Unlimited Whistling In the Dark - by Lesley Kagen, Whistling In the Dark, Lesley Kagen, Whistling In the Dark A MIDWESTERN BOOKSELLERS CHOICE AWARD WINNER AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NOW IN ITS th PRINTING It was the summer on Vliet Street when we all started locking our doors Sally O Malley made a promise to her daddy before he died She swore she d look after her sister Troo Keep her safe But like her Granny always said actions speak louder than words Now during theA MIDWESTER Unlimited Whistling In the Dark - by Lesley Kagen - Whistling In the Dark, Whistling In the Dark A MIDWESTERN BOOKSELLERS CHOICE AWARD WINNER AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NOW IN ITS th PRINTING It was the summer on Vliet Street when we all started locking our doors Sally O Malley made a promis

  • Title: Whistling In the Dark
  • Author: Lesley Kagen
  • ISBN: 9780451221230
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Whistling In the Dark - by Lesley Kagen Unlimited Whistling In the Dark - by Lesley Kagen - Whistling In the Dark, Whistling In the Dark A MIDWESTERN BOOKSELLERS CHOICE AWARD WINNER AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NOW IN ITS th PRINTING It was the summer on Vliet Street when we all started locking our doors Sally O Malley made a promis

  • Unlimited Whistling In the Dark - by Lesley Kagen
    278 Lesley Kagen
Whistling In the Dark

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    Lesley Kagen is a mother of two, a grandmother of two, an actress, celebrated public speaker, essayist, and the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of eight novels, including her newest, THE MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY, which will be released in January 2017 She lives in a charming small town in Wisconsin in a hundred fifty year old farm house with her dog, Gracie More about Lesley and reading guides can be found at lesleykagen and facebook LesleyKagenBooks.

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  1. Nothing else hurts worse in the world as much as tears for the missing.Ignoring the multiple new books and ARCs that I have to get to, I just craved a re read of this book Sally O Malley and her sister Margaret Troo O Malley are two tough little girls living in a Milwaukee neighbourhood in 1959 Still reeling from the loss of their father, the girls are worried about their mother who lies in a hospital battling a staph infection Their older sister, Nell is interested in her boyfriend, their step [...]

  2. I had to check several times to make sure that Sally was indeed 10 yrs old and Troo, even younger The author tried too hard to make the narrator sound like a 10 yr old at times yet at other times the thinking, language, and experiences were of a much older girl No way was Troo believable as a 9 yr old Matter of fact most of the story was simply implausible Even though the book was under 300 pages it felt much longer The story was so slow at times that I had to fight the urge to skim just to be d [...]

  3. Fabulously written from the perspective of a 10 year old Here s a couple of my favorite excerpts don t worry, they won t ruin the book To tell you the truth, I didn t get half of what went on up at that church With all the Latin mumbo jumbo and the Stations of the Cross and the nuns who waltzed like ice skaters wherever they went but would smack you a good one for not singing along with a hymn I didn t even get what my First Communion was supposed to be about, even thought people made a big deal [...]

  4. This is a Reader s Choice book featured in the Salt Lake County Library System that s why I picked it up They are usually good reads This one was a disappointment to me It s the story about two sisters in 1959, aged 9 and 10, left pretty much to their own devices one summer because of their mom s hospitalization, a dysfunctional step dad, and an older sister who is wrapped up in her boyfriend I loved the character, Sally the older of the two girls I loved her thought processes and her language I [...]

  5. I loved this book and am currently reading it again in anticipation of the sequel, Good Graces, which will be out in September I love the voices in all of Lesley Kagen s books and especially that of Sally O Malley in Whistling in the Dark Sally has qualities I have always admired common sense and attention to detail These are qualities I identify with Even though I wasn t yet born in 1959 when the story takes place, and even though I am decades older now than Sally is in the story there is still [...]

