Unlimited Extremis - by SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon, Extremis, SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon, Extremis The New Sequel to Exodus and the New York Times Best Seller The Shiva Option Once before the sentient races in the known part of the galaxy humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm had united to defeat alien invaders Decades later the member planets of the alliance had grown complacent until a huge fleet of ships each ship larger than a city arrived fleeing the loss of thThe New Sequel to Unlimited Extremis - by SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon - Extremis, Extremis The New Sequel to Exodus and the New York Times Best Seller The Shiva Option Once before the sentient races in the known part of the galaxy humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm had united to defeat ali

  • Title: Extremis
  • Author: SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon
  • ISBN: 9781439134337
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Extremis - by SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon Unlimited Extremis - by SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon - Extremis, Extremis The New Sequel to Exodus and the New York Times Best Seller The Shiva Option Once before the sentient races in the known part of the galaxy humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm had united to defeat ali

  • Unlimited Extremis - by SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon
    100 SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon

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  1. SteveWhite Charles E. Gannon

    Born in 1948 Steve White is an American science fiction author best known as the co author of the Starfire series alongside David Weber He is married with 3 daughters and currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia He also works for a legal publishing company He previously served as a United States Navy officer and served during the Vietnam War and in the Mediterranean region See also enpedia wiki Steve_Wh

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  1. Disappointing sequel to the first non Weber Bug novel Exodus hard to say why a combination of no Weber , no new things Exodus was the first book that moved the action after the first series book Insurrection so it was of great interest even only for that the second author who presumably did most of the writing is different and his style did not work for me but I felt no connection with the characters despite some of them being big time favorites from the earlier books The book read by the number [...]

  2. Somewhat juvenile in plotting and characterizations Way too many plot holes.How on earth can there be a common root between a telepathic word and a human word because the English equivalent of the telepathic word sounds similar narmata nirvana How can these bitter enemies make peace after millions of deaths in just 10 pages How does technology advance so conveniently just when the plot needs it

  3. Series ended with insurrectionThis book, and the one before, should actually be called a different series The majority is about relationships, not combat And the combat is all bigger is better, not tactics While I re read the books about once a year, exodus and this one are going into the trash.

  4. Extremis, written by Steve White Charles E Gannon, is book 6 in the Starfire series started by David Weber Despite being a part of a series, this is a stand alone story I have not read the other five novels.In the 26th century a race of aliens Arduans , traveling for centuries in sublight ships, arrive in star systems populated by humans and other sentient beings The Children of Illidor believe they are the only sentient intelligent life in the universe and consider all other life forms as nothi [...]

  5. This is the 6th book in the Starfire series and the second one not written by David Weber I found this to be a very good book with only a few negative points which makes it not quite reach a 10 out of 10 rating although that is barely The book follows from the previous book, Exodus, fairly seamlessly We get to follow the story from the viewpoint essentially of three different parties, the human fleet trying to push the aliens back, the humans trapped on the main occupied planet and their resista [...]

  6. Wow I didn t think that I would like this type of military SF, at first Unlike most of the Weber and White Starfire novels, both Exodus Extremis deal heavily with crises of cultural, sociological, and religious ideological origins, as well as the possible consequences these problems solutions would generate Instead, I absolutely LOVED this novel Extremis is the sequel to Exodus , about a race of beings calling themselves Arduans forcibly colonizing an already homesteaded is that a word world, an [...]

  7. I think for now, the series, the universe, of Starfire has reached its conclusion That White and his writing partners have lost their way is evident in that this book is 850 pages of the second half of the story And the first book was over 500 pages of material.This book though changes things up a little with the Humans adopting tactics, which has been sadly lacking in the early book There it was getting to be repetitive and that was boring How many times do you want to read about Acronyms fight [...]

  8. Another library book military SF, this time I think I may have read one of the earlier books in this Starfire series at least, the life circumstances of one of the human characters seem familiar At any rate, the novel revolves around the conflict between alien refugees their star went nova and the humans who already colonized the plant they ve arrived at Communication between the two is hampered by the fact that the aliens have an empathic telepathic form of communication rather than a verbal on [...]

  9. Unvarnished military SF Lots and lots of battles.but in between are long, long ruminations and conversations about strategy and about aliens struggling to understand humans and vice versa Good writers would cover that without having characters sitting around talking talking for page after page The strategy and battles are much simplified by the convenient addition of reactionless drives, so spacecraft behave much like sailing ships, and the characters are all common types But the action is well [...]

  10. I enjoy this sci fi series very much This is the sixth book so far, and one of the better ones The aliens a xenophobic race of telepaths who do not fear death because they, literally, become reincarnated once they die were not the normal one dimensional bad guys that tend to haunt military sci fi books What I like about the Starfire books is that it is fleet battle after fleet battle after fleet battle Capital ships pounding the shit out of each other is my total science fiction happy place, and [...]

  11. Much like the last book were still very much missing David weber and his vivid description of the space battles.The current authours annoyingly don t even try and mostly rush over the battles quickly e ending alas is something else that annoyed me greatly as the human gain the upper hand and it looks like the beginning of the end for the emtionless child murdering telepaths,they declare peaces i know

  12. The story involves the reader in the main characters early on The scope of the plot is enormous and the names of minor characters and there designations make it frustrating to remember who is who If the measure of a book lies in Would you read a sequel, then yes it is a good book because I look forward to reading a sequel.

  13. A very satisfying part of the saga in this long series New war heroes emerge and old ones are brought back to life and the legends they had to live up to I do enjoy the space battles and the intrigue of the various factions of baldies as they work to stop the war in the rim federation of space.

  14. This series is top rate Space Opera Military Science Fiction The first 4 books were by David Weber and Steve White and were truly great reads Steve White has continued the series with Shirley Meier in Exodus and now with Charles E Gannon in Extremis These books are just as exciting to read as the first 4 I highly recommend them both and the entire series.

  15. The second part of the conflict between Humans and Arduans The book is a bit longer than needed, but has a bit of everything Human politics, alien politics, new war technologies, space warfare, guerrilla warfare, human and family conflicts, etc The book maintains a good pace to keep the reader interested, but I thought the ending was somewhat abrupt and poorly developed.

  16. Ridiculous View of Spirituality.Much of this book is devoted to an entirely spurious view of human spirituality in an apparent attempt to propagate an atheistic and disparaging view of humanity s basic tendency to seek to worship God As such, it raucously distracts the reader from an otherwise enjoyable read.

  17. A continuation of the 5 book series White started with Weber Space battles, defending warp points, innovations, some comparative religion, and some of the same characters even Pretty good overall although I felt the pacing was a bit slower than the previous books, probably because of the interleaved activity on the occupied planet Rather similar to Armor by Steakley in that regard.

  18. I completed reading the book last night It was a very long book and told a very good story I did think at the end of the book was starting to drag and maybe because I just skimmed the last 10 pages that s why I thought it started to drag I would recommend this book to others It is a good book and reminds me of in death ground but a lot longer Longer.

  19. It has what you would expect from pop military scifi tactical space battles, political intrigue, alien cultures But it doesn t have any interesting characters, and I never really cared to find out what would happen next The style is very reminiscent of David Webber but not as good.

  20. It was like opening a door and falling headlong into an Intergalactic War zone Great reading, full of action and difficult to put down.

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