Afterwards Best Download || [Rosamund Lupton], Afterwards, Rosamund Lupton, Afterwards Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace knows there is a girl still inside It s her daughter Jenny Grace does what any mother would do runs to find her Afterwards Grace must fight to save her family and find the person who is intent on destroying them Afterwards Best Download || [Rosamund Lupton] - Afterwards, Afterwards Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace knows there is a girl still inside It s her daughter Jenny Grace does what any mother would do runs to find her Afterwa

  • Title: Afterwards
  • Author: Rosamund Lupton
  • ISBN: 9780749942168
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

Afterwards Best Download || [Rosamund Lupton] Afterwards Best Download || [Rosamund Lupton] - Afterwards, Afterwards Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace knows there is a girl still inside It s her daughter Jenny Grace does what any mother would do runs to find her Afterwa

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  • Afterwards Best Download || [Rosamund Lupton]
    149 Rosamund Lupton

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  1. Rosamund Lupton

    Rosamund Lupton is the author of Sister, a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller and a bestseller in Europe Published in the UK by Little, Brown Book Group, Sister has been translated into over thirty languages and has international sales of over 1.5 million copies It was the fastest selling debut of 2010 by a British author, a BBC Radio 4, Book at Bedtime and was winner of the Richard and Judy Best Debut Novel of 2011 award and the Strand Magazine Critics First Novel Award Film rights of Sister are currently under option with Studio Canal, to produce with Kevin McCormick of Langley St Pictures Emily Blunt is attached to star and the script is in development Lupton s critically acclaimed second novel Afterwards also went straight into the Sunday Times bestseller lists and was the No 2 Sunday Times fiction bestseller of 2011, with UK sales alone of than 200,000 copies The Quality of Silence is her third novel.

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  1. As abysmal as Sister was readable For a start, the protagonists are bloody angels or spirits or something, telling the story too dull to precis here, but it s about who was responsible for burning a public school down good riddance to it, I say whilst their corporeal selves lie comatose in hospital having been injured in the blaze I thought this madness would resolve itself in something satisfyingly realistic, but no, it appears Ms Lupton is happy for her spirits to communicate with each other, [...]

  2. I m afraid i was really disappointed with this, Sister was fantastic but this certainly wasn t The mother and daughter as disembodied spirits just didn t work for me, Grace talking to her hubby was really irritating and sometimes i wasn t even sure WHO she was meant to be addressing There was far too much gushing sentimentality, very corny lines and why so much overuse of italics I didn t care about any of the characters either and all these things combined made this a bit of a slog Maybe if it [...]

  3. Read This Review And More Like It On My Blog 3.25 out of 5Afterwards was a lot of things for me frustrating, alienating, weird, intriguing, and eventually, quite moving There s a lot of hype built around this newish author, largely due to the wild success and continued love for her first novel, Sister With that in mind, I went into this sopho effort with high hopes that were never quite met There s a lot of potential in this novel about mothers and daughters, love, and independence but it never [...]

  4. This book was a good story, on the face of it, as long as you don t look too closely Lupton is really good at getting across emotions, especially love, and the book is really touching as a result.But as I said, you can t look too closely Too many characters are under developed and when you find out who the arsonist is you are supposed to just accept that she is a totally different person to the one originally portrayed, without any convincing explanation This made me feel cheated.I could deal wi [...]

  5. What a strange concept I rather like it as an idea to consider as possible There was too much drama repetition the culprit was pretty obvious to me all the time Some folks say they had trouble following the pronouns characters but it seemed clear enough to me Maybe you need a muddled mind to follow it However, I turned the pages as fast as I could and I lost sleep lots of sleepl sleep finishing it Not really as good as her book, Sister, but still a very good read

  6. I read Rosamund Lupton s debut novel Sister last year You may remember me raving about it it was a fantastic read I jumped at the chance to read her second novel Afterwards Another absolutely brilliant read one I would highly, highly recommend I was hooked from the opening paragraph of the prologue I couldn t move, not even a little finger or a flicker of an eye I couldn t open my mouth to scream.Only one thing for it, I said to myself, thinking of you, and I slipped out of the wrecked ship of m [...]

  7. Disturbing and dark, yet a powerful story of family loyalty, Afterwards is full of suspense, mystery and terror.

  8. I can t even finish this book Sister was really good This is awful I skipped to the end to see what happens something I ve done many times but the ends didn t seem to justify the turgid writing I would need to endure to get there OK, it wasn t turgid, but just so difficult to read A floating spirit wife talking to you , her husband whilst trying to uncover a mystery that is just plain nasty It was hard to maintain just who was being discussed at any time It s left a bad taste in my mouth And I h [...]

  9. It was the first book I ve read from the author and I liked it.It starts as a mysterry crime novel, but it turns out to so much There is enough drama and you also see what most of the characters in this book think about their family and what they do to help protect them even if it is morally wrong.Perhaps, because being a mother, I think there will be nothing I wouldn t do to protect and keep my children safe and happy

  10. Malo neobicna krimica.Majka i kcerka su nastradale u pozaru,u skoli i obadvije su u komi,na aparatima.Dok policija istrazuje slucaj,majka i kcerka su prisutne kao duhovi.Prisluskuju razgovore,pokusavaju otkriti krivca za pozar,nastoje se prisjetiti svih detalja tog nesretnog dana,lutaju bolnickim hodnicima

  11. Warning I shouldn t have read this It s not my kind of novel and this is by no means an unpartial review.I hugely disliked the central character and she is pretty much what this book is all about What I found so objectionable was her outlook on life It s summed up neatly in this extract in which she talks about how she felt when she first met her husband In that prim little tea shop you told me that you were desperate to be away from the confines of university and out there doing stuff I didn t [...]

