Í The Dawn Country É W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear, The Dawn Country, W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear, The Dawn Country The epic tale that began in People of the Longhouse continues in this second book of the thrilling new Iroquois quartet by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and archaeologists Kathleen O Neal Gear and W Michael Gear War Chief Koracoo and Deputy Gonda of the Standing Stone People have successfully rescued their children Odion and Tutelo from GannajeThe epic tale th Í The Dawn Country É W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear - The Dawn Country, The Dawn Country The epic tale that began in People of the Longhouse continues in this second book of the thrilling new Iroquois quartet by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and archaeologists Kathleen

  • Title: The Dawn Country
  • Author: W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
  • ISBN: 9780765320179
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover

Í The Dawn Country É W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear Í The Dawn Country É W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear - The Dawn Country, The Dawn Country The epic tale that began in People of the Longhouse continues in this second book of the thrilling new Iroquois quartet by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and archaeologists Kathleen

  • Í The Dawn Country É W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
    273 W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
The Dawn Country

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  1. W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear

    W Michael Gear was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the twentieth of May, 1955 A fourth generation Colorado native, his family had been involved in hard rock mining, cattle ranching, and journalism After his father s death in 1959, Michael s mother received her Master s degree in journalism and began teaching In 1962 she married Joseph J Cook, who taught tool and die making, and the family lived in Lakewood, Colorado, until 1968 At that time they moved to Fort Collins so that Joe could pursue his Ph.D During those years the family lived in the foothills above Horsetooth Reservoir.It was there that Mike developed a love of history, anthropology, and motorcycles They would color his future and fill his imagination for the rest of his life During summers he volunteered labor on local ranches or at the farm east of Greeley and landed his first real job picking up trash at the lake and cleaning outhouses It has been said that his exposure to trash led him into archaeology We will not speculate about what cleaning the outhouses might have led him to On his first dig as a professional archaeologist in 1976 he discovered that two thousand year old human trash isn t nearly as obnoxious as the new stuff.Michael graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1972 and pursued both his Bachelor s 1976 and Master s 1979 degrees at Colorado State University Upon completion of his Master s his specialty was in physical anthropology he went to work for Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs as a field archaeologist.It was in the winter of 1978 that he wrote his first novel Irritated by historical inaccuracies in Western fiction, he swore he could do better He was taking retirement in installments, archaeology being a seasonal career, in the cabin his great uncle Aubrey had built One cold January night he read a Western novel about a trail drive in which steers castrated males had calves The historical inaccuracies of the story bothered him all night The next morning, still incensed, he chunked wood into the stove and hunkered over the typewriter There, on the mining claim, at nine thousand feet outside of Empire, Colorado he hammered out his first five hundred and fifty page novel Yes, that first manuscript still exists, but if there is justice in the universe, no one will ever see it It reads wretchedly but the historical facts are correct Beginning in 1981, Michael, along with two partners, put together his own archaeological consulting company Pronghorn Anthropological Associates began doing cultural resource management studies in 1982, and, although Michael sold his interest in 1984, to this day the company remains in business in Casper, Wyoming During the years, Michael has worked throughout the western United States doing archaeological surveys, testing, and mitigation for pipelines, oil wells, power lines, timber sales, and highway construction He learned the value of strong black coffee, developed a palate for chocolate donuts, and ferreted out every quality Mexican restaurant in eight states He spent nine months of the year traveling from project to project with his trowel and dig kit, a clapped out 72 Wonder Blazer, and his boon companion, Tedi, a noble tri color Sheltie.That fateful day in November, 1981, was delightfully clear, cold, and still in Laramie, Wyoming Archaeologists from all over the state had arrived at the University of Wyoming for the annual meetings of the Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists It was there, in the meeting room, way too early after a much too long night, that Mike first laid eyes on the most beautiful woman in the world Kathleen O Neal Gear The BLM State Archaeologist, Ray Leicht, introduced him to the pretty anthropologist and historian, and best of all, Ray invited Mike to lunch with Kathleen It was the perfect beginning for a long and wondrous relationshipcmillan author wmicha

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  1. This was a thrilling, edge of your seat, can t put it down because you need to see what happens on the next page type of book If I could give it six stars I would I m a big fan of the Gears and their Native American books but the People of the Longhouse series is fantastic I am excited about the third book in the series which is coming out in Jan 2012 I may pre order it so I have it right away The idea of the series is to give a possible explanation for the beginning of the Iriquois nation which [...]

