The Second Book of Swords Best Read || [Fred Saberhagen], The Second Book of Swords, Fred Saberhagen, The Second Book of Swords Mark and Ben travel deep into the Blue Temple s hidden horde in an attempt to recover whatever gold and Swords they can for the forces of Sir Andrew Gods demons and human traitors have other plans for the Swords and for the adventurers In the game of the gods no one s survival is secure even a god s The Second Book of Swords Best Read || [Fred Saberhagen] - The Second Book of Swords, The Second Book of Swords Mark and Ben travel deep into the Blue Temple s hidden horde in an attempt to recover whatever gold and Swords they can for the forces of Sir Andrew Gods demons and human traitors have other plans fo

  • Title: The Second Book of Swords
  • Author: Fred Saberhagen
  • ISBN: 9780812519341
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Second Book of Swords Best Read || [Fred Saberhagen] The Second Book of Swords Best Read || [Fred Saberhagen] - The Second Book of Swords, The Second Book of Swords Mark and Ben travel deep into the Blue Temple s hidden horde in an attempt to recover whatever gold and Swords they can for the forces of Sir Andrew Gods demons and human traitors have other plans fo

  • The Second Book of Swords Best Read || [Fred Saberhagen]
    232 Fred Saberhagen
The Second Book of Swords

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  1. Fred Saberhagen

    Fred Saberhagen was an American science fiction and fantasy author most famous for his Beserker and Dracula stories.Saberhagen also wrote a series of a series of post apocalyptic mytho magical novels beginning with his popular Empire of the East and continuing through a long series of Swords and Lost Swords novels Saberhagen died of cancer, in Albuquerque, New MexicoSaberhagen was born in and grew up in the area of Chicago, Illinois Saberhagen served in the U.S Air Force during the Korean War while he was in his early twenties Back in civilian life, Saberhagen worked as an It was while he was working for Motorola after his military service that Saberhagen started writing fiction seriously at the age of about 30 Fortress Ship , his first Berserker short shory, was published in 1963 Then, in 1964, Saberhagen saw the publication of his first novel, The Golden People.From 1967 to 1973, he worked as an editor for the Chemistry articles in the Encyclop dia Britannica as well as writing its article on science fiction He then quit and took up writing full time In 1975, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.He married fellow writer Joan Spicci in 1968 They had two sons and a daughter.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book It s like a heist movie but in an epic fantasy setting, and it s quite a refreshing change from all the newer fantasy novels that seem to follow the same basic formulaic plot The second book picks up the story five years later, and we get to follow Mark, Ben, and Barbara once again I loved how Saberhagen doesn t waste time filling us in with too many details of whatever the hell the group has been up to over the past five years because honestly, who gives a shit Ben wa [...]

  2. What a disappointing read Mind you, it isn t horrible, it s just so bad compared to the first book Actually it can t be compared to the first in any significant way because this should have been called The Book Between The Second Book of Swords.It is almost bereft of any aspects that I could have defined as making The First Book of Swords engaging Together with the fact that I had trouble pointing to what was significant in that volume and you see my problem.The book is all about the journey to [...]

  3. As a child, I was enthralled by Fred Saberhagen s Books of the Gods series I branched out and bought this series a long time ago and read the first book a year or two agod was extremely underwhelmed to the point I didn t pick this one up for a long time Finally, I figured I would give it a shot again The first third of the book was awful I did not remember who anyone was, and forget there being any context clues or hints to help you out for about 120 pages or so However, as the book went on and [...]

  4. Stuff I Read The Second Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen ReviewSo as with the First Book of Swords, the Second was another afternoon of reading, a very quick read that kept me interesting and zipping right along while not exactly delving even as deeply into the larger story than the first book It s interesting reading this second book, because it deviates so sharply from the fairly standard fantasy story of the first book, shooting forward in time by a number of years and showing the heroes fro [...]

  5. Having read this book some time ago, and having recently read it s predecessor, I don t have a huge amount to say about it As I believe I mentioned in my review of the First Book of Swords, this series either started, or seriously stoked my slight obsession with collections of objects with powers Perhaps an obsession probably generated by the fact that while in the Lord of the Rings we know sort of what the one ring does, we never find out, really, what the rest of them do Why would the 9 men a [...]

  6. This is of a bank heist book than a fantasy novel, so if you expected something like the First Book of Swords or, for that matter, Tolkien, you ll be disappointed It s a bit of an odd mix, as such, with most fantasy elements popping in and out briefly Saberhagen s descriptive efforts are also a mixed bag the rock that opens to a bank vault is impossible to imagine given the description Dragons are given short shrift, for all the time spent explaining them, they are bypassed with ease Also, when [...]

  7. So I never read a dungeon crawl before.Certainly not what I was expecting not from something written in 1984 I thought fantasy authors were better than that but it s the best way to describe it It s straight out of Dungeons Dragons The main characters start by going to a town They meet some supporting cast who are on their way to a quest There s negotiations and debates and arbitrary motivations One of the characters drops out and is never seen again, like she stopped coming to the meetings And [...]

  8. An interesting middle volume that continues the trip through the world of the Swords, the coolest magic swords of them all.Mark Ben reunite after time apart, and once again Saberhagen doesn t bother filling much about what they were up to or anyone else really The world turned while the scribe put down his pen and he s not going to waste time filling you in It s a bit frustrating, to be sure.This time the boys grown to men now are off on a caper to rob the Blue Temple, an apparently nasty piece [...]