  6. A well written story set in Milwaukee, WI in 1959 The storyteller is a ten year old girl who takes us back to the cultural markers of the time, from the drive in restaurants to the former Wauwatosa site of the Milwaukee County Zoo If you were a few years on either side of ten in 1959 you ll recognize your childhood in this book This is also a mystery, and the details are unrolled skillfully by the author, who grew up in Milwaukee and based some of the characters on real people she had known Afte [...]

  7. Sally O Mally has a big imagination, but she s not entirely wrong Someone is murdering molesting the little girls in her neighborhood, and someone is watching her Are they the same person Read the book, and find out.I enjoyed this book, and read it all in one sitting , but there were some things that confused me Little details, like ages how old are Sally, and her sisters There are hints given, but never a definite age, and that bothered me We never know for sure what city the novel is set in, a [...]

  8. I suspect that Sally O Malley, the spirited 10 year old narrator of Whistling in the Dark, grew up to be Stephanie Plum With delightful imagination and innocence OK, the comparison to SP breaks down on the innocence factor , she doggedly follows clues to the identity of the murderer and molester Again and again Although the story unfolds during a short 6 week span, it is coming of age in its best sense The late 50 s in Sally s corner of Milwaukee feels happily nostalgic making lanyards in the su [...]

  9. Whistling in the Dark is mainly appealing for the amazing first person narrative The story is told by Sally, a girl who is often confused by her own imagination Her character is naive, which I not only found endearing, but realistic for the time Children were just not privy to the facts of life and slang as they are now which brings me to her sister, Troo Troo was not a believable character Although the sisters spend a lot of time running the streets with a variety of characters, it is still not [...]

  10. Well, hmmmmm This was a love hate teeter totter sort of book, for me Some elements were reasonably believable and engaging, but not evenhandedly across the board nor with any sort of consistency Portions of the story touched me deeply and drew me in emotionally yet other segments left me feeling detached and or disenchanted I couldn t rectify the ages of the two younger sisters Sal and Troo with their actions especially not for the era And quite a few people, places, and scenes felt over sensati [...]

  11. It was a little slow and rocky at first, but Whistling in the Dark was a great read I finished it all in one night, I was so enthralled I ve read others like this, but it was a good mix of nostalgia, childhood innocence and dark reality The thing I liked best about this was the protagonist, Sally, which is important when reading a first person narration Sally is endearing and full of funny wisecracks There are a few flaws, but the good outweighs the bad, and this is a book that everyone can enjo [...]

  12. I wonder if I should have started with some of Kagen s newer works and then read my way backward In retrospect, reading her first novel first may not have been my most clever move.The story, here, is what my pals and I call Fine and Perfect which means it was ok but I don t really want to talk about it I m still going to talk about it, though.Alright So The story It s a fun, quick summer suspense featuring a ten year old girl in 1959 Milwaukee who believes she will be the next victim of a child [...]

  13. Synopsis Sally O Malley is a young little girl, with a strong heart and a young little sister who needs protecting, named Troo But lately, in the summer of 1959, scary things too big for two little girls to be dealing with alone, with the father dead, mother in the hospital, a drunk step father and a big sister who s too worried about her boyfriend Their other young friends have been found dead, naked and raped and Sally believes that she s next She thinks she knows who did it, but she s always [...]

  14. Sally O Malley knows what s really going on At least, she knows than any of the adults in her life would believe possible It is 1959, and Sally is missing her father, who recently died in a car accident which occurred in the company of Sally s uncle and her little sister Troo Sally made some promises to her father before he died, and the most important is that she would look after her sister Sally, who is delightfully earnest, has every intention of following through to the letter In the meanti [...]

  15. I have only one word to describe Whistling in the Dark.d that is WOW I had never read any of Lesley Kagens books before and just happened to find a copy of this bookI loved this book so much, the first thing I did when I was done with it, was to go to and order all Lesley Kagen s other books This is a coming of age book about two little girls who are on their own because their mother is hospitalizedeir stepfather is an uncaring drunk and their older sister is in love and has her head in the clou [...]