  2. In the first book of this series, War Chief Koracoo and her Deputy Gonda battled to rescue their children from an evil human trafficker Instead of bringing their children home, the pair are now hot in pursuit of their abductor in the hopes of rescuing the children left behind Once again, enemy territory must be crossed and new allies found.This is the second of a four book quartet Quality writing, engaging characters, and just the right amount of history and politics make this another winning ti [...]

  3. As a historical fiction, I give this 5 stars As a story, I give it 3.I would like to note that this is the first book I ve read of the Longhouse series Would I read another one Only because I am a Native American and am desperate for representation even from culture s my nation isn t a part of.Let s start with something I liked Beyond the historical accuracy ish everyone is raving over.I liked how the mythology and magic was veryon the side It will make the athiest readers happy, view spoiler a [...]

  4. The story opens with war and the capture of many tribes children We follow the tale of two parents determined to rescue their children, War Chief, Koracoo, and her Deputy, Gondo This especially becomes imperative when they realize just who has their children Gannajero the trader, aka The Crow, and is witch Koracoo and Gondo must set aside tribal loyalties and unite with enemies to find and rescue their children We see the hunt from their point of view and see the hard choices they must make.We a [...]

  5. The Dawn Country is the follow up to People of the Longhouse and begins immediately following the events that ended book 1 This book portrayed Native Americans in a way I have never read before More than anything else I could feel the authors mastery of their subjects There is a nonfiction introduction that gives some information about the time frame that the book is set in I am glad that this was included because I can tell you that I never learned about this in history class.What screams at me [...]

  6. The Dawn Country Michael Kathleen O Neal Gear, 2011 Tom Dougherty Associates LLC.The Dawn Country book number two out of four in the People of the Longhouse series picks up where our not so fine feathered friends, War Chief Karocco, her defunct ex husband Deputy Gonda and their recently acquired enemy friends Akio, Sindakm, Cord and healer killer Wakdanek are now on the last desperate leg of their attempt to rescue the rest of the missing children and avenge the death of those that the Trader Ga [...]

  7. The Dawn Country picks up pretty much right where People of the Longhouse left off with Koracoo, Gonda, their two allies, and the some of the children they rescued as they continue to search for the rest of the missing children and hunt down Gannajero.I loved reading People of the Longhouse so I was really excited to start on The Dawn Country, plus there was so much that was left unfinished after the I finished the first one that I had to know what was going to happen to all the characters.While [...]

  8. Well this last week I have been going to bed a bit earlier than usual Especially tired No, that was not it But instead while the Grandbabes where laying down to get to sleep, I was curling up to escape Each evening I could be found joining the North Americas s Forgotten Past series with The Dawn Country This was a different sort of books for me to read But I quickly became entrenched by the story This series was written by a husband and wife team W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal Gear have take [...]

  9. I have to admit, I m biased when it comes to the series of books written by the Gears I ve been a longtime reader of their work What I love about it is how they interweave the factual and our inferential understanding of native peoples into their fictional work They reveal the complex and highly developed customs, beliefs, and rituals of the various nations as they make their way through critical junctures in time both geological and developmental periods This underlying foundation in the truths [...]

  10. The Dawn Country A People of the Longhouse Novel Iroquois, 2 W Michael Gear,Kathleen O Neal Gear Another dynamic story from the Gear Duo I have waited impatiently to see how the children survive the trials, and terrible violence in their world The written draws you into the world of the long house people Because of the movement of story you are able to meet and understand the differences of the five tribes and see the similarity and ideology of the tribes this story is the true beginning of the [...]

