☆ The Story of You ✓ Julie Myerson, The Story of You, Julie Myerson, The Story of You This book begins with snow the story of you It is a freezing room in a student house a sagging mattress on the floor and two people one nineteen the other twenty kissing passionately all night It is to this scene that twenty years later Rosy the narrator of Julie Myerson s astonishing new novel returns obsessively She has just lost a child in a terrible careThis book b ☆ The Story of You ✓ Julie Myerson - The Story of You, The Story of You This book begins with snow the story of you It is a freezing room in a student house a sagging mattress on the floor and two people one nineteen the other twenty kissing passionately all night

  • Title: The Story of You
  • Author: Julie Myerson
  • ISBN: 9780099497097
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Story of You ✓ Julie Myerson ☆ The Story of You ✓ Julie Myerson - The Story of You, The Story of You This book begins with snow the story of you It is a freezing room in a student house a sagging mattress on the floor and two people one nineteen the other twenty kissing passionately all night

  • ☆ The Story of You ✓ Julie Myerson
    467 Julie Myerson
The Story of You

About "Julie Myerson"

  1. Julie Myerson

    Julie Myerson is the author of nine novels, including the internationally bestselling Something Might Happen, and three works of nonfiction As a critic and columnist, she has written for many newspapers including The Guardian, Financial Times, Harper s Bazaar, and the New York Times.

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  1. This was a really fascinating book I m not actually sure I enjoyed reading it, but the writing was so powerful and at times, raw that I felt it had to have five stars The story centres around one woman s grief I won t spoil the plot and how she essentially has a mental breakdown I like the ambiguity of it all I still wasn t sure at the end whether or not she was going slightly mad or experiencing something supernatural As a parent, certain scenes in this book were agonising to read and it s test [...]

  2. Myerson s prose is almost poetic, and I found myself entranced from the very first paragraph The story is beautifully written as Myerson weaves together memories of an encounter many years ago with the story of today.Rosy, the central character and the voice of the novel is battling to keep her family life on track following the tragic death of her youngest daughter When her husband takes her away to Paris she takes a walk in the snow at the crack of dawn and meets a man who was once the boy she [...]

  3. Rating and review to come later.The story of lovers Rosy and You , who, separated by years and tragedy meet again one winter, which is the season that connects their past with their present.I liked this a great deal in the same way that i enjoyed Megan Harts Deeper I am a great fan of first person pov and once I got over the lack of speech marks which hints to the reader that something is not right I flew through this I liked Rosy Nicky not giving anything away there she reacts to her tragedy mu [...]

  4. This was not my kind of book really It started off promisingly, written in the second person, you , which caught my attention as it s such an unusual way to write As the story went on though, this began to grate and the writing felt a little too pleased with itself, exacerbated by the lack of speech marks throughout the novel I also just didn t buy the premise on which the whole story hung the encounter Rosy has during university with a boy didn t feel powerful enough to merit what comes twenty [...]

  5. This is a beautiful, haunting work of fiction, and one of the best studies of obsessive memory I have read It captures the persistence of memory in all its complexity and irrationality.It is both consummately conceived and completely resolved I almost dare not read Myerson s others

  6. Attenzione di seguito anticipazioni sulla trama SPOILER Insolito.E molto triste e lascia tanti dubbi, alla fine ci si domanda che cosa sia vero e che cosa invece non sia successo realmente, per mi piaciuto, alcuni paragrafi sono davvero belli

  7. A strange book, I do not think I have ever read anything like it though this could be purely down to me needing to read Rosy has suffered a terrible tragedy in her family and is finding it hard to readjust to normal life with her partner Tom and two sons On a anniversary trip to Paris she runs into a old friend but something seems to make her wonder if she imagined him being there, to confirm this an email from him arrives soon after implying he has not seen her in twenty years I become engross [...]

  8. From the opening line I was entranced by this book It evoked powerful feelings of a long ago love that never really came to fruition, all tangled up with current feelings of loss over a different kind of love, that between mother and child.Its hard to find words for how this book affected me I found it difficult to pick up another book following this one for in it I feel Julie Myerson reached deep into the soul of her central character Rosy Nic providing a complex portrait with so many layers an [...]

  9. I ve had to revisit this review as this book has stayed in my psyche since finishing it I particuarly enjoyed the first half or so but then found some of the bits describing Nicole Rosy s meetings with you somewhat repetitive her Uni friend who comes back into her consciousness I also wasn t sure about Tom s passivity it suited the story and certainly made me think, but was it convincing in the light of Nicole s behaviour Arguably he might nave been concerned as to whether she was losing her sa [...]

  10. This is the story of Rosy who, following the sudden death of her young child, has an affair with an old flame This book is very ambiguous, and by the end of the book you are not entirely sure whether what happened is real or imaginary in Rosy s head It is very mysterious and ethereal It is quite difficult to get into to start with, as it is written in the second person and ignores punctuation etc However, the story pulls you along, although it is disappointing in places in that it doesn t really [...]

  11. Mum chose this for me from the library and I almost quit as it got sort of supernatural not my thing at all but then it seemed it was a manifestation of the central character s grief so I coped I couldn t not finish it after it is revealed that her 2 y.o daughter died in an accident She talked of the smell of a wee soaked nappy after a night s sleep and I was on the journey Overall not a great read and would not pick another of hers.

  12. This novel covers the same ground as many of Myerson s other novels adultery and the death of a child and while it is certainly as well written and as moving as the others, I found I had less sympathy for Rosy Nic than I had for Tess in Something Might Happen The supernatural element also seemed to just distract from the main plot and may be why I found it hard to really understand Rosy s dilemma.

  13. I have to confess I am torn on this book I almost didn t read past chapter 3, I found the style irritating and vague to begin, a bit whimsical although it was easier to ignore ad the plot developed I am glad I continued with it although I honestly can t say I enjoyed it I was disturbed by the central theme the loss of a 2 year old child yet the writing was so honest it made me weep I couldn t put it down, I was gripped but I don t know if it was in a good way.

  14. Ultimately it might have merited three stars but it started so badly that I was hard pushed to continue at times I ve never found first person narratives especially difficult but this verged on monotonous at times, and coupled with lack of apostrophes to denote speech and tricksy was it real or just her imagintion passages I did find this one hard to take.And the ending felt too OTT simplistically inevitable.

  15. This novel slips effortlessly between past and present, real life and another parallel one The annoying characters overshadow the stunning writing style Even so,this author is a master of suspense, and while you ache to know what happened Mary, at the same time you do nt ever want to know because it will be too hard to bear.

  16. This book started out with a lot of good potential I finished this book in two days I found it very hard to put down, and I thought that the writing was very well done.However, I really didn t like the ending that kind of ruined the book for me Without giving too much away, I just thought she could have done so much with the book by ending it in a slightly different way.

  17. This was as other worldly as the books that I normally love to read Somehow this didn t work for me though At times the characters were annoying and the dialogue bordered on self indulgent Not brilliant

  18. This book disturbed me, but I couldn t put it down A woman suffers the horrible loss of her very young daughter via a senseless accident and suddenly reconnects with a college flame while on a trip to Paris with her partner It was a very strange thriller mid life crisis book Interesting.

  19. I was a bit disappointed with this book, I was really looking forward to reading it and found that it did not have the depth that I was anticipating.

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