Insight Best Download || [Jamie Magee], Insight, Jamie Magee, Insight Before that fateful summer night Willow had balanced the insight of emotion and the vivid images That night the figure in her nightmare marked her wrist with a star giving her father no choice but to tell Willow a family secret that would abruptly change life as she knew it forever Before Willow had time to absorb the shock of her father s secret her soul mate thaBefore that fateful Insight Best Download || [Jamie Magee] - Insight, Insight Before that fateful summer night Willow had balanced the insight of emotion and the vivid images That night the figure in her nightmare marked her wrist with a star giving her father no choice but

  • Title: Insight
  • Author: Jamie Magee
  • ISBN: 9780557522934
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback

Insight Best Download || [Jamie Magee] Insight Best Download || [Jamie Magee] - Insight, Insight Before that fateful summer night Willow had balanced the insight of emotion and the vivid images That night the figure in her nightmare marked her wrist with a star giving her father no choice but

  • Insight Best Download || [Jamie Magee]
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  1. Jamie Magee

    I m an obsessive daydreamer Lover of loud alternative music I love to laugh until it hurts Fall is my favorite season Black is my favorite shade Strong believer in the saying there is a reason for everything, therefore I search for marked moments every moment of everydayd I find them Life is beautiful

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  1. Me Oh thank goodness I ve finally finished this book Friend Was it good Me It really depends on your definition of the word good.Friend Why What s the book about Me Well, I don t even know where to begin Insight could ve been an amazing story The plot was unique but I felt SUPER bored while I read it There were some structural errors the characters were poorly portrayed and underdeveloped and there was a lack of finesse in describing the settings and events in the book I felt like my mind wander [...]

  2. Insight is one of those indie pubs whose plot sounds incredibly exciting and fast paced, but turns out that there is a reason why it was not published, and it s not because the author is special.I could list off so many of the faults I found in Insight There is obviously the faulty grammar and spelling that is found in any indie, but in addition, there is a plot that cannot surpass the speed of a sloth and a moronic premise that makes you want to smash your head repeatedly against your kindle.Th [...]

  3. Once again, I find myself comparing a YA novel to another YA novel I ve read recently I don t do this because I can t describe it accurately without comparison, but because it is too similar not to mention It s as if one author read the work of the other author and thought, Hey, that s an interesting idea I should write a story like that, too and maybe make it better The only problem here is that the story just ends up being the same, with only a few differences here and there The novel to which [...]

  4. Unfortunately, this is my second self published book of 2011 that I just couldn t manage to force myself to finish Children of the Elementi being the other.In Insight s defense, I managed to get about 60% through the book before giving up whereas with CotE, I only sludged through two chapters.Problems I saw with this book 1 Writing style Initially I liked it The I read, the tedious it became though Anyone remember their high school English teacher telling you to show, not tell your story Magee [...]

  5. A beautiful heart warming fantasy book.Willow and Landen.Two youngsters whose souls have been destined to be together for over 4 million years.They have lived their lives separately from each other, knowing each other only from the dreams that they have.Finally they meet and they start their life together The universe along with this dark, forsaken dimension is yearning for our love I know it s nuts, but I loved him so much that it hurt His absence from my waking life was agony When you find you [...]

  6. Having read some fantastic reviews for this novel I was looking forward to an action packed read full of intrigue and suspense To be honest I was disappointed.The storyline was unique and had the potential to be spellbinding, but some of the scenes were so weak they frustrated me For example the demons that instilled unimaginable terror into everyone they went near were only awarded one sentence of description They had red hair and spikes growing out of their spines and sounded cute than fright [...]

  7. Jamie Magee s imagination will suck you right in Insight involves astrology, other dimensions, past lives, fate, dangerous encounters, and most of all love I didn t want to put the book down and when I did I couldn t stop thinking about it.All the characters are easy to follow and connect with The dialogue of the story makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of it The message that I got out of reading this is that your destiny may be written out for you but you have the power to ch [...]

  8. Review comming soonSo the I think about this book, the I hate it, I gave up on it after half way due to the fact of undeveloped characters and plot Willow and Laden were great together, but it seemed somewhat undeveloped and fake The worlds were the best part that I though made me give this at leaf 2 stars Though, I was thoroughly disappointed as I was expecting a better development in this story.

