Unlimited Small Favor - by Jim Butcher, Small Favor, Jim Butcher, Small Favor THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden s life finally seems to be calming down until a shadow from the past returns Mab monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor from Harry one small favor that will trap him between a nightmarish foe and an equally deadly ally and that will strain his skills and loyalties to their very limits Unlimited Small Favor - by Jim Butcher - Small Favor, Small Favor THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden s life finally seems to be calming down until a shadow from the past returns Mab monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor from Harry one sma

  • Title: Small Favor
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9780451461896
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Small Favor - by Jim Butcher Unlimited Small Favor - by Jim Butcher - Small Favor, Small Favor THE New York Times BestsellerHarry Dresden s life finally seems to be calming down until a shadow from the past returns Mab monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor from Harry one sma

  • Unlimited Small Favor - by Jim Butcher
    164 Jim Butcher
Small Favor

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  1. Jim Butcher

    Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.Jim goes by the moniker Longshot in a number of online locales He came by this name in the early 1990 s when he decided he would become a published author Usually only 3 in 1000 who make such an attempt actually manage to become published of those, only 1 in 10 make enough money to call it a living The sale of a second series was the breakthrough that let him beat the long odds against attaining a career as a novelist.All the same, he refuses to change his nickname.

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  1. Hell s bells, this series just keeps on getting better and better During a blizzard in Chicago, yellow page advertising wizard Harry Dresden is summoned by the queen of Winter, Mab, who calls in a favour she is owed The Denarians are back and they are the main foes in this story The book also features Gruffs as in the brothers Gruff, referred to by Harry as were goats , the Archive, Marcone and the Knights of the cross This book is one of the deeper books in the series It asks some questions abo [...]

  2. As I began reading the 10th Harry Dresden novel, I started ticking off little mental bullet points Sarcastic dialogue Harry in trouble than any 3 urban fantasy characters.The frenzied first climax that always happens in the middle of a Dresden novel.Repetitive info dumping description of Harry s beat up Volkswagen, Mouse the huge ass dog, his big ass cat, his pretty boy vampire brother, his burned hand, his terrible youth, the tavern for supernaturals you get the point I began to wonder if I v [...]

  3. This was another action packed Harry Dresden adventure Started off a little slow but sure did build momentum through the middle culminating in a massive battle Harry is growing smarter and powerful but is still young in wizarding terms especially when some heavy weight foes are out to get him In this episode Mab, Queen of the Winter Court calls in a favour Harry owes her and asks him to rescue crime boss Marcone, who has been kidnapped by a bunch of fallen angels called the Denarians At the sam [...]

  4. Another solid story with a stellar narration, even if I think James Marsters is sort of backtracking and doing fewer distinct voices I m crazy addicted to this story, and I simply don t think it is possible for me to not enjoy one of these books This plot was, again, sort of all of the place and complicated, but Jim Butcher makes it work I can t give less than 4 stars On to the next

  5. I was blown away by White Knight and couldn t possibly imagine this series getting any better than that I m happy to say Butcher may have done so If anything, Small Favor s at least on the same level with what I already considered the best in the series Maybe I m drinking the kool aid at 10 books in, but this series has gotten much less annoying to me as it s progressed I didn t notice too many over explanations in this installment that drove me nuts about the first couple books in the series I [...]

  6. Hell s Bells count 21This is the tenth book in the series, and if Butcher s own plan can be trusted, it marks about the halfway point for the series as a whole Having made it this far with the series is a remarkable achievement, and if he can keep it up all the way to its projected end, I will be a very happy and impressed reader So, a few words about the book itself, and then some thoughts on the series.Honestly, if you ve been following my reviews of this series, you can be pretty sure what I [...]

  7. Giving a book 5 stars doesn t mean it s perfect It s just that though I use it with a discriminative, fair, and remunerative sense of dosage, I know there are 2 farcical sides to this particular coin First, for how long do I wait before ceding to impulse and rate a book 5 stars Secondly, what do I do if, a week after giving Small Favor 5 stars, I chance on a book 10 times better Cheerfully, those issues are non sequitur in my mind Small Favor began slowly, embracing its pulpish roots and fleshin [...]

