[PDF] Cinderella in Cleats | by Ò Carly Syms, Cinderella in Cleats, Carly Syms, Cinderella in Cleats It started just like any other Saturday Whitney her best friend Jason and their fathers tossed an old football around in the park But when her dad dies of a heart attack Whitney doesn t realize her passion for the sport and her friendship with Jason will never be the same Two years later Whitney s ready to begin the long journey of re discovering her love for footbIt star [PDF] Cinderella in Cleats | by Ò Carly Syms - Cinderella in Cleats, Cinderella in Cleats It started just like any other Saturday Whitney her best friend Jason and their fathers tossed an old football around in the park But when her dad dies of a heart attack Whitney doesn t realize he

  • Title: Cinderella in Cleats
  • Author: Carly Syms
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Cinderella in Cleats | by Ò Carly Syms [PDF] Cinderella in Cleats | by Ò Carly Syms - Cinderella in Cleats, Cinderella in Cleats It started just like any other Saturday Whitney her best friend Jason and their fathers tossed an old football around in the park But when her dad dies of a heart attack Whitney doesn t realize he

  • [PDF] Cinderella in Cleats | by Ò Carly Syms
    131 Carly Syms
Cinderella in Cleats

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  1. Carly Syms

    Carly Syms is a twenty something year old graduate of Wisconsin and Northwestern She was born in New Jersey where she wrote her first book in the second grade and fell in love with the NFL s Jacksonville Jaguars a few years later, sparking her love affair with football that led to CINDERELLA IN CLEATS Carly lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and spends her days writing, working as a fantasy sports analyst, exploring the desert and cheering on her favorite sports teams

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  1. This review can also be found on Reading to Stay AliveSo, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end Unfortunately, there was no plot and absolutely zero character development I went into this novel with very high hope I read Catching Jordan in the past and the book was so unbelievably epic that I just had to get my hands on this one for just a possible glimpse back into that world Instead of a strong willed female lead, I received a shallow, boy obsessed, immature and petty teenage girl The st [...]

  2. That was a waste of money The characters were terrible, they changed their minds frequently and there was nothing solid on any of them I thought for a brief moment that Scott may step up but the main character very quickly destroyed hope on that This book was completely unrealistic from the boy asking her out on the sideline to her getting so caught up over a boy that she played a football game bad I was hoping for a good sports story with a strong girl character Instead, I got this pathetic gir [...]

  3. This book was a big let down There were to many loose ends What about Scott Colt seemed like a great guy and then bam he was a jerk The whole colt situation really did not sit well with me And what about Sophie and Scott, that really needed to be explained At the epilogue was just horrible Jason couldnt stand to be with a girlfriend better at football then him That did not really make sense since he loved her all those years and then let that get in between them The book would have been better w [...]

  4. Some would say this contains spoilers, I say that you can t be spoiled in this book, because theres no major twists, plot, or high expectations that this will hold a special place in your heart.This was disappointing, in terms of books I have read similar to this one The characters weren t developed really well, and the main character Whitney why did she tell everyone her business like straight way who does that she didnt even do it face to face it was on the phone, she there tell this boy her w [...]

  5. I didn t really know what to expect from this book because it had some mixed reviews but I wound up liking it a lot Whitney s a strong character who won t quit even when she keeps having to deal with and struggles while she tries to play football I thought from the reviews that there might be too much romance and not enough football but it was a good balance enough to keep people who may not love football interested but not so much that it loses the sports element of the storyfinitely recommen [...]

  6. Oh I wanted this book to be good.This book was meh.The story was something unique, so points for that The cinderella story is one that I like, so another one.I just felt like I was reading something so choppy that it couldn t decide where it wanted to go Characters would either change their minds too often for us to care, or not change at all.However, those things fine in comparison to the ending.I feel like the author said, Oh no, I have to write an epilogue quickly , and tacked the ending bit [...]

  7. Cinderella in Cleats was self published in 2010 by Carly Syms and is available in Kindle format.The story is about Whitney who has a passion for football and it has been like a ritual to her to play football with her father, her boyfriend Jason and his father but then one day her father has a sudden heart attack and dies on the field Suddenly the perfect life that Whitney knows changes what with her father dying, Jason abandoning and completely ignoring her which makes her let go of football bec [...]