  9. I m torn It feels like two people are pulling me into two opposite directions Personally, I like this book I really, really do, but I also don t like this book because there are so many aspects that just got on my nerves.Let s go for the bad things first.Insta love my old arch nemesis It is probably one of the most irritating things ever It makes me want to roll my eyes, cry, vomit, and launch the book across the room in a temper tantrum.All in all, it bugs me to no end Why Because seriously IT [...]

  10. I am completely amazed that I am just now finding out about The Insight Series Insight is a truly amazing and inspirational tale weaved with unique mythology and modern day values The characters are each unique, with an important role to play defining destiny.Insight begins in the midst of one of Willow s painful repetitive nightmares where she finds herself face to face with her tormentor of many years She will soon find that her life is fated to be intertwined with the maker of these horrible [...]

  11. GENRE YA Paranormal RomanceTHEME Magic ZodiacRECEIVED From AuthorAUTHOR Jamie MageeMY BLOG seeingnightREVIEW I was happy to get the chance at reviewing Insight by Jamie Magee as apart of the Nurture Your Books Tour I love finding books with a new twist in magic and other worlds that the author created Magee does a great job in her debut book.Willow Hayward is the lead female character she has a special connection to people who need her in her world and as she finds out from other worlds She has [...]

  12. Insight was one of those books that make you read it way too fast because of it s fast pace and constant excitement Yet when you close the book you wish you would have read it a little slower because you re sad that it has ended I won t lie about the few editorial issues it had, Which I m told is on a fast track to being fixed But, overall it wasn t difficult to read through them and become thoroughly engaged in the story Trying my best to not give anything in the story away, having read it for [...]

  13. This is a case of a book whose cover doesn t do it justice Had I seen this book on a shelf in a bookstore I probably would of passed it over I wouldn t have looked at the back cover blurb at all, but thanks to Book Lovin Bitches, I did.It would have been a shame to miss out on this wonderful young adult novel too The characters are very vivid and the plot is unique I loved that Willow and her family were from different dimensions I liked that the author used the concept of having a soul mate in [...]

  14. I was contacted via e mail by this talented author and was asked to review her debut novel and she offered to send me a review copy and she agreed to guest blog for me in the meantime When I read how passionate she was about these characters I purchased this book and was finished in one sitting.Magee s writes with an elegance that flows effortlessly, and has the kind of natural talent that makes it hard for other writer s to review her In other words, I hate herd I wish I had written this book D [...]

  15. 4.5 stars One word WOW.Insight is beautiful written.I love how Jamie Magee wove in soul mates,zodiac signs,insights like powers ,strings to travel to different dimensions and reincartion all in to the story.Willow is the main character and what an amazing one at that.She is so likeable and the way she puts everyone before herself is great.Landen is awesome I loved him from the start what i liked the most from his character is his relonship with his grand father Landen and Willow are so cute toge [...]

  16. For a relatively short, 19 chapter book, this was such a pain to finish Seriously It took me a whole week to get through the story Damn it I even forced myself to continue reading in hopes that everything wrong about this book would eventually get better somehow So did it Well, I m sure you could guess.Insight is a paranormal fantasy book which deals with parallel worlds, other dimensions, supernatural abilities and the existence of soulmates So if you think about it, this book actually had the [...]

  17. 2.5 forever starsSo this was an okay YA novel I enjoyed the concept behind the story and the fact that it weaves into a much larger story with other series However I felt there were some big issues with flow and clarity I would get confused on what was going on, where the characters were and why somethings were even happening Some of the dialog felt off too I don t know if this was the first book in this whole mass of connected series or not I tried to look into it but got confused check them al [...]

  18. Insight is like a breath of fresh air it will leave you feeling refreshed and giddy at the same time Once I started reading I could not bring myself to part with the book Jamie Magee has taken the concept of soulmates and weaved a truly captivating story The book is both profound and light at the same time Magee has a way with making the words in the book seem so real, so real that I am almost led to believe that Willow and Landen do exist and if I just chose to open my eyes to see the strings I [...]

  19. I finished this beast It might have taken me forever to do it, but I got it done Now This book is awful I felt nothing from it Which is strange, let me assure you, because this book is nothing but mush I have decided that I don t like mush Magee may have seriously ruined my enjoyment of any kind of romance ever again I was actually annoyed with the book from the very beginning There was never a time while I read this book that I actually enjoyed it The only reason I finished it was because I spe [...]