  16. I read this book pretty quickly, a good part of it in the middle of the night when I couldn t sleep Perhaps with a relaxing book I would ve become sleepy sooner It s fast paced, and draws you into the plot quickly The main character is a young girl Everything is from her perspective, and is charmingly done You really only have the information Sal has, although sometimes you are able to connect tidbits and come to conclusions that are beyond her Sal, her sister, and their friends are enchanting [...]

  17. It felt like the author looked up every written by spunky child cliche since To Kill a Mockingbird and slapped them into this book No surprises, in plot or characterization I ve read this story, met these kids, in better literary form, many times.The voice, at it s best, was similar to A Girl Named Zippy a book which truly was funny and sweet because it was real and unassuming Contrarily, I felt like the author, in this book, was giving space for me to warmly chuckle or go awwww after every prec [...]

  18. I love the way this book is written It s not just the story that s told that I liked, but the WAY it s told you really get to know the characters and feel intensely about them both love and hate.I love the viewpoint Sally gives She s not really truly an innocent child, but you re definitely reminded of her age at various times throughout the book Her assumptions made based on misunderstanding double meanings, etc.I would suggest this read to any of my friends.I recently read the book for a secon [...]

  19. I loved this book It is a mystery and had many connections that keep the plot moving I don t want to spoil it

  20. This is just an adorable read Being born and raised in Milwaukee it really makes it that much special as you can picture the whole neighborhood Love the characters.

  21. Loved this book The author is a superb writer and what made it fun for me was the such a familiar setting in Milwaukee.

  22. Good mystery told in the voice of a 10 year old girl I really liked this book, it was easy to picture the characters the setting because it was well written.

  23. A great story The main character is believable and so likable I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

  24. How to Keep a PromiseWhistling in the Dark, by Lesley Kagen things happen when you least expect them, things that can change your whole life Lesley Kagen, Whistling in the Dark Lesley Kagen s book Whistling in the Dark is a wonderful story told from the point of view of Sally O Malley, a ten year old girl, living in Milwaukee during the summer of 1959 The story begins with Sally s father and best friend dying in the hospital from a car accident Sally s father calls her into his hospital room rig [...]

  25. Shelly s Thoughts I liked this book It s a quick little read, and overall decent However, there s one super huge flaw for me The fact that there is so much going on in small town USA in the 1950s There s a murderer, a molester, a drunk stepfather, a mother in the hospital for most of the book, slapping kids around, a ghost , an African American woman who had escaped from the KKK in the south, a disabled elderly woman, a boy with polio who bullies others, a gay man, a gay priest, two mentally han [...]

  26. December 2011 Lori B s pick I did not expect to like this book as much as I did It was really cute and funny, and the narrator s voice of a 10 year old in the 1950s felt authentic This is the story of Sally O Malley and her little sister Troo who is 8 Their father has died and their mother has remarried an alcoholic jerk Mother ends up in the hospital with a serious illness leaving Sally and Troo pretty much on their own There is an older sister who is busy with her own life beauty school, boyfr [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this book Narrator and star, Sally O Malley, transported me to the summer of 1959 in Milwaukee I admire authors who can believably write in the voice of a child or a teen Lesley Kagen does a wonderful job of making Sally, her family, her friends, her neighborhood and her suspicions of who is the murdering molester come alive There are elements of the story that go over Sally s head such as when an adult is described as a lush she thinks it is because he is luscious Staying true [...]

  28. Lesley Kagen was born in 1949 She said she wrote this book partly to spend time again in 1959 She wanted to revisit a time in her life when things were simpler, but not as simple as they appeared to a ten year old It s told through the eyes of a ten year old girl whose misinterpretations of sophisticated and suggestive conversation gets old pretty fast Growing up in the 50s, I also enjoyed the frequent references to cultural events and artifacts that took me back to my childhood The exotic fragr [...]

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