  8. i ll go I said.Charities face snapped up and she said, her voice suddenly very clear and distinct, No Molly blinked at her mother Charity stood up, her face blotched with tears, creased with strain, her eyes sunken with fatigue and worry She stared at me for a long moment and then said, Families stay, Harry.

  9. My intention is to keep this review short since many of you already know that I consider Jim Butcher s Dresden series one of the finest collections of contemporary fantasy writing and because I want to avoid any spoilers for those of you who have yet to read Small Favor In this novel, there is plenty of action and Butcher keeps it going with imaginative variations Harry finds that he is over his head almost right from the start and has to call on a large number of his allies in order to solve th [...]

  10. 8.5 10Easily in the top 3 of the Dresden Files series and I d go as far to say it s my second favourite unable to pip Dead Beat by just a fraction minus a star for no Polka music The whole book was just fun to read, maybe it was the snowy Chicago setting and reading this over Christmas and the lack of snow provided by the weird British weather systems here That s a disservice though as there is so much going on in this book that it was hard to put this down and I was hooked up until the final se [...]

  11. this book was absolute madness from start to the very end.Action start right from page one when Harry was attacked in the backyard of Carpenters while he was playing with Carpenter family He was attacked by summer faeries After that Harry got called by Murphy on a crime scene where Johnny Marcone was kidnapped with use of some heavy duty magic everybody knows that when Johnny Marcone is involved in anything, things gets nastier If that is not enough Winter Queen Mab wants Harry to rescue Marcone [...]

  12. I recently realized I didn t give this book a real review last time So i will today I m weird about audiobooks I can t listen to a book I ve never read, but I also get kind of bored listening to books I ve already read Weird situation This was my first Dresden Files audiobook and man am I glad I chose this one Small Favor reminds me why I love this series It s got all my favorite characters and my favorite villain s We ve got Mouse, Toot Toot, Molly, Murphy, Ivy and Michael And my favorite villa [...]

  13. About 1 4 into Small Favor I found myself wondering if Harry Dresden was about to magically jump a shark By the end, I had decided it might be the best book in the series Well, he actually does kind of jump a shark, but he was in an aquarium at the time.Favor put us firmly back in Dresden s home territory Someone has kidnapped his least favorite sometimes ally Gentleman Marcone and he s being coerced into saving him by an old enemy His allies in faerie land are trying to kill him His friend Mich [...]

  14. OH shizzle This book was intense Excellent though, and I loved the humor I actually really enjoy the faith aspects of these books too, which isn t something that you ll see me say very often I just really appreciate how Butcher manages issues of Good and Evil and God, god s and religion, or not so much religion but faith I love Harry and I love these books That s all that really needs to be said.

  15. Another great entry in the series Great audio narration from James Marsters as usual.Plenty of action this book starting from the first few minutes The war with the Red Court might have cooled down temporarily but Harry has peeved off quite a few nasties so far in the series and a lot of them come back round to bite him in the ass Good thing it s tough as leather Or at least it s covered with leather infused with magic shielding It s a bit hard to review this one because mentioning the biggest b [...]

  16. Note the five stars and take what follows for what it s worth.I m a few books ahead I m just behind on posting But this book, and another one to come, confirmed what I began to suspect a book or two ago, which is that Jim Butcher has developed a poker tell.I don t want to say much or I ll spoil the suspense for you the way Butcher has started to for me I ll try to be vague enough that you won t know what I mean until you finish the book, look back with this review in mind, and get it Maybe you w [...]

  17. Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut Nay, but prithee, with sprinkles pon it instead, I said solemnly, and frosting of white This installment had a lot of action and involved so many favorite characters I m impressed how the story keeps progressing instead of just rehashing old plot lines 4.5 stars.

  18. Jim Butcher s Dresden Files takes a bit of a break from the supernatural conflict that has been the focus of the last several novels with great success The entire conflict isn t ignored and it is always present, though it may be on the back burner for Small Favor During an October blizzard, Harry is called on to deliver one of his two remaining favors for Mav Gentlemen Johnny Marcone has disappeared and Mav tasks Harry with finding him and returning him safely But another side is out for Harry t [...]