  9. I didn t think this was the strongest book out there.It s an older title, so maybe I m showing my age in that I can t get as interested in older works as I can with newer stuff, but oh well.This book tells the story of Ben and Mark being caught up in an attempt to rob a Temple organization that has dragon level hoards of gold and treasure That s it.The only sword that we haven t seen yet that has significant screen time is Wayfinder, which just guides the party to the people necessary to complet [...]

  10. Meh I mean, I didn t LOATHE this book There was nothing unpleasant about reading it But it also wasn t great IDK, everything just felt very cliche, like I wouldn t say I expected all the twists but I also didn t say I was shocked by them I just couldn t care that much The dialogue was awful Villain talks like a villain Fridged woman talks like a woman that s about to be fridged Dumb teenage boy talks like a dumb teenage boy Made me wonder why they can t predict their own fates just by the way th [...]

  11. The Second remains one of my favorite books ever It s a heist novel, mostly it draws characters and some of their larger motivations from The First but for the most part it s just the story of a well executed raid on a fabulous dungeon full of treasure than anyone could reasonably steal It s vivid, well paced, and a great deal of fun Saberhagen provides us with another reasonably strong female character albeit again only one who is, quite literally, a self rescuing princess It s in many ways a [...]

  12. I think I enjoyed the second book of swords much than the first This book is a single adventure a dungeon crawl treasure hunt for a treasure hoard of mythic poportions Mark and Ben are the main characters here, again I really like Ben He s the everyman who just seems to have all kinds of shit dropped upon him He seems well rounded than Mark, who s purpose is to be mysterious and full of potential Not to mention broody Damn does the man ever brood.It seems that the giant war that started near t [...]

  13. Not picking up right where the 1st left off, I was a bit confused on who was where We do get reintroduced to some familiar characters, and are almost immediately thrown into a new adventure, a search for treasure and to rob the man , so to speak We meet some new swords along the way But there is just never quite enough character development for us to ever fear about their potential deaths, and the deaths, when they do occur, are not that dramatic And the twist at the end, are there 6 or 7 obstac [...]

  14. My quick re read as an adult of the Swords trilogy continues This one was a real let down because I loved it when I was 13 Sigh It is comparable in quality to the previous book some fun fantasy ideas, mediocre execution.I wanted to read this book specifically because I was trying to come up with a story idea about a quest for a treasure and I remembered all the traps and tricks surrounding the Blue Temple s treasure being AWESOME But it didn t really hold up that well to my critical eyes More p [...]

  15. There is something to be said for simple, straightforward storytelling This second book of swords is a good heist adventure full of obstacles, magic and action Saberhagen writing is nothing special but I see that as a quality, in the sense that it keeps the story moving along and makes it easy for the reader to remember what is going at all times The first two books are good enough that I am will be reading the next book in the series and maybe delve into the prequel Empire of the East.

  16. I read the Sword books in high school I remember liking them and enjoying having the magic revolve around the weapon rather than a person In this series I remember liking some books than others so some of them should probably be rated 4 stars but I don t remember which were the better ones, it has been too many years This will be the same review for all of the books in the series except for the last two which were published after I left high school and so were not read at the same time.

  17. A great second book In this story, DragonSlicer, Wayfinder, Farslayer, WeaponBreaker, and Stonecutter find their way into the heroes hands The book primarily focuses on Ben and Mark s journey into the Blue Temple s vault in order to retrieve swords for the war They travel with Baron Doon, who uses Wayfinder Somewhere near the end though, Hermes tells him that he wasn t even using it correctly, so I m still wondering what exactly it s capable of Anyways, it was a good book, well worth reading, a [...]

  18. I found this book enjoyable than the first one, although not as good as the Empire of the East.The story begins some years after the first book and this time Ben is the main character.As before, some of the swords won t appear in this book.The world setting is nice, with lots of factions in the game of the gods board, although the world seens somewhat stagnant since no real scientific or technological advancements where made since Ardneh s time.All in all a very good old fantasy.

  19. Definitely better than the first book I liked the idea of a bank heist in a fantasy world The issue I had with this was I don t care about the characters Normally you get a motley crew to take on a crime like this you get some meaty characters that suffer fates for good or ill that you actually care about In this, I did not care at all Could have just been 7 stick figures Ah well I will finish the third book of the trilogy and be done with the sword books I think.

  20. After the way the last book ended so abruptly, I expected it to continue in this 2nd novel Instead, what I got was what I considered to be a sidestory, and one I didn t really care about I wanted to get back to the war, instead I was on a treasure hunt I know the books are about the Swords than any one story, and even in that this failed because it was one Sword throughout most of the book, unlike the first book where a few Swords were in play.

  21. Not as good as the first one The continuing appeal comes from the Gods and the Swords themselves, and it became worth it to me to rush past the other bits Not a character driven, or story driven plot, but, as the title might suggest, a sword driven story At the end of book 2 we are still not quite sure what happened at the end of book 1.

  22. see first book of swords for my review of the series Its been a while so I may blunder but I seem to recall there weren t any exceptions to the awesomeness outside of the fact that the first three were a little slower than the rest.

  23. What had been an epic first book comes crashing down in this book length dungeon crawl Only the last two chapters manage to capture the former feel of the series.

  24. Nowhere near as good as the first novel too much like Dungeons Dragons actually boring in many places hard to believe it was written by the same author as The First Book of Swords.

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