  20. What an interesting journey into a unique world Fun concepts, a unique environment, and the build toward greater and exciting conflicts The romance aspects were pretty fast, and this a book geared toward of a New Adult audience as far as maturity I enjoyed the complexities of the world building most.

  21. I must say, I was rather surprised by this read I thoroughly enjoyed the worlds she created Infante as this dimension is known is wholly recognizable as today s society and it was interesting to see it positioned as the youngest amongst those explored Chara is certainly a place that I would love to visit The culture and beliefsl peace and love could one resist I mean to have your true soul mate be found as an actual reality not a fantasy, the ability to use your insight for the good of others, a [...]

  22. This review is based on an e book copy of Insight by Jamie Magee that I purchased for myself via my Kindle WARNING Review may contain minor spoilers As soon as I saw the summary of this story I was hooked, it was immediately put on my wish list and one of the first purchases I made upon receiving my first Gift Card I was excited to read it but as I bought and books Insight eventually fell the wayside When things calmed down and I was finally able to pick it up again I did so believing that it [...]

  23. There was so much wrong with this book, I really struggled to finish it and was quite disappointed The premise was interesting and the world had potential The ideas of different dimensions joined together by a string seemed intriguing but unfortunately it falls flat, quite literally The different dimensions aren t described in enough detail, I didn t understand why Chara was such an amazing place The dimensions didn t have much character of their own, and far too much of the information was just [...]

  24. Rating 1.5 5 I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher, Alvasiha, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Minor spoilers Willow has always known she was different than the other people in her town She s able to feel the emotions of others This ability is called an insight What she doesn t yet know is that she has this ability because she is from another dimension, somewhere named Chara When someone dark comes searching for Willow in her hometown, her parents finally decide t [...]

  25. I can t control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be There s only now, there s only here Give in to love or live in fear No other path, no other way No day but today Jonathan Larson, writer producer author of the musical RENTWillow Haywood is plagued by nightmares where a sinister shadowed figure is always present in one of their nocturnal encounters, he marks her tattoo with a star when her father Jason sees it, he reveals to her the family s guarded history Willow also dream [...]

  26. Insight by Jamie Magee was one of by far my favorite books that I ever read Magee s books will have your mind racing with anticipation and excitement Her book, Insight, was great The main character in the book is Willow and the love of her life Landen What willow doesn t know is that she is special, special as in she can feel what others can t Willow has an Insight which is a special gift that is very rare in her generation, only her and her grandmother are the only ones in their dimensions who [...]

  27. Insight by Jamie Magee is an amazing story of fate, destiny and love It is definitely a must read for me.Willow Haywood is no ordinary girl With a unique power to help spirits find peace she has lived her life filled with nightmares and pain Not knowing exactly why she is the way she is, Willow has learned to cope with her unique abilities as best as she can The only resolve she has is from her dreams of her blue eyed boy Not knowing exactly who he is or what he means to her, but she does know t [...]

  28. Cover Thoughts I really love everything about this cover It fits the book to a perfect T The sun with the crescent moon inside, the t of the title, everything goes along with the book so perfectly For that reason, I love this cover.WARNINGS I kept thinking about this book long after I finished it I can not wait to read Insight will take you to another dimension Really You will travel to another dimension Here is yet another book that I stayed up late reading After a chapter or two, Magee defini [...]

  29. I really didn t know what to expect with this book, the blurb sounded very interesting but l felt it might have a few things which l would struggle to get into This book was not in ANY way hard to get into it It straight away draws you into the story, introducing you to Willow in a way which then leaves you with a lot of questions about what is going on, who they are etc I found this a good thing and not in a confused way until further in the book but instead very intrigued.I didn t feel all the [...]

  30. To categorize this book, I would call it a mystic love story adventure Willow, a teenager, thought she was normal but with a special gift, the insight of emotion After one of her nightmares, she realizes that there is a new mark on her wrist, a star, and this makes her family go in a frenzy to get to safety During this, she learns that her family has a secret life and that they are from a different dimension They embark on this new adventure, where she meets her soul mate, Landen who has been th [...]

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