  19. After a Dresden Files marathon during which I read and reviewed Blood Rites, Dead Beat, and Proven Guilty over the course of about two weeks last year, it took a lot of self control to forgo continuing reading subsequent installments This series has definitely become one of my favorite SFF reads.If Dead Beat turned out to be the point where the Dresden Files shifted into high gear, for its part Proven Guilty did build on the storylines introduced in basically every other volume and pushed the en [...]

  20. The very first thing I have to say about this book is How in the world do people live in places where it snows I mean, the descriptions in this book of living in a place with snow during the winter sounds soooooo miserable I can t even imagine having to dig my car out of ice, or shovel my walkway in order to leave my house each day You people must be insane or something this would be me at the airport upon landing in the place where there is snowHarry needs to move to the South His long coat and [...]

  21. Executive Summary Another great entry in the series Instead of running on too long and rehashing old ideas, Mr Butcher keeps ratcheting things up and making you want .Audio book James Marsters Check Awesome reading Check He has me dreading Ghost Story, because I know he won t be reading it I really can t imagine anyone else doing this series justice.Full ReviewThis one is even better than I remember, but still not quite as enjoyable for me as White Night is I m not really sure why either.It s go [...]

  22. Book 10 of the Dresden Files finds Harry fighting the Denarians, his old foes that have been showing up consistently throughout the series and it does so in what I can only call a very atmospheric setting, one of cold and snow that you can almost feel pouring through the pages In that regard, the book is extremely well crafted but my main quibble is the plot I got confused yet again and there were times when I couldn t tell what exactly the Summer Queen had to do with the rest of the story or wh [...]

  23. I feel like I need to apologize for giving this only 4 stars I liked this one a lot, but I just finished another book in this same series and I absolutely loved that one by comparison, this one gets 4 stars This one dealt a lot with the politics in the wizard ing world, I think that is why I deducted a star.This series is one of my all time favorites I ll try and reign in my gushing.

  24. 4.5I absolutely love the Denarian storylines in this series The whole fallen angel vs men of faith thing plus the coins is just a lot of fun I think the Denarian storylines remind me of an anime for some reason and I always envision the bad guys kind of like the deadly sins from Full Metal Alchemist Michael is such a great character and I love his family dynamic I really need a chart of power comparing everyone to each other though I want to know how strong Mab is compared to other characters an [...]

  25. I really liked this audio book there were a lot of characters, and the narrator did a great job with all the voices There was also a lot happening, keeping me on the edge of my seat but I m happy to say this time the author avoided hour long fight scenes Lastly, I had MANY laugh out loud moments, which is always great when you are stuck in horrible traffic Thanks Sonja for introducing me to this audio series

  26. First read 10 22 July, 2010.Re read 13 26 May, 2014.First review This one felt a little slow out of the starting gate, but it definitely picked up momentum as it went along There are so many irons in the fire now, along with a number of significant things that I m still wrapping my head around, that it feels premature to comment in a lot of spoiler y detail about what went on in this installment I like Butcher s inclusion of Christianity in Harry s world Although I m rather nominally Christian a [...]

  27. Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level Adult Recommended for Fans of Urban FantasyMy Thoughts The Dresden Files books that deal with the Sidhe always amuse me I can t say why I find them particularly amusing, other than Butcher does a fabulous job of following the traditional faery lore, but I tend to enjoy these the most.I loved Sanya s reaction to Murphy I like her she is tiny, but fierce Tiny but fierce women seem to appeal to Russians, as least based upon my limited experience of my tiny [...]

  28. If you like the Dresden Files series then you should be mostly satisfied with this book since it s basically of the same That s the problem really, these books are really getting formulaic, to the point where I d really love to see something truly different from the author.For instance, Jim Butcher is hitting the limits of keeping his series in a first person perspective Some of his supporting characters are just as interesting, if not interesting than the main character and it s a damn shame [...]

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