  8. HuuumBastante eeeeeew, no estuvo mal y esta bastante cortito Pero algo exagerado en algunos puntos, relaciones exageradas, practicamente la chica se enamorada de cada chico que esta lindo y se le cruza en el camino y magicamente todos se enamoran de ella, y todos los chicos la aman , pero no deja de pensar en su ex amigo que le gusta de siempre, Jason, el cual la abandono cuando muere el papa de ella, y no se vuelven a hablar, pero ella despues de dos a os sigue pensando en el cada dos por tres [...]

  9. Liked the concept better than the execution with the others that this book needs an editor looks like it was Kindle self published, so that might be why Still, the author could definitely have used help on this in particular, there were things like the main character wanting to be apart of something and places where the tense changed The point of view choices weren t great either The book switches between third person omniscient, third person limited, and first person, and not consistently enoug [...]

  10. I very rarely give a review but this was such a disappointment Out of all the choices of boys she could have ended up with THAT was the choice Really No way would that happen in real life unless the girl was completely without self respect.y treats you like crap and you are okay with that I feel sorry for girls that think this is okay Also the end epilogue was the most rushed I have seen in quite some time It s like even the author was disappointed in the storyline and just wanted it to end alre [...]

  11. Whitney is a junior in high school her dad died two years before and that s when her best friend Jason left but later we find out it s because he was in love with her and didn t know how to be there for her rolls eyes then later in the story she meets colt who she dates but tries to boss her around so Jason stands up for her their friendship renewed and they live happily ever after according to the epilogue

  12. 0 5 stars No real character developmentNo progression in plotThe boy obsessed, immature h spent all her time fielding off guys The H only showed up in the beginning of the novel and the end

  13. Cinderella in cleats Was very interesting and fascinating at the same time The best thing is that It is The perfect Cinderella story in cleats

  14. I read this on my kindle Just a sample but it s really good Cinderella In Cleats was just like A Cinderella Story but a little different Whitney grew up with Jason and they had a friendship that lasted eleven years It all ended when Whitney s dad died of a heart attack on the field Whitney and Jason used to play football every Sunday with their dads together Whitney , never really thought her and Jason would ever become than friends but she was content with them being just friends Everything ch [...]

  15. Being in the Philippines, I did not go to school that has football team So let me ask first Is it really possible for a girl to join football team I m just being realistic and not sexist like Coach Harringer, this is just pure curiosity I ve watched tons of movies with football, and the sport is undeniably muscle and strength And with how Whitney was described, could she really be able to play the game without getting hurt It is this just for the fun of the story I ve seen extreme ratings for th [...]

  16. YA, girl power, underdog, sports storyFor eleven years of her life, Whitney and her best friend Jason played football with their fathers in the park until the day her father died of a heart attack After that, Whitney lost not only her father, but her best friend Jason just never came around again During the following two years, he became a star on their high school football team as quarterback, but Whitney stopped playing Then suddenly, in the fall of her junior year, she decides she s ready to [...]

  17. I really don t like giving bad reviews I love writing the bad reviews, but I don t like saying mean things about a book Cinderella in Cleats was, quite honestly, crap After reading Catching Jordan, I really wanted to read another football book, so I chose a cheap book off Unfortunately, Cinderella in Cleats was disappointing and horrifyingly bad I cannot believe I put up with the crappy, non existent plot, characters and romance When her father died playing football, Whitney not only lost her fa [...]

  18. It was ok I had to re read lines to understand because of spelling mistakes, missing words and bad grammar but it was an ok read Whitney has been a tom boy her whole life and football is big part of it until her father dies of a heart attack while playing their regular Sunday game at the park After her father past she hated football and hated Jason even for not being there for her when she needed her best friend they haven t talked for 2 years until Whitney decides that is time for her to try o [...]

  19. Whitney is not your ordinary girl, she loves football and plays it really well Her dad, her BFF Jason, and his dad play every Sunday in the park One Sunday the unthinkable happened, her dad has a heart attach and dies This devastates Whitney and she not longer has anything to do with playing football Her BFF Jason and her fall apart, he no longer talks to her and she feels so lonely Two years later, Whitney s ready to begin the long journey of re discovering her love for football, she finds out [...]

