Free Read Skull Moon - by Tim Curran, Skull Moon, Tim Curran, Skull Moon They were called the Gang of Ten Masked night riders that rustled cattle and imposed vigilante justice on any who stood in their way They were powerful above the law But then they lynched the son of a Blackfoot medicine man who threatened to tell their terrible secret Now something is hunting them One by one they die in the most horrible ways victims of an ancient eThey were called th Free Read Skull Moon - by Tim Curran - Skull Moon, Skull Moon They were called the Gang of Ten Masked night riders that rustled cattle and imposed vigilante justice on any who stood in their way They were powerful above the law But then they lynched the son of

  • Title: Skull Moon
  • Author: Tim Curran
  • ISBN: 9781592798711
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Skull Moon - by Tim Curran Free Read Skull Moon - by Tim Curran - Skull Moon, Skull Moon They were called the Gang of Ten Masked night riders that rustled cattle and imposed vigilante justice on any who stood in their way They were powerful above the law But then they lynched the son of

  • Free Read Skull Moon - by Tim Curran
    326 Tim Curran
Skull Moon

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  1. Tim Curran

    Tim Curran lives in Michigan and is the author of the novels Skin Medicine, Hive, Dead Sea, Resurrection, The Devil Next Door, and Biohazard, as well as the novella The Corpse King His short stories have appeared in such magazines as City Slab, FleshBlood, Book of Dark Wisdom, and Inhuman, and anthologies such as Shivers IV, High Seas Cthulhu, and Vile Things.For DarkFuse and its imprints, he has written the bestselling The Underdwelling, the Readers Choice Nominated novella Fear Me, Puppet Graveyard as well as Long Black Coffin.Find him on the web at corpseking.

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  1. When Deputy U.S Marshal, Joseph Longtree, becomes involved in a hunt for a savage killer, he never expects the culprit to be a monsterterally Men are being brutally ripped apart and it isn t long before the clever Marshal realizes that the killer is targeting specific men With some help from the Blackfeet tribal Indian Chief, Longtree discovers exactly what he s up against And it s not just the creature that he must worry about, but also the town s pompous and corrupt sheriff, in addition to the [...]

  2. Another fantastic western horror from Tim Curran, this story is set in Wolf Creek, Montana and Deputy Marshal Joe Longtree is sent in to investigate some particularly gruesome murders by the Chief US Marshall.Wolf Creek sits at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains, near to a settlement of Blackfoot Indians on Reservation land and tensions are running high Longtree is supposedly perfect for the job being half Crow Indian, but a thorny sheriff and bodies being ripped apart with increasing regula [...]

  3. Western Horror Done RightSkull Moon is the second Curran western horror I have read It was worth it This is Curran at his most unrelenting He goes for it and doesn t let up until it is over I loved it.

  4. A lone, crooked oak claws at the sky, its stripped limbs creak and moan From one blasted fork a body hangs, strung by the neck with a coil of frayed rope The body swings and turns with a gentle tenebrous motion, urged by the night winds.With a sound like dry lips parting, the eyes open.We join Deputy U.S Marshal Joe Longtree, half Crow and former Army scout at the tail end of an assignment chasing down three men who robbed an army wagon and killed six troopers in the process After completing thi [...]

  5. 4.5Tim Curran can t seem to go wrong with historical horror The way he uses the time setting with folklore and myths, then adds various traits people probably displayed then, is perfect You get an extraordinary story All that, and I love his characters Granted, I love hating some of them too, but still It doesn t hurt that there is a bit of romance either.Basically, you find nothing new that isn t in the blurb, but it is worth reading every single page and every single bloody detail to see just [...]

  6. A friend of mine suggested I pick up this book and I m glad I did Great characters, vivid imagery and a strong plot Loved the tension before the scares This guy can write fear Just enough gore to get the point across, but avoiding torture porn territory I really liked the protagonist and hope to soon see books starring Joseph Longtree.I don t normally read westerns, but something about this weird west setting has me hooked Maybe it s because without modern technology horrific folklore becomes a [...]

  7. Tim Curran is the most reliable of the younger generation of horror writers Everything I ve read by him has been great This book is no exception An old west tale with a gory creature rampage If that sounds like something you d be into, you ll love this book This would make an awesome movie if it was done right Looking forward to reading of Curran s work.

  8. In Tim Currans Skull Moon begleiten wir Joseph Longtree, einen harten, emotionslosen Deputy U.S Marshall, der sehr analytisch und methodisch vorgeht.Tim schafft es, dass Longtree extrem kompetent und souver n r berkommt, ein Gesetzesh ter, mit dem ich mich nicht gerne angelegen w rde Auch hat Curran es geschafft, dass ich Longtree als Hauptcharakter echt respektiert habe und mit ihm mitgefiebert habe.Dazu kommen noch einige umso schr gere Nebencharaktere, die alle ihr eigenes, krankes Geheimnis [...]

  9. Skull Moon by Tim Curran is an exceedingly engaging story from the imagination of a great author Tim Curran knows horror, and Skull Moon is one piece of evidence in support of that assertion Crossing the borders of many genres, Skull Moon reeks of realism, albeit certainly a different realism than what we see around us In a world where gigantic men monster hybrids are worshipped as gods, and their worshippers are also their food source, the events in this tale are perfectly believable Curran s [...]

  10. A great bit of pulp fun, with a realistic portrayal of the old west plagued by a semi sympathetic abomination The setting is great, there are a variety of characters that feel quite well created, and Joe Longtree is the perfect protagonist for this tale And some of the prose is quite nice, such as The reverend, electric with religious zeal and self imposed holiness, stepped forward And the dialogue can be cracking an example Something the matter, Sheriff Yeah, Lauters said, staring into the ambe [...]

  11. This is the second book by Curran I read, and weirdly enough they are both horror stories set in a wild west environment I never heard of Curran before, and I definetly never would have thought that I could be even vaguely interested in Western Because of that I went into reading these books without much expectation at all honestly, I picked up his book Skin Medicine from a Riffle sale for 99 cents as an impulse buy after reading the summary I loved it, and I also loved the setting, so I found S [...]

  12. Great, With An EndingOne thing you can say is Tim Curran can tell a story This was a great Western Horror story with characters that you cared for and monsters that you didn t I give very few five star ratings But I gladly give this five stars I m a definite fan.

  13. Skull Moon is a good action filled and violent horror novel taking place in the old west Centers around the werewolf.

  14. I was really surprised by the book It was a 1000 times better than I thought The book kept a great pace and had side stories that really kept it interesting worth reading.

  15. Captivating Gory TaleCaptivating gory western tale A bizarre mixture of mystery, horror all on horseback US Marshall Longtree is an engaging hero A fun quick read.

  16. Loved itwas a little bit skeptical of this book because of the area it was written in but I was sucked in from the beginning

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