  11. This is the second book in the People of the Longhouse series, which is a part of the larger People series This is probably the darkest series of the People books that I ve read, which is saying something after the Anasazi Mystery series, which dealt with incest, witches, and cannabalism The second book in the novel picks up where the first one left off a witch is buying and selling children from war torn villages to be used by warrior and men of ill repute Several of the children escaped and ar [...]

  12. This is book two in the People of the Longhouse tetralogy War chief Koracoo and her ex husband Gonda are still searching for their children and rescuing others along the way Of course they find them and take care of the bad people, but it s an interesting story on how They pick up several unexpected allies along the way.But what s most interesting is how the children work together to help rescue themselves, fighting against their oppression and danger The book ends with a bittersweet scene where [...]

  13. This is the second of four, I think, by these authors, the history of the people who will become the Iroquois I first encountered the Gears with a wonderful trilogy about the Anasazi people The Visitant, The Summoning God, and Bone Walker three really amazing and mysterious and very well written mysteries The 2 of the series I ve read People of the Longhouse and The Dawn Country tell a riveting and, as I am led to believe, anthropologically and archeologically correct story of pre European peopl [...]

  14. This second book in The People of the Longhouse quartet is another winner and is as good as the first one It starts the same day the other book ends so the story continues without interruption The characters and setting are very vivid in these books Some new characters appear in this book as well as several from the first book who are important to the overall story line I am enjoying this quartet and look forward to the next book These books are an interesting telling of the story of the foundin [...]

  15. Reading the Gear books is either an acquired taste or an addiction I like learning about native cultures at different times of history and I also like the stories Plenty of danger, mysticism, suspense, murder, intrigue real sex though So it is a reading addiction of mine ok I admit it that is one big step above Janet Evanovich which has really no intellectual value at allBut Evanovich does have the sex

  16. Note to others read this asap after People of the Longhouse because both really should combined into one book I look forward to book 3, The Broken Land, but it sounds not quite like a part 3 in the storyline but a new branch with some of the characters Regardless, The Dawn Country was as good or better than the first book, People of the Longhouse.

  17. What can one say about the Gear s books They have delighted us with stories about our country s past Indians have been changed from our view of them through Westerns and other media to stories that are very real to us with characters that live.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

  18. I read it because the previous book, to which this is a sequel, ended so abruptly and left me confused as to what had happened So, I slogged through this soap opera cloaked as historic fiction Gory, sensationalistic, exploitive I stuck with it to find out how the characters would manage but I won t bother with the third in this series.

  19. In the thirteenth century AD, the different groups that would later become the Iroquois are fighting among themselves due to over population and a food shortage This is the story of two small groups trying to find and rescue their children who where captured and sold to a evil slave trader Pretty fair historical fiction about Native Americans.

  20. Love the Gears, together or apart They are just fantastic story tellers I highly recommend every book they have written, but the People of are my favorites You will learn SO much from them and enjoy every minute of it.

  21. Love the Gears, together or apart They are just fantastic story tellers I highly recommend every book they have written, but the People of are my favorites You will learn SO much from them and enjoy every minute of it.

  22. I didn t read the book this follows, But the story draws you in, in a heart wrenching way This writing duo has put out many wonderful books pertaining to native americans Wonderful book, and will probably read again.

  23. Great book.This book was entertaining to the very end Fascinating and educational I love learning about this subject how we are finding out and about the past

  24. I like these pre history books but they are definitely not for everyone This one is a sequel and I would not suggest that you read it before the first.

  25. The continuing story of the early Iroquois Indians This is told partly from the children s view point and it is a darker read than what the Gears normally do.

  26. This book was just as addictive and interesting as the one before it I loved it Especially the justice at the end I will be reading the next book as soon as possible

  27. This is part two of the People in the Longhouse series It s so nice reading books in order I loved this as much as the first one, and look forward to reading the next in line

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