Free Read Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) - by Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics), Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island Great Illustrated Classics The world s best loved children s stories set in large type for easy reading Over illustrations in each book Free Read Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) - by Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson - Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics), Treasure Island Great Illustrated Classics The world s best loved children s stories set in large type for easy reading Over illustrations in each book

  • Title: Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics)
  • Author: Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780866119580
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) - by Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson Free Read Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) - by Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson - Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics), Treasure Island Great Illustrated Classics The world s best loved children s stories set in large type for easy reading Over illustrations in each book

  • Free Read Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) - by Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson
    296 Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics)

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  1. Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson

    Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Treasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics) book, this is one of the most wanted Deidre S. Laiken A.J. McAllister Robert Louis Stevenson author readers around the world.

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  1. Rules for writing a great book Someone near and dear needs to die.There can be no going back it is crash through or crash time.Some of the good guys have to have near fatal flaws some of the bad guys need to be damn charming Oh Long John Silver, what a great character.Mortal danger lots and lots of mortal danger.And the most frightening character in the book needs to be someone who would normally be the least frightening No wonder Tom Waits talks about the tap, tap, tap of a blind man s cane I j [...]

  2. Just finished reading this classic adventure story to my twin 7 year olds When I was a boy, the original unabridged version of this story caught my eye and I read it along with Kidnapped, Ivanhoe and various classic adventure novels Iremembered it fondly but the individual details had faded with time It was a perfect choice to read to the kids They liked the pirates and Jim Hawkins role in the adventure from his thrilling fight with Israel Hands to has role in freeing the ship and obtaining the [...]

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  5. While reading the novel Treasure Island, the author displayed different themes through each events These themes were heroic, adventure, wealth, and growing up For example, when Jim Hawkins the main character goes on a voyage to a daring Treasure Island, he begins his adventure of discovering treasure and the difference of his own shipmates Deidre Laiken is trying to tell readers to enjoy and have an adventure while reading this book because you can relate to the certain things that Jim goes thro [...]

  6. This novel was very compelling It helped the reader understand the story by having pictures that goes along with the text The only bad thing about this book is that it doesn t really make you feel like you re in the story but overall, the author states the setting and the surroundings of the characters pretty well Another bad thing about this book is that some of the chapters are very short For example, once you start a chapter, a new chapter will start like on the very next page Even though som [...]

  7. Treasure island is about a boy named Jim Hawkins and his family that live in a inn One day a man comes to the inn for a bit but he stays for a wile he said to call him Bill Then a couple of days later a anther man comes his name Black Dog Black Dog said he was looking for bill and he was a friend When Bill saw Black Dog he was in shocked to see him and Black kills him Then one stormy night a man comes to the inn and he warned them about a one legged pirate and gave Jim a map Now Jim and his frie [...]

  8. Treasure IslandWritted by Robert Louis StevensonAdapted by Deidre S LaikenWell to be really honest here, I chose this book because I didn t have anything else to read in my drawer and I kind of like Around The World In 80 Days In the beginning, old captain Billy Bones walks into Jim Hawkins family inn and asks for a place to stay It turns out that old Billy Bones had a treasure map that puts Jim into a bunch of trouble My favorite quote was Blackbeard was a child compared to Flint on p 64 becaus [...]

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  10. The book Treasure Island is a book about a young boy and his mother and father They own a little hotel or inn that people come to stay at One day a pirate that they refer to as Captain walks in He asked of the boy to watch for any other pirates looking for him and tell the Captain as soon as possible The boy agrees but soon the Captain would lose money as he had to pay them to stay The Captain had also been paying the boy for telling him when someone came in But with the Captain out of money and [...]

  11. This review was originally posted on my blog LoveThyBook The Goldfinch is only the third book by Donna Tartt, it was published in late 2013, winning many awards and quickly climbing to the top 10 favorite books of that year This is an incredible story about adolescence and grief How one teenage boy was struck with a tragic event that ended his mothers life and how the rest of his life was affected by it Donna Tartt is a very talented writer, her stories make you feel like you are there, with the [...]

  12. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is about a boy named Jim One day when Jim was tending to the customers in his fathers inn the doors swung open and in stepped a man who practically had rags fort clothes what happened next Jim didn t even realize what was happening until it was to late Find out what happens to Jim and the man with the ragged clothes I though this book was nice because it had adventure feel to it but i didn t like it because it was slow in some parts and them other parts [...]

  13. I was super excited about this book So excited, in fact, that it was the first ARC I picked up to read in 2015 This had SO MUCH promise because it s everything I love dystopia, reality TV, romance However, it ended up being a good book, but not a great one Maybe my expectations were too high, but I only found this book to be okay.The opening of the novel was where I started to lose my excitement for the story Rock drops us in the middle of a world that is super confusing, and unnecessarily so It [...]