  20. Wow That really sucked I could not find even one redeeming quality in any one of the characters They were all fickle and changed their minds so quickly I couldn t keep up The relationships were completely unrealistic too And she never hated Jason, she was always in love with him, daydreaming of kissing And what a pathetic excuse for bailing on her when her dad died Only the weakest of the weak, with no self esteem, would forgive that jack ass Another annoying thing was how every single guy she c [...]

  21. I liked it, even if the female lead was a bit wishy washy when it came to any attention she recieved Like from any guy Like every guy who was nice to her she had a crush on That was my only issue So Whitney s dad died playing football An activity she and her friend Jason had been doing together every saturday with their parents for eleven years After his death Jason distanced himself and became a total douche canoe Ignoring her and talking down to her when she finally got the courage up to try o [...]

  22. This book is so out there that I don t know where to begin First it needs to be edited There are so many typos and missing words at one point the main character s name changed to Paul from Jason Simple things like at the very beginning of the book it says that Jason and Whitney live hours apart and then later in the book just minutes apart It was very annoying and distracting to read so many misplaced words I understand that this was a cinderella type story with Whitney becoming a quarterback an [...]

  23. What better than a football story just in time for Thanksgiving Whitney is a classic tomboy She and her father would play football together with her neighborhood friend Jason and his father But when Whitney s father passes away, Jason keeps his distance and she s crushed.Now two years later, Whitney tries to play with the big boys and tries out for the football team When she s cut, even though she s better than some of the guys, Whitney moves to a cross town rival and gets to actually play on th [...]

  24. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsCinderella In Cleats was only okay It was a very short read, with a unique plot I love stories with the girl playing football, even though I ve never seen or heard of a girl playing I still think its cool to read a novel about it I enjoyed all of the football aspect of this book, it was very well written and very unique However the young adult drama seemed seriously extreme even for a young adult book There was one character in the book that I think didn [...]

  25. This book was about a girl named Whitney, who loves football Her dad died of a heart attack playing football at the park She was best friends with Jason, but they stop hanging out after her dad dies Jason becomes the Football Quarterback for Ash Valley Whitney Doesn t try out until her junior year When she does try out, the coach cuts her because he is sexist He doesn t believe girls should play football However, Whitney doesn t let that stop her So, she try s out for Clinton Central High, and s [...]

  26. It was an okay quick read It reminded me of the old movie Quarterback Princess They have a similar plot line but at the same time a different one Anyway it s about a high school girl who loves football and is pretty good at it She learned from her father who died several years ago She used to play all the time with her neighbor, but after her father died they drifted apart Now she is in high school and is trying out for the team, and for his spot She starts to fall for him, but receives a lot of [...]

  27. Quick, interesting, light YA read Considering that I went about 4 months in between reading the first 65% and the last 35%, I can t really give this an accurate overall review Whoops XD Time kinda slipped away from me The ending seemed a bit fast, and since I really don t know much about football, some of the excitement around the games didn t hit home But I guess I d say overall it was kind of a cute story It just seemed to tie up too neatly in the end to really get a much higher rating, and th [...]

  28. I wish I could find something positive to say about this book.Whitney loves football, but when her father dies she gives up the game that she loves and her best friend Jason Now two years later, she gets back into the game and overcomes personal and societal obstacles CINDERELLA IN CLEATS is a poorly written, mistake filled novel with an unlikable main character The plot was a mess, too This book could have used an editor, critique group and better yet, a writing instructor because it had potent [...]

  29. cc It started just like any other Saturday Whitney, her best friend, Jason, and their fathers tossed an old football around in the park But when her dad dies of a heart attack, Whitney doesn t realize her passion for the sport and her friendship with Jason will never be the same.Two years later, Whitney s ready to begin the long journey of re discovering her love for football, encountering a sexist coach, an unethical but irresistible opponent, a mustard yellow T shirt, and Jason along the way.H [...]

  30. This book seemed all over the place We were introduced to main plot twists only to be left hanging.I wouldn t recommend this book to adult readers and even for the young adult readers I didn t feel like there was enough substance Of course I totally support the empowerment of young girls and sending the message that girls can do anything that boys can do, but I didn t see anything than that to recmmend this book It seemed like the author just ended the book how she wanted without much thought a [...]

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