Norfolk, Ruth is called in When they delve further into the little cave where the body seems to have been [...]

  14. First Line The tide is out.Forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway has just returned from maternity leave and is discovering how very difficult it is to juggle a newborn baby and the career that she loves She is called in when a team surveying the effects of erosion on the Norfolk coast find bones in a ravine along the shoreline.The bones date to World War II, and when Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson and his men begin asking questions, a Home Guard veteran reveals the existence of a secre [...]

  15. Reason for Reading Next in the series.I enjoy this series but have to say this third book was not up to par with the first two books The book s focus was on a case from the past which wasn t entirely all that exciting The police investigation leads to witnesses and people involved turning up dead and the police believe they have a killer on their hands who doesn t want the truth of the past to become known This case is a little interesting but the two are inseparably intertwined While the murde [...]

  16. I ve been a huge fan of the Ruth Galloway mysteries since the first, Crossing Places, was released mostly due to the protagonist herself A single, approaching middle age forensic archaeologist in England, I wouldn t call Ruth a flawed character although she is far from perfect She s simply normal And that is why I continue to love her A single mom, never married, unsure how she feels about the married father of her child and just muddling through life, Ruth is just like so many of the rest of us [...]

  17. 3.5 I waver with this series The mystery in The House at Sea s End wasn t as strong or, really, as interesting, as the previous two installments I did like the introduction of the new characters the Hastings family and Maria and George I like that the area is getting a little fleshed out That said, this mystery was a yawn I didn t care who killed the soldiers because the book didn t make me care I was sad about what happened to the old guys The whole Dieter aspect seemed just like it was throw [...]

  18. This is the third in the Ruth Galloway series, but my first Elly Griffith read I had seen good reviews of the series, but was avoiding them because they sounded little dry to me Believe me, this book was anything but.This was easily read as stand a alone book certainly I did not feel that I had missed out on anything by not reading the previous two Although having said that, I am now going to go back and read them, having enjoyed this one so much.A team of archaeologists investigating coastal er [...]

  19. Another good read in the Ruth Galloway series my current favourite crime series Ruth is a forensic archaeologist based in Norfolk, England, and she gets called in by the local police quite frequently to examine human bones In this story, the bones of six German men apparently killed in the war But someone is prepared to kill to cover up the secrets of those wartime years I enjoy the crime stories of this series but also just love the character of Ruth She is now a single mun to baby Kate, whose [...]

  20. I did a bit of research on the coastline and saltwater marsh where Ruth lives It just intrigues me how these areas are so filled with history This story continues development of Ruth s character and gives us insight about the early years of WWII It was great, and very well done Ruth and her baby, Kate, are also living through the first months of their mama baby relationship, and my heart goes out to Ruth as she is so hard on herself as a first time mom The only criticism that I have is the final [...]

  21. I m continuing to thoroughly enjoy this series The characters are delightful, and the plots are well done, not trite nor unbelievable This book was particularly enjoyable to me as it revolved around a fictitious German invasion of the Norfolk coast in WW2 Ms Griffiths has such a clever way with words I love the way she injects humorous lines into serious narration and keeps you reading, hoping for , and she never disappoints.

  22. Ok, la storia personale di Ruth va avanti a proposito benvenuta, Kate , anche se tra mille timori e tante difficolt.Ci si mette anche il caso del ritrovamento di alcuni scheletri venuti alla luce alla base di una scogliera fortemente erosa dalle maree e in pieno crollo Scheletri tedeschi, pare Si profila un indagine a ritroso nel tempo e sullo sfondo la Grande Guerra.Perch il male rester in attesa sotto terra , fino a che il caso, o l uomo, non lo riesumer.I dubbi che lascia, alla fine, non sono [...]

  23. A very well plotted mystery by Elly Griffiths, with an engaging cast of characters As usual with this series, I especially enjoyed Cathbad The mystery was compelling I thought I had figured out who the culprit was, but I was wrong Looking forward to the next one in the series.

  24. 4 STARS Another excellent novel in the Ruth Galloway series, this one concerns six skeletons found in a cove directly beneath a house that sits on the edge of the sea, atop a cliff that is slowly being eroded The skeletons show evidence of being bound back to back in pairs This crime, which dates back to WWII, has repercussions leading to murders in the present The house the setting at Sea s End becomes a character in the novel, something that Elly Griffiths does so well in each of her books I [...]

  25. The third in Elly Griffith s Ruth Galloway series is a continuation of great mystery, a little romance, and ancient and recent history The characters now seem like old friends, and the setting of Norfolk yields up yet another fascinating mystery from the past that requires the skills of those different characters to solve I m delighted to see that the character of Cathbad, the local Druid, is an ongoing one He is often the voice of calm and sense in a whirl of twisted events and emotions In fact [...]

  26. Huset vid havets slut av Elly Griffiths r tredje boken i serien om arkeologen Ruth Galloway och kommissarie Nelson.Ruth har precis f tt barn, pappan r kommissarie Nelson, som r lyckligt gift och har tv barn med sin fru Ruth klarar sig sj lv, hon beh ver inte ha n gon hj lp, men n r arbetet pockar p uppm rksamhet uppt cker Ruth att det inte alltid r s l tt att kombinera sm barn och arkeologi.N r benen efter flera m rdade personer uppt cks i en grotta, tar Ruth del i uppt ckten, vilket f r henne t [...]

  27. This is the third Ruth Galloway novel, and she is turning into one of my very favorite characters I love that she s not physically perfect, and like all of us, feels intimidated by perfection But at the same time, she is enormously accepting of herself and only gives minimal time to feelings of guilt where food is concerned She has a great mind, and passion for her subject of forensic archaeology And now she is a single mother, she also suffers from that weakness of all mothers, GUILT She s the [...]

  28. I enjoyed this book, the third in the series The story is different to the preceding two and I enjoyed it immensely.This one is about the find of six skeletons at the bottom of some eroded cliffs and it is thought they are from the WW2 It is very sad in places and I liked the 1940s references very much as Ruth and Nelson closed in on the truth.Ruth and Nelson are feeling like old friends to me now, and I like both characters very much.On the negative side, the constant references to Ruth being o [...]

  29. I am enjoying this series and with each new book Ruth Galloway is a forensics anthropologist in Norfolk, England She has just given birth to her daughter, Kate, and is really at a loss on the proper techniques of motherhood She lives in her isolated house with no close neighbors This book deals with the six dead men found on the beach of a secluded town The nearest house is falling into the ocean due to erosion A team of university surveyors find the bodies as they study the effects of erosion [...]

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