  14. Title Treasure Island Author Robert Louis Stevenson, Deidre S Laiken adapter Illustrator AJ McCalisterGenre Historic Realistic Fiction Theme s Fiction, Adventure, Island, Pirates, TreasureOpening line sentence I am writing this story about Treasure Island on the request of my friends, Squire Trelawney and Dr Livesey Brief Book Summary Professional Recommendation Review 1 School Library JournalGr 3 5 Stripped down from the original, this version reads smoothly enough for younger readers to get th [...]

  15. My Review In a mood for a good Middle Grade and I think I picked up a good one, a few slow parts but some really cute characters and a robot goldfish Lots of humor and some intense moments this was just what I needed for a fun read Alice was a super cute MC and her friends Carl, Noel, Josephine and Goldfish were the perfect companions on this trip.Towards the middle it sort of hit a slow spot, I had a hard time staying focused but since I enjoyed the characters I pushed through.World build of ma [...]

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  17. I really enjoyed this book, but then again I knew I would I ve read all of the Cynster falling in love with them with the first book Devil s Bride I loved that they continued with the younger siblings of the Bar Cynster and now the next generation I always had a soft spot for Richard Cynster and of course Catriona so I was happy to see this book was about their daughter Lucilla How the two of them fight fait, or well how Thomas does makes for interesting interactions between him and Lucilla As w [...]

  18. This review first appeared on I Heart Romance YA You re not a woman, you re the bleedin Grim Reaper with red hair When I borrowed Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost from the library a few weeks ago, I did not have any expectations whatsoever I did not read any reviews for this book nor did someone recommend it to me I probably saw this somewhere on my Facebook wall and decided to read it over my birthday week What I got when I listened to the audiobook version was 100% awesomeness and badass [...]

  19. In the book Treasure Island One day a strange man walks through the door Jim hears stores from the strange man and he wants Jim to call him Captian One day the captain dies of stroke Jim finds a key on his neck and opens the captains chest and finds a map He goes to a nearby friend the doctor and tells him about the map Jim and the Doctor set out to find a ship and crew They found the crew and set sail One night Jim overhears a couple of the crewmen talking about betraying the rest of the crew a [...]

  20. Fun for the family Our boys enjoyed the classic story, but the adaptation left something to be desired What was missing was the fleshing out of the horrible uselessness of the pursuit of wealth It is hinted at, but the adaptation focused instead on the chases and near escapes Long John Silver s character does receive a decent treatment His unscrupulous switching sides, always trying to come out on top that was well done The Doctor s bravery and sense of duty to those who are suffering or injured [...]

  21. I choose Treasure Island because I thought it had adventure, which did, and a friend recommended this book The plot of this stor is that a young boy joins a crew of treasure hunters and they try to find a treasure chest hidden by another pirate captian named Captian Flint The young boy realizes that the crew he was with was evil so he tries to escape and get the treasure himself.My favorite qoute from the book is For I can still hear the sharp voice of Captian Flint still rining in my ears , Pei [...]

  22. This book is about a boy and his parents that own an inn, one day, a weird person comes in and live in the inn for a day and was talking loudly to another person Later on the boy discovered that these weren t regular men, they were actually pirates and they were looking for a treasure map that their captain had The boy started to look for the map because his family was really poor, with the luck he had he found it in the pirate s room The boy knows he need to keep it a secret until he knows its [...]

  23. Treasure Island by Robert Luis Stevenson is an adventure story The setting involves a ship in the ocean and of course Treasure Island And the main character is a boy named Jim Hawkins So there s this boy in the book called Jim Hawkins, the main character, who goes on a ship to an island that is told to have treasure on it The captain of the ship is called Captain Smollett, and there is a one legged pirate called Long John Silver And eventually they find the treasure on Treasure Island After they [...]

  24. This book is called Treasure Island It is by Robert Louis Stevenson The book is about young boy that goes on a treasure hunt But there is a group of pirates trying to beat the boy and his friends to the treasure I would recommend this book to adventure lovers.The best thing about the book is that there are pirates in it The treasure was buried by Captain Flint, and the pirates were made of Flint s old crew, led by the one legged pirate Long John Silver That makes the book suspenseful A particul [...]

  25. After my friend s overwhelming praise of Treasure Planet, I want to know the source material of the said movie I thought a hyped movie like that must have a great source material.Boy am I wrong.The main theme of the story is one of my favorite a misfit team trying to find lost treasure However, the way the story was told was really bad On the middle to final arc, where things get interesting due to the constant chase, the story got freaking interrupted by some jackasses who appears and went List [...]

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