  12. 2 stars Meh Just ok.This book starts off with a fascinating premise a mother and daughter that are close to death after a tragic accident, are both in bodiless spirit forms, are lucky enough to find one another in the hospital where they can communicate together Sadly, that was the only fascinating thing about this novel, which is essentially a family dynamics drama with a mystery thrown in as a subplot.Parenting, parenting, parenting If you relish in exploring every literary context possible re [...]

  13. Afterwards is not a conventional story being narrated by Grace a woman who has left her body in a hospital bed Grace is in a coma but her supernatural self is on a mission to find out who started the fire which she and her beloved daughter Jenny were so terribly injured Jenny has also left her badly burnt body in intensive care unit and together unseen by anyone else they set about piecing together the events that led up to the fire, on sports day at a prestigious private school.This book has it [...]

  14. This book just sucked me in from the first page I would give it a 4.5 stars There are just so many layers to this book The central theme involves a fire started at a school, ruled arson, that leaves two critically injured Those two turn out to be mother and daughter The story focuses on this family and who could have wanted to burn down the school As it turns out, while mother and daughter are near death they are able to leave their bodies and communicate with one another They are also pivotal i [...]

  15. I ve enjoyed this book Another great literary work by Rosamund Lupton The POV is a wonderful idea coming from a person the other characters can t see I don t want to include spoilers here I loved Sister by Rosamund Lupton and this one is as impressive and as powerful as her first novel.

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  17. I am so glad Rosamund Lipton became a novelist I absolutely loved her first book Sister and loved her second one, Afterwards just as much She touches so well on the depth of relationships and love, in this instance, mainly a mother and her daughter, but the complexity goes so much further Her novels are powerful and unique and I can t wait to read her next one She has become one of my favourite authors and I would highly recommend her novels to anyone.

  18. Holy Crap This book just skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list Have I ever read a book so intense and moving as Afterwards No No I have not I kid you not my friends, this book the last page, I cried I have never actually sobbed during a book before This one killed me It broke my heart.And it was a beautiful agony Now for the bad parts it s very, very British, which I happen to adore, but I know some Americans can t translate to our cousins across the Pond If you don t have a faint idea of [...]

  19. Just finished this book, had enjoyed Sister so though i would try this Its quite strange at times but actually i did enjoy it a lot I literally could not put this book down, just had to know what happened next.

  20. I don t know how to discuss Afterwards, by Rosamund Lupton, because it defies categorization.On the one hand, and at its most basic, it is a mystery Grace runs into a burning school building to rescue her daughter Jenny, who is trapped inside As Grace and Jenny recover from their wounds, Grace learns that the fire was arson, and she sets out to discover who is to blame.But this book is so much .It is the story of parents Grace and her husband, Michael, have 17 year old Jenny and 8 year old Adam [...]

  21. I am seriously loving this author at the moment I really enjoyed Sister such a captivating tale of two sisters love As a girl who only has one sister I found the whole story incredibly moving and what an amazingly shocking ending Now Lupton has released her second novel Afterwards and it s another heart wrenching story This time focused around a mother s love and the million different emotions that includes Somehow through this storyline she has woven a crime novel into it as well, with twists a [...]

  22. Although this was a very readable book, in terms of being a page turner with an intriguing whodunnit mysteryI found myself quite irritated most of the time.Overall I found the whole plot too contrived, the twists and turns were not particularly believable not because the situations were outrageous or because of the lovely bones style conceit but because they didn t seem true to characters The characterisation seemed to twist out of shape to fit plot contrivances When the villain is finally revea [...]

  23. This was a very involving book and it drew me in from the very start On the surface, it seems like a very tragic but simple story, but Rosamund Lupton does a wonderful job moving beyond that She tells the story through the voice of the mother in spirit form as she goes back and forth in time and memory to discover the truth and understand why what happened happened It is difficult to assign this book to a specific genre It encompasses so many areas, and still really is a story about family I sup [...]

  24. What is there afterwards an existential question Rosamund Lupton has obviously thought about when she chose the title of her new book Grace is at sports day on a bright and warm summer day Suddenly, the lovely afternoon turns into a nightmare the school is on fire, and she knows that her daughter is inside She runs to rescue her The police soon find out that it is arson Who committed that terrible crime The culprit must be arrested as soon as possible, because Grace s family is in danger.The boo [...]

  25. I think if you re a fan of Lovely Bones but want something less inspirational in tone, then this might be your book Unfortunately, despite my love of the woo woo and supernatural paranormal just plain odd, I really didn t click with this book s conceit or the narrator I made it about one hundred pages and quit, daunted by the remaining 300.There are a few reasons why this didn t work for me, starting with the heroine, Grace Or maybe it was the writing style first, and then Grace Told by Grace s [...]

  26. Grace Covey is at Adam, her 8 year old son s school for their sports day Jenny, her 17 year old daughter, is inside, operating as the medical officer for the day Everyone is having fun, it is hot, when suddenly the fire alarm goes off The school is on fire, high up, smoke coming from the widely opened windows Grace races toward the school, then sees Adam outside, being cared for by the daughter of a friend But Jenny is still inside She runs flat out toward the building, then inside and up the st [...]

  27. The last of the senses to go is love I was blown away by Lupton s Afterwards It s incredibly inventive and though it s on the romance side of the mystery genre it wasn t cloying Likewise the fantasy or paranormal elements feel believable The story is told in almost omniscient, first person, present tense by a mother who is a fulltime homemaker Grace has a son, Adam who s just turned eight and a beautiful seventeen year old daughter, Jenny On Adam s school sports day Jenny is working as the onsit [...]

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