Running on empty

Either my watch is bust or this 3 week lockdown has lasted 12 months. With all the talk of new waves and variants does anyone actually believe this will end or is this just our lives now? If they had stopped international travel in feb 2020 and then completely shut down (so no bakeries, butchers, hardware shops etc) in march 2020 then we might not have had to sacrifice a whole year of our lives. Why wasnt it compulsory to wear a mask from the start of this shitshow, they waited months before taking that step. Whose bright idea was eat out to help out? You tell a whole country in desperate need of social interaction they can see their friends and loved ones and get cheap food at the same time, is it any wonder they swarmed upon bars and restaunts. You cant blame people for wanting to celebrate making it through the other side of a pandemic and believing the worst was behind us because thats what we were told. At the start of this all Johnson said a death toll of around 20000 would be expected and now we are above 125000. One year on and nothing has changed because the people running the country havent changed. Its the same idiotic people making the same idiotic decisions they had been making long before anyone had even heard of covid, only this time round they figured out how to collectively screw the country as a whole. No one was surprised whenever an MP or Johnson ignored covid rules and regulations because who would trust a politician. We follow the rules and we suffer, they break the rules and we suffer. I dont know about you, but im tired of suffering for other peoples mistakes. Im just so tired of everything.

Do I look like I need to be cured?

I was recently scrolling through videos on facebook and one in particular caught my eye. It was called ‘autism doctor cures autism patient.’ I know i shouldnt get so angry about a fictional tv show but they deliberately used the word cure in the tagline, despite the actual clip making no mention of the word. Autism is challenging every day and it becomes all the more unbearable when we are used as gimmicks or pawns just for some likes and views on a video. Well here is my view, that is disgusting behaviour. Living with autism is a fucking nightmare, especially when living in a world like that.

If you want to know what its like to have autism its talking too much or not at all, caring too much or not at all, feeling too much or not at all. There is no middle ground. Its an endless cycle of confusion-panic-guilt. Confused over the right thing to say do and say. Panicking that your actions and reactions are wrong. And finally guilt over assuming that youve offended someone.

Breaking down over the slightest change to the routines you spent years developing to use as coping mechanisms. We are on our third lockdown in under a year so do i even need to talk about the impact covid has had. Theres only so many times you can break before you just stay broken.

The anxiety and terrifying loneliness of thinking your a burden to the people closest to you because in your mind who would want to be friends with someone with so many insecurities. There is so much fear and paranoia whenever I message someone. Spending far too long typing and re-typing because it cant be offensive, ambiguous, boring, repetitive. It has to be word perfect but I always convince myself it could have been better after hitting send. Every message has a hidden meaning and its basically ‘am i still worthy of our friendship?’

The insult of being stripped of any actual individuality because your whole life is defined by a stranger in an office. To them autistic people are nothing but their case number, no personality, no uniqueness, nothing. They define us as our worst traits because no autistic person will be natural, open or healthy when dealing with a stranger. Under this current system, we are automatically disadvantaged, we play by the governments rules but theyre not playing a fair game.

Autism is not a problem that needs fixing or a disease that needs curing. Autistic people cant change who they are so maybe its about time the world changes and stops being indifferent to those of us who are different.

‘The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you dont’

The happy cook

I have worked in kitchens for almost 3 years now and slowly worked my way up through the ranks of dishwasher and general dogsbody to where i am now, a fully fledged line cook. Ive always had an interest in the creative side of food and discovering new ways to make vegetarian dishes interesting whilst at the same time delicious. Cooking has now become like my therapy in a way but for a long time there was a lot of negative energy attached to being in kitchen despite my love for it, and that is down to, in the past, the job feeling like a job, a chore, a burden rather than a passion project. I went from one bad kitchen environment to another and convinced myself i had no place there and no right to want to create a life for myself in that industry. Its stupid i know but on some level i have always believed in fate and in the past it always seemed like fate and circumstance was against me. Now, however, i have found myself at a job where i am actually excited to go to work and learn. A job where it doesnt feel like im just being dragged along for the sake of it, a job where i am actually trusted and respected enough to have a little freedom. A job where i dont have to walk on eggshells anytime i step into the kitchen. It feels like now i have eveything i wanted: friends i love, a dog i love, and a job i love. I quite like this new life.

The inbetween

Being autistic is fucking tough at the best of times but since lockdown started it has been one hellish nightmare. To make it from one day to the next i relied on routines and consistency, such as seeing friends regularly, going to certain places on certain days etc but all that was halted back in march and i’ll admit living alone, stuck in my head every day for 3 months has broken me. I did my best but i failed. I was paranoid about being forgotten, ‘if people can go that long without me in their lives what reason do they have to want me back?’ is what i asked myself on an almost daily basis. Now with things starting to go back to normal im thrown back into a world im no longer adjusted for. All my coping systems from months ago are now ineffective because i dont think i can be the same person i was before lockdown. Too much has happened and nothing seems to fit anymore, i dont seem to fit. All i feel now is incomplete and disconnected from everything around me. I have lost who i was and now i am just a walking shell waiting to be filled by the new me, but for now im just stuck in this sort of limbo inbetween the old and the new. Will i be better or will i be worse? I dont know, i dont know anything anymore.

A brave new world

I recently read the book ‘What a time to be alone’ by Chidera Eggerue on the reccomendation of a good friend and i am very glad i did. Some parts of it were inspiring, other parts were eye opening and then some were just downright uncomfortable because of how unsettling it made me feel about myself and my life as a whole. I realised that the most toxic person that has existed in my life is the same one that stares back at me in the mirror. Ive always been hard on myself for the things i cant control and for the choices i have made in the past. I always put the needs of everyone else above my own and i now see that the only thing that shows is that i wanted to avoid my own insecurities. I wasnt important enough to myself. Why should anyone else care about you if you dont even care about yourself?

I also realised that there is two separate versions of me. The me that the world sees (lets call him liam A)and the me only i know (liam B) The problem with this is that liam A is controlled and conditioned by liam b. B would never allow liam A into a situation where this deception might be uncovered because liam A does not exist. He is merely a tool i used to hide in plain sight. People might not like the real me and that is a scary thought so the longer people got to know liam A, and hopefully like him, the easier it was for liam b to stay hidden behind closed doors, too fragile to step out of the shadows. This mentality is severly damaging because now that ive become aware of this i dont know whats real anymore. I have no way of knowing if certain aspects of me are the real me or just something i manufactured in order to survive for so long. All i have now is doubt.

A part of the book talks about victim mentality and this struck a chord with me because for over 6 years i was bullied, harassed and abused by an individual. After every encounter i would blame myself because on some level i was agreeing with his actions. In my mind i deserved to be treated in such a horrendous way because of how i was different. If it hadnt been him it would have been someone else, and on many occasions it was myself.

I made myself vulnerable and the world is full of people ready to take advantage because it makes them feel good to know there is a pecking order and that theyre the ones doing the pecking. I made myself too available for people, scared to lose them if i said no but the result of this prolonged behaviour was that i ended up losing myself and became desperate for validation in any way i could find it, such as social media. I was obsessed with messages, likes, shares etc anything that meant i was being noticed. And i always checked who it was that was paying attention and making a note of who wasnt. I didnt know how to value myself because by this point i had no idea who i was so i tried to craft the perfect persona, someone who mattered to other people.

Every day i wake up and think is this the day people realise im just not worth knowing anymore. The fear of being forgotten intensified to the stage where i found myself desperate to unburden myself in the hopes of being understood, but all this lead to was regret for having ever opened up in the first place. I had given people the perfect reason to shut the door on me because surely no one wants to be around someone so dark and down. Convincing yourself that the people around you are only kind to you out of politeness and assuming that you are hated, abandoned or ignored is self sabotage. I have ruined good things by assuming the worst and its a vicious cycle that seemed unending. Its hard to ignore the voice inside your head when its not on your side, and in my case it doesnt just whisper, it screams and screeches until i pass out with worry.

Its going to be a long journey unlearning all my toxic behaviours and defences and i suspect that when im done walking this path my shoes will be worn through. But in the end, fingers crossed, I will be liam again, no hiding or extra personalities, just me. And maybe then i will be enough.

Teach me how to swim

Mental health, in my experience, is the feeling of drowning. Most people you see will throw you a life ring but then dont understand why youre still struggling even after their help. Its because every wave of sadness pushed you further into the deep, and now they can only see your face on the surface level. You can fake a smile and convince them you’re going to be okay but what they dont see from their sideline crowd is that under your mask you’re choking on your own tears.

Who do you stand with?

The system isnt broken. It was built by racists and bigots centuries ago for the purpose of keeping them on top and to hell with everyone else, they are still in control to this day. We live in a society that is structured for inequality. Its one giant pyramid scheme with the rich elite crushing everyone on the lowest layers. You cant change how you were born but we can change the world you were born into. End the tolerance of what is inhumane. Police brutality, corrupt politicians and blind obediance. Change the conversation. Change the system.

#blacklivesmatter 🖤

Lifes a dealer

Ive never liked the term label. Its such a non word and some people will write you off because to them how could you be anything other than your label? Everything is suddenly all about that. All of your actions and words and thoughts they assume is caused by the things you cant control about yourself, in their eyes you are your label and nothing more. You could label me as autistic, bisexual, depressed and a whole deal more and i will fake smile my way through those encounters. In a perfect world i would be none of those things because each one comes with its own hurdles and I can never seem to jump high enough. Some days i tell myself i can overcome whatever is dragging me down but i still fall, and then there are days where i convince myself that i will always be falling. Every fall has its eventual end. I like to think im a decent person, but deep down I know im nothing special. Im just me. This is the hand i was dealt and people like me dont win this game.